Okay, this is the title page to For 'Lack of a Better Title'.

This is an Inuyasha/Saiyuki crossover fic. We got this idea about two days ago while Strawberry and I where sitting in my living room with a bunch of girls after Otakon.

Okay, so Strawberry was sitting on my lap and we where talking about the Inuyasha episode that had aired on Saturday. And instead of saying Sango, I said Sanzo. So now you all must know, Strawberry and I are terribly perverted. And into yaoi. So of course, Strawberry starts writing it and I get to help! There is no other inspiration for this story.

So as it is, it will turn out to be Sanzo/Miroku. And maybe Inuyasha/Gojyo if Strawberry doesn't kill me first!

Love, Annabella