The girls were desperate. Scandalized. "I can't believe Inuyasha would believe such a thing," Kagome hissed, still fuming.

"I know!" Sango said, looking over her shoulder nervously. "Even Shippou was giving us funny looks!"

"Miroku-sama will know better," Kagome said, looking the monk straight in the eye.

Miroku leaned back casually. "And what gave you that idea?"

"Because… ah… to put it delicately," Sango began awkwardly.

"You're a pervert and like knows like," Kagome put in bluntly. "This is stupid. You know I wasn't kissing Sango."

Miroku scratched his chin. "How would I know such a thing? I wasn't there… unfortunately."

"But," Sango said, articulating clearly, "I'm not attracted to women. You know that. We're going to have children together, aren't we?"

"Oh, don't get me wrong," Miroku said hastily, "it's not like I mind. You can bring Kagome over to share any time! So you shouldn't feel li—"

"Osuwari!" A thud was heard not too far away in the bushes.

"You can't solve problems with most men that way," Miroku said patiently.

"He deserved it anyway," Kagome grumbled.

"As I was saying," Miroku continued, "Sango dearest, you've done nothing with me to prove your attraction to men. You never hold me close, or give me so much as a kiss, and you certainly have never—"

"Our relationship is built on trust," Sango pleaded. "Not… not uncontrolled lust! Houshi-sama, I've never been anything but chaste, surely there is some way I can prove to you…."

"Actually, there is. As Kagome-sama pointed out, I'm a pervert, and like knows like. Kiss each other, and I'll know if you've done it before."


"No way!"

"If you two are so chaste, then there's nothing to be afraid of. Your friendship can stand it, and I'll clear your names."

"He's right… it's the only way to prove it. I-It'll be quick, Kagome-chan."

"Miroku, you'd better not enjoy this, you hear? …Or you either, Sango-chan."

Miroku tried very, very hard to keep a straight face.

Awkwardly, tentatively, slowly, agonizingly, the two girls brought their faces closer to each other, sudden awareness of personal space flaring up, and then, for a moment, the brush of soft, uncertain lips against each other. After what they deemed was long enough to prove their point, they both pulled back with a jerk.

Kagome licked her lips, and Sango blushed.

"Well?" Kagome asked impatiently.

"Well," Miroku said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Inuyasha, you owe me five sen."

"I can't believe you got them to kiss," Inuyasha said in awe, stumbling out of the bushes with leaves in his hair. "I really didn't expect that. Which is a problem, because see…"

Kagome gritted her teeth, and Sango gripped Hiraikotsu.

"I don't have any money."

Miroku looked at the infuriated girls in alarm. "But… how will I pay my medical bills?"

"You should have thought about that before you spread that rumor about them kissing."

Miroku gulped. At least he'd have a beautiful memory for his long recovery.