"Fuck!" The cry was emphasized by the swift crack of bones shattering under a well placed kick to the ribs; sending him flying to crash headfirst into the stone wall. The broken figure of the dark haired boy twitched and shuddered in the pool of blood forming beneath him, attepting to curl into the fetal position for a last resort defence.

Tall overshadowed bodies encircled him; smirks clearly visible under the faint light of the moon. They were snickering as each advanced slowly, some form of weapon in tightly clenched fists.

Shoving passed the others to kneel down in front of the boy, the blonde shot out his hand, catching a crimson neck as he raised the teenager slightly. A thin trail of smoke curled from the burning cancer stick placed between his teeth; mouth set in a grim line.

Unsteady hands suddenly reached up and gripped the tall man's wrist, a cough sending blood across his face as black eyes glared at him.

"B..bastard! You don't...know who you're..m-messing with. My father...will make sure..each and everyone of..," another crimson laced cough," you fuckers-!"


The safety was snapped off of the gun that was suddenly pressed against the side of his head.

"That asshole, Yassop, is the reason we're here." Another voice explained as the boy's half lidded eyes scanned the dark alley; as if attempting to discover the owner.

"Seems he couldnt handle the life of a gangster anymore. That fucker ratted you out, trying to save his own skin. We killed him anyways just for good measure." The same voice mocked, sending the others into insane giggles and knowing leers. The teenager's eyes widened as a wave of disgusting realization washed over his features.

"Da...d.." The fingers that were desperately curled around the blonde's wrist instantly fell to his sides.

"No offence, Usopp...but we're just following orders." He murmured, shutting his eyes and turning his head as the loud shot rang out; the boy's body falling limp and still in his damp hand. Opening a small eye to stare at the lifeless figure in his hold, he ignored the other bodies moving behind him. He could still feel the blood scattered about his face, but made no move to wipe it away.

"Oi..shithead. He's dead. Let's just get our asses outta here before we're seen." The green haired man grunted over his shoulder, tossing the still smoking gun back to it's owner.

Allowing the neck to slip between his fingers to fall unceremoniously into the pool of blood, the lanky 19 year old stood to his feet; plucking the cigarette from his lip and dropping it to the cold, damp ground.