Been There

A group of friends- Mimi, Sora, Hikari, and Miyako- living in the heart of Tokyo struggle with men, parents, and careers. What's the life lesson learned? Comfort foods must always come in fours.

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It's a rather peaceful, uneventful afternoon.

Aside from the occasional girly shriek from the bedroom where the girls have congregated to once again examine every tiny detail about Ken's proposal, the rest of the newly engaged couple's apartment is pleasantly quiet.

The congratulation flowers Jyou sent are sitting on the kitchen table in a decorative vase.

Koushiro and Iori's cards are propped up by the telephone so the whole world can see as soon as one enters the kitchen.

The chocolate-dipped strawberries from the gift package Daisuke and Sumiko sent have long since been devoured.

Willis, who's settled happily in his new job and has accepted Hikari's request to stay friends, wants to plan their honeymoon in Colorado, where he's convinced they'll have the best of times (they're not entirely sure).

An amusing message left by a half-drunk (Miyako prefers the optimistic term half-sober) Takeru—he'd just come home from an extravagant night at the sports bar with his co-workers when he'd heard the news—has been saved on the answering machine for Ken to blackmail him with at a more appropriate time.

Yamato has happily agreed to arrange the music for the wedding, which immediately sent Daisuke off on a teasing rant about the music for his wedding.

Sora, who's taking up working as their wedding planner with Yamato, has plans to start her own business beginning with designing and running both weddings, which seems to satisfy Daisuke.

Hikari, who's been much happier and livelier ever since she's started to move forward with her life, started the wedding registry for her friends at a local store, and she's been helping Miyako tell the whole story (as a team, they figure all of Tokyo will know by sunset). The story of how Inoue Miyako is getting married to her perfect man, who blurted the proposal out in the middle of the dirty New York subway after a stranger bumped into him hard and caused him to drop the box with the engagement ring inside. Miyako hadn't cared that it was covered in dirt or that the box was broken now. She'd thrown herself on top of him and screamed yes, yes, yes. New York may think she's weird, but Ken thinks she's beautiful, and clearly, only he matters.

All squealed out, the girls finally leave the bedroom and go into the kitchen to prepare for that evening's celebration dinner for their friends. Miyako wants something very special; Hikari, something simple; and Sora, something healthy. They're arguing about it in a joking way, fumbling through the cabinets and wishing a certain someone was there to help.

Thankfully, they're interrupted:

Someone pounds on the door. "What the hell is the meaning of this?"

Miyako stares at Sora with wide eyes. Hikari shrugs.

"Open up! Open up, right now!"

Miyako goes to open the door and is met by the angry red face of Mr. Tachikawa and a sobbing, emotional Mrs. Tachikawa.

"What—?" she starts to ask, confused, but Keisuke stomps past her and straight to a bewildered Hikari. He shoves a postcard with a picture of Big Ben on the front under her nose furiously, unable to speak.

Sora takes the postcard and reads aloud, "'Dear Mama and Papa, I love Taichi and he loves me. We're moving to London. Your princess, Mimi.'"

The girls look at each other, speechless. Hikari's eyes are as big as saucers, Sora's disbelief is written all over her face, and Miyako—well, Miyako looks like she won the lottery. Or as if Mimi's won the lottery.

She lets out a woot, clapping, completely oblivious to the looks everyone's giving her.

"Ha! They finally did it!"

"That's not a good thing!" Satoe wails. "My poor, sweet baby's left her family for a—,"

"Hey, he's my brother!" Hikari interrupts hotly, frowning at her.

"And I'm going to kill him so help me God!" Keisuke bellows, the vein in his forehead popping as his face slowly turns purple.

No one seems to notice.

"That is so sweet!" Miyako croons, gazing at the letter gushingly.

"Isn't it?" Sora is equally happy. "Who'd have thought Taichi could be so romantic?"

"You call running away romantic?" Satoe cries in disbelief.

"I call defying the odds romantic," Miyako corrects with a sigh.

"They aren't supposed to be together!" Keisuke shouts angrily.

Hikari winks.

"Which is exactly why they are."

Author's Note: Before someone starts throwing shoes at me for stopping here, remember that I am planning on a sequel which will be from the guys's points-of-view.Hopefully this ending sufficed for this half of the story. (Keyword being "half".)