Word Count: exactly 100

Challenge: Snape Saves the Day on grangersnape100 live journal

Characters: Hermione/Severus/Crookshanks

Disclaimer: No money made, JKR owns all of it.

Title: Heroes Are All Wet

"Miss Granger!" Snape bellowed across the library.

Hermione ran forward seeing Professor Snape wrapped tightly in his black cloak, standing in a puddle and soaking wet.

"Are you aware of harsh climate this year? The grindilows are ravenous and more aggressive," he fumed.

"Perhaps next time I'll let them have their not so little snack in this case. Twenty five points from Gryffindor for requiring rescue of your cat!" he sneered slapping the wet cloak open and thrusting a sopping Crookshanks into her arms.

"Thank you Professor, for saving him," she spoke kissing his pale wet cheek. "You're my hero."