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Time Slip

Chapter One:

Midnight Madness

It was late at night at Grimmauld Place, probably close to midnight, and it was a coming down hard, making the huge empty house echo and shake. It was a really bad storm, one of those kinds that make you wonder if the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' is really true.

Anyways…a young man was wandering aimlessly around the house, walking in and out of random rooms, really not paying attention to anything. Suddenly, a flash of lighting lights up the window, lighting up the features of the young man. The pale young man was about 17 and had a heart shaped face, messy black hair, and dark eyebrows. He wore on his thin, lean, and muscular-from-Quidditch-playing body a slightly loose white piratey shirt (that was unbuttoned at the top) and tight black leather pants. But his eyes…well, those were beautiful, not that the rest of him wasn't. His eyes were almond shaped, emerald green eyes that looked like they had secrets this world would rather not know. They could be seen behind wire rimmed glasses. On his forehead was a lighting shaped scar marking his dark past.

He was walking down one of the many dark halls, just thinking. He was thinking of how many people have gotten hurt, how many will get hurt, and how many will die before this war is ended. This train of thought lead to a very painful thought that has been haunting him since his fifth year at Hogwarts. He's beloved Godfather…why did he have to come? He could have listened for once and he would have never fallen behind that stupid piece of cloth. The young man frowned. He always wondered how a man with such strength just disappears behind a veil. He survived in Azkaban for twelve years…how could a piece of cloth be his end. Didn't he deserve a better death? A better remembrance other then the lie the world would always remember?

This train of thought just pissed off more and punched the closest wall. How is life fair? He knew life wasn't, but it still was maddening. How is it fair that the man who killed his father and mother and blamed it on his Godfather still be alive? How is it fair that the only true Marauder left will be alone…well, expect for Tonks of course. He's not truly alone, but all his best friends from childhood are dead.

Suddenly, the young man swirled around with wand in hand. When he saw who was behind him, he sighed and lowered his wand. "Hey Remus."

The older man with graying sandy blonde hair and expressive amber eyes looked concernedly at the young man. "Hullo Harry. What are you doing up so late? You need some sleep."

Harry smiled faintly. "I couldn't sleep."

Remus looked exasperated. "You haven't been able to sleep for a couple weeks now. Will you please tell me what's wrong?"

The look Harry gave, Remus could not interpret. They were silent for a few moments, until it was broken by a flash of lighting which was closely followed by a clash of thunder. Remus could see dark marks under Harry's eyes. "It's nothing really…just the normal stuff." was what he replied with.

"This is not normal. Your life has never been normal Harry. You should have never had to go through with what has happened to you…most adults wouldn't have been able to handle your life, let alone a child." Remus said quietly.

Harry eyes blazed for a second before they went back to being emotionless. "Remus, it doesn't matter at the moment. It's about midnight…you really should get back to bed. I didn't mean to disturb you." After that was said, he turned around and started walking again.

Remus sighed. "I'm sorry Harry. I do hope you will confide in me some day…I know I'm not Sirius, but I do still love you." Harry stop frozen, but when he turned around, the werewolf had already gone.

Harry shook his head and started walking. He heard a clock strike the first chime for midnight. As the clock struck the fourth chime, he turned down a hall and saw a door at the end that he didn't remember ever seeing before. With each step he took, a chime went off, as he headed towards the door. As he got to the door, the clock struck the tenth chime and as he grab the door handle and turned, the clock stuck the eleventh time. As he opened the door wide and stepped in, on that twelve strike, a blazing bright white light blinded him and he stumbled into oblivion…