Kagome was surprised. She'd thought of Kikyou as the "other woman" for so long, she'd forgotten how much they had in common. And though for the most part the problems they faced were different, there was one thing they agreed on.


"He's such a…"





"—dead sexy"

"Oh my yes."

Suddenly, Kagome and Kikyou didn't feel so different. True, they were both in love with the same guy, which would normally be a problem. But they were both stalemated. Neither was any closer to getting him than they'd been a year ago. And as time went on, Inuyasha became ever warier of commitment.

"He just needs… a little push," Kagome suggested.

"Something he can't weasel out of."

"A trap."

"A clever trap."

"It'll take work."


The girls looked at each other with mirror-imaged fiendish grins. Two could accomplish what one could not, this was clear to them. No wonder their previous efforts had failed, working against each other like that. It seemed so obvious in retrospect.


It was a finely orchestrated performance.

"Kikyou… Kagome, are you two feeling all right?"

"I understand…" Kagome sniffled, "that you must run off with Kikyou…"

"Wha—? But I'm no—"

"Shh, don't lie, dear. It's cruel to give the girl hope."

"I understand, because… I'm doing it too!" Kagome announced.

Now Inuyasha wasn't even trying to speak. There were no words.

"I really can't blame you, Inuyasha. I mean… she has such pretty hair," Kagome said apologetically.

"Kikyou? Does this mean you're leaving me? Forever?"

"Well, not forever. Just as long as this girl here is young and pretty… I mean, someone has to enjoy those milky-white thighs while they last…"

Inuyasha sputtered.

"I have to have you, Kikyou-sama!"

"Kagome-chan, come to Mama!"

"This is… beyond creepy," Inuyasha pointed out, holding a hand up weakly.

"Do you want in?"

"Yes please," he squeaked.

In the ravishings that followed, Inuyasha did think it odd that Kagome and Kikyou barely touched each other, for all their former ardor. But then, that meant more for him, so he didn't want to rock the boat.



"Two, you say?"



"I think I need to smoke something."

"Can't say I don't envy you, my friend."

"It's like you told me, Miroku. With your brains, and my raw sex appeal…"

"—not to mention your exceptional male virility—"

"…yes, and that… a little teamwork sure goes a long way, doesn't it?"

"That it does, that it does."