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It was unfair that he died so young and unexpectedly but as they say 'Death knows not age.'

Many people, dressed in black, gather in the cemetery. Mostly were close friends and relatives.

A coffin slowly carried by four men towards a grave, where everyone was gathering around. An old man was sobbing uncontrollably. The death of someone so dear to him was too painful.

The coffin placed into the grave and the men started to cover it with dirt. The cries increased among those who knew the deceased very well. They knew how young and innocent he was. Why did he die in such a cruel way?

Slowly, as time passed by, the gatherers left to return home in sadness. Only a few stayed for a while.

"Come on, Mr. Suguruku." A young woman with brown hair said.

The old man nodded, wearily. He looks at a teenager with spiky tri-colored hair. "Yami, let's go." He said, softly.

Yami nodded, sadly. His eyes filled with pain and anguish. They slowly walk away from the grave. Suddenly, Yami stops and turn his head back towards the grave.

"I'm sorry, Yugi." He whispered. "Please forgive me."

A gentle hand placed on his shoulder. He turns his head away from the grave and towards the person.

"Let's go, Yami." Brown eyes met crimson.

"Okay." Ryou withdraw his hand and both slowly walked away.

The moon was full tonight …

A black figure walks silently towards a grave with fresh roses with a shovel in one hand, the other a gun.

The figure began digging and after half an hour, he had finally finished unburying the coffin. Cautiously, he used the shovel and pried the lid open. When it opened, he saw a boy with spiky tri-colored hair, hands folded on his chest and eyes closed.

"Pity, I got to kill a kid…" The man murmured. Slowly, he cocks the gun at the boy. "It's for the sake of humanity, nothing personal."

He was about to pull the trigger when another figure jumps in front of him.

"What the hell!" Too late, the person sliced his head off. The man's head dropped and so did the body. Blood spewed out from the stump of his head. Not something, you want to see.

The figure is woman. Jet-black haired, gold eyes and holds a bloody sword. She held an icy expression.

The woman sheathed her sword and glanced at the boy in the coffin. She bends down, carries the boy up, and places him on the ground. The man's body and head was dump into the coffin. She quickly closes the lid and reburies the coffin. Once everything is finished, she diverted her attention towards the boy.

She puts her palm on his forehead and mutters a chant. Her hands glowed for a moment and died down.

At the same time, amethyst eyes opened. The woman stands up and backs up a little. The boy slowly sat up. He closed his eyes and open them, revealing red eyes that glowed eerily in the night.

"Where am I?" He asked, as a child just awakens from his slumber. "Who are you?"

"I am Iria." She answered, gently. She knelt beside him. "Don't be afraid, child. You are in the mortal realm." She held his hand and pulled him up.

"From now on, you are Yang, which means 'Dark' as what you are now." She said.

'Yang' looks at her. "What am I?"

"You…" She said, with a small smile. "…are Dark Angel."

"Dark…Angel…" He said slowly. The boy looks at her with a confused expression.

"You will know soon what they are. Now come. We must go back to headquarters."


Together, they walked with the moonlight illuminating their path and towards the darkness of the night.

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