Once upon a time, long ago, a princess was in love with a prince. They planned on getting married when an evil queen attacked, and the kingdom was left in ruins. The mother of the princess, the queen of the now-gone kingdom, used what power she had left to send her daughter, her fiancée, and the princess's friends to a different time period without their memories, so that they could have a better life. She gave them all powers, in case the evil queen ever tried to strike again. She also sent two cats to help guide them if that time ever came.

Centuries later, the princess was an ordinary schoolgirl and the prince was an ordinary boy, who always teased her. The girl realized from one of the cats that the evil queen was planning to destroy the world, and she transformed into a superhero, leader of a group that would help save the universe. The princess's friends transformed and became members of the group, and the prince transformed as well. They regained their memories and fought not only the queen, but many other villains that came their way.

In the future, Tokyo was made into a kingdom, where the princess and the prince, now the king and queen, were wed and had a daughter. The daughter could travel back in time and could meet her future mother and father when they were teenagers. She had a robot companion, and the daughter of the two cats that guided the superheroes. She could transform as well, and planned on becoming a wonderful superhero.

Things changed, and the young princess was sent back in the past, with no recollection over her life in the future Tokyo. This is her story…