Authors Note

It's been a long time since I have posted on this site as I have been as ever, very busy and very, very lazy. I was just recently talking to a friend about this story which made me come back and reread it. This what occurred to me. Some of the earlier stuff needs a hard editing but man is it long and still unfinished, like some poor child I half adopted and left on a stoop! THIS WILL NOT DO! I still have two half finished chapters to this story I never posted and a full body structure as to how I would like it to end. I also have a full work up for a modern Hogwarts sequel on my computer. Not to mention it still is getting nearly as much traffic as it was two years ago. So this is what I am thinking. I'm going to go back and edit my way through the story to make it all more fluid and then I'm going to finish it. I spent far more time creating this story than I would like to admit not to menton I really loved writing it. Not finishing it seems very wrong somehow. I'm going to give myself two weeks for editing by which point I plan to resume posting normally. In any case I'm sure you have noticed this is not a true chapter and is therefore probably breaking all kinds of fan fiction rules by being a post dedicated to an over long authors note so I'm going to stop here and get to work. I just wanted a chance to let readers know that this is no longer a dead story.

New post by mid may. Thank you to everyone who has continued reading this in my long lazy authors absence! If you all are willing to stick with me, I say lets do this. (If not I give you free leave to thinkof me forever as a lazy ass-hat!) I would love to hear from any of you. I've noticed while writing this story that often times in reviews or conversations you have passed on to me amazing story muses! All discussion would be appreciated and will help put me into to story mode quickly!