So Shall It Be… Chapter 1

What happens when Desiree happens to overhear one of Danny Phantom's biggest fans make a wish? How will it affect Danny's relationship with his family, friends, and the entire town?

AN: I don't own Danny Phantom curses under breath but I'm going to buy it off Butch Hartman someday…when I have money.

Dedication: To all you D/S fans out there who need a constant supply of fluff!

And Now… So Shall It Be.


It was the last day of summer vacation for Danny Fenton and his friends. Unfortunately for him, he didn't get to enjoy it like most kids. Two ghosts had escaped into Amity Park, and, of course, it was his job to capture them. They were two of Danny's main enemies; the great ghost hunter Skulker, and the ghost genie, Desiree.

Skulker was acting a bit cockier than normal, and was looking to fight Danny, or more accurately, his alter-ego, Danny Phantom . Desiree, however, was just out to cause as much mayhem as possible, by conjuring up everyone's wishes, which she always seemed to be able to twist to suit her evil intentions.

Using some device from his suit, Skulker plugged into a large monitor in the center of town, the same one that a few months earlier had been used to warn the town of an attack by the armies of Pariah Dark, the ghost king.

"Attention humans!" he shouted, his hideous masked face on showing up on the monitor. "I am Skulker, the greatest hunter in all of the Ghost Zone! Today, you shall see your protector, known to you as Danny Phantom, fall to me!"

Danny heard this from his bedroom, where he was talking on the phone with his best friend, Samantha, or as everyone called her, Sam, Manson. They were planning on spending the day together with their friend Tucker, but that would have to wait.

After quickly saying goodbye, he jumped up and yelled his battle cry. "I'm going ghost!" With that, bright rings of light circled his waist, and quickly moved apart, transforming him into Danny Phantom. He flew out of his room as quickly as possible, and within half a minute was staring down Skulker.

"Ghost Child, it has been too long since my last hunt. I'll enjoy this." he said with a sly grin on his face.

"So will I. You know you can't beat me Skulker. How about we just skip this and you go into the thermos like a good ghost?" Danny said, returning a grin.

"Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment…or maybe your days of victory have come to an end, ghost child." he said, now clearly agitated.

The local news crew had now appeared beneath them, cameras focused on the reporter, with the Danny and Skulker floating about fifty feet away.

"I get to beat you on TV? Oh I'm going to enjoy this." He said, his grin now even larger than before.

That made Skulker snap. He rushed forward with a large glowing blade coming out of his glove pointed directly at Danny's chest. Danny dodged it with some difficulty, Skulker had definitely made some improvements to his Ectoskeleton. He started returning punches and the fight escalated quickly.

A crowd formed around where the two of them were fighting. While the cheers were incredibly loud, one voice was clear above all of the others.

"GO DANNY PHANTOM! I LOVE YOU!" The voice belonged to the girl that Danny, as well as just about every other boy at school liked, Paulina.

Danny knocked Skulker back with a quick kick to the chest, and then charged up a massive amount of ectoplasmic energy in his hands, which he shot at the ghost hunter. Skulker fell to the ground in a heap of robotic parts. The crowd erupted in cheers as Danny sucked up Skulker into the Fenton Thermos, one of the few good inventions of his parents.

Danny started to fly away, and the crowd quickly left, going back to whatever they were doing before. From a distance far enough away to not turn on Danny's ghost sense was Desiree, who watched the entire fight. Now was her chance, she thought. Now that Danny had fought with Skulker, he may be weak enough to take out. She started flying after him.

Paulina hadn't left the spot where she watched the fight from. Before Danny left the area though, he turned around to flash her a quick smile.

"I wish I could know more about him." she said to herself, just as Desiree started movie towards them, which alerted Danny to her presence.

"Hahahaha…So you have wished it, so shall it be!" came a voice from behind her.