Title: Be My Escape
Category: One Piece
Chapter: 2
Genre: General, Drama, Angst, Romance
Pairing: Sanji/Luffy, Zoro/Sanji, Zoro/Luffy/Sanji, Zoro/Luffy, hints of Ace/Luffy
Rating: M or NC-17
Warning: AU, Coarse Language, Sexual Situations, Suggestive Dialogue, Yaoi, Blood, Death, Violence, possible OOC (not quite sure though)
Disclaimer: No, I did not create, own, control, dominate, have, have rights, have title, hold, inherit, keep, or retain Sanji, Zoro, Luffy or anyone else for that matter in the One Piece universe. They currently belong to Edo Eiichiro...(deep sigh) The plot and the story in general, however, DO, belong to me.
Summary: AU Sanji is involved with a secret underground organization that Kuro leads, spread about in small gangs across the city. However, Sanji finds Luffy bleeding and hurt badly one rainy night when he's running home and his life changes. He takes care of Luffy who turns out to be mute and cannot remember anything of what happened before he woke up. As things progress and their relationship deepens, Luffy's past turns up in the most unexpected way.

Author's Note: I return! Now, the wait wasnt that long now was it ?(dodges fruits and vegetables flying towards head) Alright, so, second chapter! Woo! Good times!...(sighs) Alright, so, this one isnt that great either. It's, once again, sorta like an introduction chapter. Just so you can see Luffy and stuff. I promise it gets better in chapter 3! That's when we finally start moving along with the plot. (nods) I'm already working on it as you read this!

I'd like to thank all you awesome reviewers! You guys make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. x3 I know you guys are tired of reading this, so here's the story! Enjoy! Dont forget to drop me a review, k?

Chapter 02.

He couldn't talk. Not one bit.

The boy was mute!

Sanji just couldnt seem to grasp that fact as he watched him devour the meal that he whipped up.

"You mean...nothing? You can't say anything?" A simple shake of his head and a large smile was followed by teeth sinking into a leg of meat; pieces scattering around the table and floor. Normally, Sanji would have already sent a kick to any mannorless neanderthall in a heartbeat, but for the moment, the 'circumstances' were different.

What was he supposed to do now? Obviously, he couldn't tell him where he lived anymore. Well, he couldn't outright tell him anything. Well...maybe he could write.

Standing from his chair, Sanji headed towards the kitchen; snatching the notepad from the counter before returning. The boy had already finished said meal and was staring at him slightly confused as if wondering why he left. Pulling the pen from the side of the pad, the blonde sat down again; placing both objects in front of him.

"Think you could write down what your name is?" The black haired boy nodded, picking up the ink pen and leaning over the paper as he began, slowly, writing. What should only have taken a moment, took a bit longer as he then sat up; smile plastered onto his face as he slid the notepad back.

Staring at the sloppy handwriting, Sanji attempted to decipher the messy Katakana.

"Lu..Luffy?" Messy hair swayed madly as the boy nodded enthusiastically. Hmm..Nice name. Simple, Sanji mused, looking back up to see Luffy suddenly finding interest in the glass vace of porceline roses that rested innocently atop the small table.

"Alright, Luffy, could you possibly write down your address so I could take you home? Your parents are probably worried sick." The blonde slid the paper forward again, but as the boy stared down at the paper, Sanji took notice of how nervous he suddenly looked. Hesitating for a second, Luffy began to write, quite sloppilly Sanji noted in silent horror.

Once the notepad was back in his possession, the teenager, however, was taken aback by what he read.

"You're...you're an orphan?" A nod. "And...you stayed with your older brother Ace until..." It just stops. "Until when?" Sanji looked up, but Luffy immediately turned away, dropping the pen and shoving his hand into his lap to grasp the other. Not wanting to make him feel any more uncomfortable, the blonde decided to change the subject.

"O..Ok. Dont worry about it. Erm...would..would you like to stay here? Or at least until you see someone you know?" Luffy's eyes widened as that large smile was glued to his face again. Take that as a yes, Sanji thought, standing to his feet and patting himself down for his pack. Finally locating them, he turned back to see the boy fidgeting slightly. It was almost...cute.

"Look, I have to get to work. Do you want-" Even before he could finish, Luffy was up and at the door, looking back at him with that stupid grin. Sanji could feel a smile already forming.

"Alright. But we're gonna have to do something about those clothes.."

"Ah! Sanji-Kun, he's so cute!" Vivi cried from behind the bar; giggling as Luffy, clad in one of Sanji's blue dress shirts and his own shorts, sat upon one of the counter stools, spinning around. Puffing on the cancer stick, Sanji gracefully placed two plates in front of a pair of customers before turning and seeing hearts.

"You really think so, Vivi-chan? If you would like, I can bring him along everytime I work."

"What is he, like, 15? Won't his parents worry?" She questioned, not seeing Luffy suddenly grow still.

"He..well, he-" But before he could attempt to explain, the front doors opened and a small, portly man headed towards the bar; the suit he wore held multiple stains atop his round abdomen. Sitting on the stool directly beside Luffy's, the balding man slammed his hand onto the counter.

"Hey sweet sweet cheeks, can I get a tall one over here?" Blushing, Vivi nodded, hurriedly nabbing a mug and filling it up with the foaming liquid. Leaning against the sink and crushing the used cigarette into an ashtray, Sanji crossed his arms and glared, watching as the blue haired girl slid the glass in front of the customer.

As he drank, Luffy turned to face him, curious look on his face. Emptying it and with a sigh of relief, the man held out his arm behind his back; letting the mug go as it shattered into a million pieces upon impact.

"Oi! Just what the hell do you think you're doing!" Sanji growled, hopping over the counter to tower over teh offender.

Smirking, he reached into his coat pocket and brandished a thick roll of bills. Setting them onto the counter, Vivi noticed, in silent shock, that they were all fifty's.

"So sorry about the glass. Hope that covers it. And there's a little extra there for you, too, little missy." the man stated, staring a little too intently at Vivi as she moved to grab and count the money; eyes slowly widening with each fresh fifty dollar bill.

"What do you mean 'a little extra for me?' What did I do?" She asked suspiciously, locking eyes with Sanji as he motioned for her to drop the cash.

"Not 'what did you do,' but what you're going to do. Come along with me, honey, and I'll make it worth your while. I am quite rich and can pay handsomely." He murmured, perverted glint in each small green eye. Turning to stand, Luffy suddenly caught his attention. The boy was glaring hard, fists clenching by his sides hidden by the sleeves of the oversized shirt as the man's smile widened.

"Now who might this be? I say, you do look rather familier. Nevertheless, you may come along if you'd like. I could also put a cute one like you to good use." The man cooed, hand reaching out to caress a cheek.

But before it could get anywhere near Luffy, fingers shot out and clutched the pudgy digits; instantly bending them back until the sick crack of bones breaking sounded.

Taking small indulgence at the cries of pain, Sanji then turned and pulled the man over his shoulder, causing him to topple over and fall onto his back on the floor. The next scream of agony, caused by the descent onto the unswept shards of the mug, was music to the blonde's ears as he sent a steel-toed kick to the man's chest, sending him flying through the doors and out onto the cold, hard sidewalk.

Slipping the fresh cigarette between thin lips and lighting up, Sanji took a deep drag before tossing the used match out to land atop the man's enormous stomache.

"And dont even THINK about coming back here, you filthy son of a bitch. Insulting and degrading a lady..." coughing and sputtering, the portly man desperatlely tried to get back to his feet until a second later when he reeled forward; a finely polished boot nesting inside the fat of his stomache.

Blowing smoke directly into his face, Sanji glared hard at the poor excuse of a human being broken down into a fit of crimson laced coughs.

"I'll never forgive a lowlife FUCK like you." Shoving all of his weight down upon the man's belly, Sanji turned and walked back inside; hands shoved into pockets and small smile gracing his features as the loud hacks continued.

"I apologize for the bastard's rudeness, Vivi-chan. I hope he didn't-"

"I'll be back!...That...That bitch'll pay. I'll make sure of it." But as Sanji whirled around, getting ready to send a heavy kick toa vital organ, his gaze fell upon nothing but a littered sidewalk; burnt match and a few shards of glass the only evidence of someone having been there at all.

Shaking his head, the blonde turned back around, smiling at the applaus that broke out among the eating customers. Even Luffy, large smile and all, clapped quite enthusiastically. However, looking up at Vivi, Sanji's smile vanished.

"Vivi-Chan...What's wrong? Are you alright?" the look of absolute fear and horror slowly ebbed away, leaving nothing but a faint trace of nervousness as she attempted a cheerful smile.

"O-Oh, it's...it's nothing. I'm alright, really. Thank you very much, Sanji-kun." Although he nodded and moved to head back behind the bar, anyone who knew Vivi well enough could automatically tell when she was trying to hide her true feelings. And Sanji had known Vivi as far back as freshman year in High School.

Deciding to humor her for now, Sanji pushed open the door to the kitchen before looking over his should to take a last minute check on Luffy. He was still sitting on the stool, but, along with Vivi, a look of complete horror took home on his features.

But before he could walk back to him, the boy caught his gaze, small smile forming. Giving him a questioning look, Luffy only smiled before turning to stare down at the glass scattered about the floor. Sighing, Sanji let go of the swinging door to grab the broom. If there was anything he could do about it, he would not allow Vivi to do any work at all. To Sanji, a woman should nto have to lift a finger. He would, of course, gladly do it all and more for them.

Sweeping the glass together and taking notice of how distant Luffy's expression was, Sanji jumped at the shrill sound of the phone. Before Vivi could even look towards it, the blonde jogged back behind the counter and answered.

"Welcome to the shitty resturaunt. Can I take your order?" (see note)

"Cute. Real cute. Idiot." Rolling his eyes and nodding to Vivi, Sanji moved inside the kitchen allowing the door swing shut before he replied.

"What the hell do you think you're doing calling my job, seaweed head!"

"Oi. I can call whatever the fuck I want. Get down here now. We got a tip off from one of our usuals and we have some negotiating to do." Already not liking the job Zoro implied, the blonde peered through the crack in the door at Luffy who was drinking a glass of milk, via Vivi. Closing his eyes and sighing heavilly, Sanji leaned back against the wall.

"Hooofuck. Alright. I need the money anyways. I'll...shit, I'll be down there at-" He glanced at the clock."at...around 11:30. Think you assholes can wait long enough for me to get there?"

"Dont be giving me orders, Ero-cook. You missed the last meeting and Kuro isnt so happy with you at the moment. You got a lot of kissing up to do, shitty bastard." Puffing on the burning stick, Sanji watched as the thin cloud of smoke trailed upwards only to disperse soon afterwards.

"Whatever. I'll be there. Just make sure you idiots dont forget." Not bothering to listen to the obscenities shouting back at him from the reciever, the teenager let go; allowing the black phone to slip from his fingers and fall before the cord caught it, banging against the door instead.

Rubbing his sore temples, Sanji exhaled the breath he didnt know he was holding; raising a leg to kick in frustration at the cabinet behind him.

"What the fuck am I doing?"


Note: Anybody seen the anime during the Little Garden ark? Remember when Mr.0 thought it was Mr.3 on the Den Den Mushi, but it was just Sanji? That was how he answered. x3 And I liked it so much, I thought I'd borrow it for my story here.