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Summary: The second part in the 'Say No' series. Falling in love ... Remy's point of view. Relationship with Rogue...Romy!


Chapter 1 Introduction

You say that you can understand and get to know a person by their past. Mais, that's not always the case. In a lot of talk they say that your past shapes you, makes you better. Sometimes others say that life is about second chances...that is what is to believed where I was going. I had just got out of some bad matters with mon family and mon powers...but I'll get into that a little bit later.

(Sigh) About my family...you see I never knew my real parents, I was abandoned at birth because of my eyes. I know what you're thinking...eyes? Well let's just put it this way...my eyes aren't exactly normal. It's how I got my nickname Le Diable Blanc or The White Devil. My eyes are deep red settled on black. Most say I have the face of an angel, with the eyes of a demon. I love my eyes, but people fear them...hate them. So A pair of sunglasses separates my eyes from the world around me. They glow in the darkness.

I was adopted into a family of thieves, the reason...to settle a dispute between a neighboring group of assassins. It was a set up from the beginning. I only had two people I could consider mon family...my Tante Mattie and my cousin Lapin.

However, the madness really began when mon powers came along. That's when mon life became a nightmare. A man named Sinister promiced a solution and that turned out to be leading up to the worst event in my life.

So now after exile from a strange mixed up marriage, I'm at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters...a person with a bad past being given a second chance a an existence. Plus I was bein given a chance at love. That's right, love. If you'd heard of moi before, you'd say that it was crazy. Mais, it's not. Sure, before I fell in love I was a crazy, Cajun charmer. That's also right. Cajun...born and lived in New Orleans.

But hopefully this might teach you that someone may have a bad past, but if there hearts in the right direction...they can find peace., and Love.