Part I: The Mystery

It all be began with a rustle in the wind. The trees swayed to and fro, leaves sometimes popping off and catching the wind. A single leaf rested on the ground, silent and still as the air soon became. The stars twinkled in the moonlight, providing what little light was left during the dark night. Suddenly, the leaf was spun into the air as a sudden puff of warm air hit it. It spun around and landed back on the ground. The breath of air belonged to a large plant-eating dinosaur, a swimmer. The green dinosaur was laying on her side, mouth open as she took in breaths of air, and exhaled. Her large tail was moving slightly towards and away from her body. Her legs were jerking, and she was mumbling. She was having a dream.

She rolled onto her other side, and seemed to settle down. The wind picked up again, sending the leaf to soar even further away from the duckbill. It settled down next to a large tree. Without warning, a large foot smashed onto the leaf. When the leg was pulled away, there was a large footprint. In the center was the leaf, smashed into bits. The leg took another step closer to the sleeping dinosaur. A shadow of a large dinosaur fell onto the sleeping plant-eater.

The swimmer squinted her eyes as she slowly awoken from her sleep. She looked up. She could not make out the outline of the creature. All she could see was a shadow and a pair of white eyes staring down at her. "H-Hello?" She asked softly, narrowing her eyes to get a better look at the dinosaur standing before her. When the creature didn't replay, she got up onto her feet. "Hello?" She asked again. "Who is there?"

The creature grinned, showing a flash of white teeth, all of them long and pointed like swords. The swimmer felt terror fill her heart. She took a step back. It was some kind of large sharptooth!

"You're a sh-sharptooth..oh no no no..." She placed her hands on her face, and took a few steps back.

"Glad you realized that." The sharptooth spoke in a growly voice.

The swimmer's eyes widened. "You can speak...?" The sharptooth nodded, and advanced towards her. The swimmer, being an adolescent, knew that fighting the sharptooth could result in her death. She did the only thing she could think of: run.

"Where do you think you're going?" The angry creature took off running, his footfalls making loud booms as they hit the earth.

The swimmer didn't answer. Her heart was pounding and her breathing quickened as she tried to evade the sharptooth. She forgot that they were in the Great Valley. She forgot that sharpteeth could not get in. All that filled her mind now as terror and dread.

She tripped over a large root that was rising out from the ground. With a painful snap, she fell to the ground, rolling in the dirt and coming to a stop a few feet away. She gasped as the shadow fell upon her once more.

"Can't run anymore, now can we...?" He grinned toothily, making the swimmer shudder with fear. He started advancing towards her again when suddenly a loud bark caught his attention.


"Oh crud..." The sharptooth cursed as he saw a charging three horn headed his way. He glared back towards the swimmer. "We'll finish this later, Ducky."

Ducky gasped. "How did you..." But the sharptooth vanished into the night.

The three horn came to a stop by Ducky's side. "You all right?" The swimmer looked up at the three horn and smiled gratefully.

"I am fine. Thank you Cera."

Cera smiled gleefully. She hasn't changed much in all these years. Her horns weren't fully grown in, but she still loved to show them off. "Glad I could help." She looked in the direction the sharptooth disappeared in. "Dunno how he got in, but if he shows up again..."

Ducky interrupted her friend. "Something was different about him, yep yep yep."

"Oh really? What?"

"He could talk." She said softly. Before the shock could register in Cera's mind, Ducky added in, "And he knew my name..."

Elsewhere, looking down at them from a high mountain, stood the same creature that harrassed Ducky earlier. His white eyes had red irises in them, and the moonlight revealed his skin to be bluish or grayish. He flexed his small clawed hand, and he scowled at the plant-eaters that were chatting in the field he had been in recently.

"We will meet again, Ducky. Mark my words..." He turned around and disappeared again just as the wind was picking up once more and sending more leafs into the air. They performed a mid-air circle where the sharptooth was standing. And then all was silent again.