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The Future of the Now

It was an unusually quiet evening. Trance and Harper sat companionably together on the lounger on the Observation deck just watching the stars go by. Trance's tail curled around the engineer's leg and casually played with his bootlaces. Harper was reclining with his hands on his chest and Trance's head on his shoulder.

It was a perfectly quiet and content moment. So of course Harper's mind went drifting back to all the times that weren't quiet and content but strangely this time he also started to think about the future.

"Trance, you always talk about the perfect possible future."

"Hmm." She replied almost sleepily. "I guess, sort of."

"What's the worst possible future?"

Trance sat up abruptly and stared at him. "Why are you asking this now?"

"Erm, well… I don't know I was just thinking."

Trance sat back again this time stiffly at his side. "You know you really shouldn't ask questions you won't want to know the answers to."

He glared back at her annoyed. "How will I know if I don't want to know that answer if I don't ask it? I hate riddles!"

"Oh, I love them! You're a super genius you should love them too! Go ahead and ask me one!"

"Trance, quit trying to distract me! Besides it was just a stupid question. I already lived through hell back in Boston it can't be any worse then that," he sniped grumpily.

Trance didn't reply she just pursed her lips and stared straight ahead obviously not happy with him or the questions.

"What? It's worse than Boston, worse than Earth?" What; we're all dead?"

"I'm not talking to you when you're like this and anyways as you of all people know there are things worse than death."

Harper crossed his arms stubbornly. "I only get like this when you are being all secret agent girl. Gads."

The two sat in silence for a moment or two. Neither one willing to back down or apologize. Harper could never stay mad at Trance for long though and his mind began to wander again. What was worse than death? Being tortured? No, not really though that could be pretty bad at times. Watching someone you love get tortured, that was bad…really bad. Maybe that was it. No, wait a minute; he knew. Watching someone you love die a slow painful death and then realizing you were now going to be alone forever. Yup, that was it. Suddenly he felt a bit queasy and he new Trance was right. He shouldn't have asked.

Trance must have seen the look on his face as she reached forward and took his hand and squeezed tightly. His callused fingers gripped her peach soft ones. "You see? This is why I never answer your questions. It's only the now that matters."

"Is it going to happen, the worst possible future?"

"When you realize it is possible it becomes a lot more likely. All things work that way. Both good and bad." This time she pulled his head down on to her shoulder. "You think to much. Just be happy with where you are."

"That's the one thing I could never seem to do and it has nothing to do with being smart."

Trance's fingers tickled across his stomach. "Does this help?"

"Trance, don't; besides you know I'm not ticklish."

Suddenly Trance's tail pulled off one of his boots that she had loosened the laces on earlier. "Not ticklish huh?"

"Oh, Gads Trance, no! Not the feet!" He protested in vane. But as the tickle fight broke out vehemently a part of his mind held on to the conversation they had earlier. And he new it was just a matter of time until the future became 'the now.' Anything that he had ever known to be perfect was always fleeting.

The end