So Shall It Be

Chapter 7

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The sky turned gray and cloudy as Desiree materialized. Danny, Sam, and Valerie watched closely, but they were soon distracted by Paulina, who knocked over a trashcan she had been hiding behind. Danny and Sam both glared at her fiercely, but soon went back to staring at the ghost genie.

"Surprised to see me so soon, child?" she said mockingly. "Tell me, how bad has your life become?"

"Actually, it hasn't been that bad. And I'm going to make it much better by putting you back where you belong." Danny wore a smug expression on his face as he talked.

"Insolent!" she shouted back. Danny only chuckled.

As Danny and Valerie began to fight with Desiree, Sam moved to safety in the ally where Paulina was standing.

"So, Paulina," Sam asked, "what are you doing here?"

"Oh, just cheering my Danny on." she said in her usual better-than-you tone of voice.

Sam held back a laugh. "You do realize he's over you, right?"

"He's just bitter. He'll come crawling back to me. He's still crazy about me. So enjoy your time with him, 'cause it won't last long." her voice was full of acid.

The noise of the fight above their heads was like a whisper compared to the two girls fighting. Their screams even managed to halt the fight for a minute. At this point Sam and Paulina's fight could turn out a lot more violent.

"I had him last year at the dance and I'll have him again soon!" Paulina spat at Sam.

"Whoa, calm down there, princess." Sam said sarcastically, "Go find some frog to kiss, because that knight in shining armor is mine." A sly smile spread across her face. Though her and Danny weren't actually a couple, she knew how much saying that would get under Paulina's skin.

"You know what, I'm going to prove you wrong right here, loser."

"I'd like to see you try."

Paulina turned around and looked up at Desiree. "Hey, you, the genie ghost!" she shouted.

Danny, Valerie, and Desiree's fight stopped to once again look down at the girls.

"Help me prove this geek wrong. I wish that Danny showed how he really feels!"

"Very well child." for some reason she did not say her familiar catchphrase. Her hand glowed in a faint, white light. While she was distracted, Danny caught her from behind with a blast, and she landed on the ground, face up. She fired a beam of light as Danny pulled out the Fenton Thermos. It hit him just before she was sealed inside. His eyes glazed over as he floated down to the ground.

He slowly walked over to where Sam and Paulina stood. He put his arms around Sam, and stared at Paulina.

"So you have wished it…" he said quietly. He then turned to Sam, and pressed his lips lovingly to hers. He then pulled away, his eyes now focused on Sam, "…so shall it be."


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