Ryon Batista awoke slowly letting her eyes adjust to the darkness of the hotel room. She hated doing this but it was a necessary evil. She turned gently in Randy's arms, careful not to wake him. Her eyes took in the beautiful sight of him, her nose his masculine scent. He had had a rough night last night getting ganged up on by Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin in a triple-threat for the Intercontinental Title. She sighed lightly to herself wishing she didn't have to leave his embrace. She and Randy Orton had been hiding their relationship from the other members of Evolution, especially from her father Dave Batista. They both knew that he would absolutely shit a brick if he found out that Randy was secretly dating Ryon. So they continued their nightly soiree with Ryon sneaking in and out of Randy's room. She kissed his cheek, and maneuvered herself out of his arms. She usually woke him up, but she could tell how heavily he was sleeping. She stood up and stretched smiling at how great her relationship was. Outside he was every bit as cocky and arrogant as he was in the ring, but whenever they were alone he catered to her every whim. She pulled on her pajama pants and put on one of Randy's shirts. She checked the halls before she stepped out and closed the door. She checked the clock on her cell phone, four a.m.; her dad would be up soon for his workout. She pushed the button to summon the elevator as her thoughts traveled back to Randy. He made her so happy, even if he did have to hide it from everyone. He always let her know that he loved her, or that he was thinking about her. When they were in a crowded room she would catch his eyes, and see the glint of longing in them. She stepped in the elevator blissful beyond belief. She still often wondered how they had yet to let onto their secret. "We'll figure it out when the time comes." She thought in her head as she let herself into her room.

Hunter had been having a strong suspicion about Randy and Ryon lately. Ric and Dave seemed oblivious, but Hunter had been catching onto their little charade. He saw the way they looked at each other, and now all he was waiting for was proof. Both of them had been acting a little awkward around each other the past few months. Randy had even given up on their game of seeing who could pick up the most girls. Something was definitely up, and he was determined to find out. This is precisely why he had found the perfect stake out where he could see the door to Randy's room but where he was hidden from anyone coming or leaving the room. He had been waiting patiently since almost midnight. His neck was stiffening and he was about to got to his room and get some rest, when he saw the door open to Randy's room. An evil smile spread across his face as he watched Ryon leave and walk to the elevator. "Oh shit." He chuckled to himself, "Slipped up Ry, you got too comfortable." He now had all of the ammunition he needed to put his plan in motion after Randy's title shot in three days.
Ryon awoke again around nine-thirty to a knock on her door.

"Who is it?" she asked looking out of the peephole.

"Room service."

"I didn't order any." She thought to herself as she opened the door. Her mouth hung open in awe as the hotel employees wheeled in what looked like the entire breakfast menu and two white roses, which had become Randy's calling card. It was too risky to send a note or a card so he devised the rose gimmick in place. Ryon's face lit up; he always thought of everything.

Ric, Batista, Randy, and Hunter were all in the gym working out.

"So, you had an early night last night." Ric commented, spotting Hunter on the bench press.

"Yeah I got worked over and just decided to take an early one for once." Randy grunted between reps.

"Ryon sure didn't call in early." Hunter laughed, seeing this as the perfect opportunity to see how far Randy would go for her.

Batista's head snapped up, "What do you mean? She said she was going to bed at twelve." He growled. Batista was only so lenient with Ryon on certain issues. He was especially protective over her when it came to her partying. She had just turned twenty years old, and she was in a business full or rowdy guys. They knew the limits and the consequences when it came to his daughter.

Hunter put his hands up in defense, "Look man, I don't know what she was doing, I just saw her so I thought I'd let you know that she was sneaking around." Hunter looked over at Randy who had put his weights down and had gone pale. Batista's face was red; his eyes were blank like he was staring at nothing. He was clenching and unclenching his jaw pensively.

"Ryon wouldn't sneak around like that; she's a good girl." Ric defended.

"You're sure you saw her Hunter?" Dave asked, breaking his trance.

Hunter nodded, "I'm pretty sure it was her, I was going for my run, and I just saw her down the hall going to the elevator."

Dave was more worried than he was pissed. Ryon had never given him a reason to doubt her validity, but lately she had been kind of distant. The silence was very uncomfortable. All of the guys were trying to avoid eye contact with Dave who still had that weird blank stare on his face.

"She didn't go out last night." Randy suddenly spoke up.

Dave glared hard at the younger man. "How the hell do you know?" he asked Randy.

"I forgot what time we were going to leave today, so I called her about one o'clock and woke her up." Randy explained. He knew it was a stupid lie, but it they had rehearsed it when they first started their relationship. He just hoped that Ryon would remember. The gym remained silent until the door creaked open and Ryon walked in. She sensed the tension immediately, looking at Randy trying to read his expression.

"Uh, hey guys." She greeted cautiously. They lowered their heads, not daring to look up.

"Ryon, walk with me outside. We need to talk." Dave rumbled grasping her upper arm in an iron fist. They both left the others in a stunned silence. Randy's heart felt like it was going to explode; he didn't want Ryon to get in trouble. They were both at fault.

Ric shook his head, "He's so hard on her. She just wants to have a little fun." Ric always sympathized with her.

"She needs to decide what's more important her career or her social life." Hunter added, getting in a final punch.

"Daddy, you're hurting my arm." Ryon whimpered when they went out into the hall.

He released her abruptly, "What were you doing last night? Hunter said he saw you walking out of someone's room this morning." His breathing was coming in short gasps as he tried to control his anger.

"I was asleep. He must have seen someone else, because I was in my room." She lied. Oh man, had she jinxed herself this morning? She could have sworn she had checked the hall before she left. Damn Hunter, shifty bastard. They had never seen eye to eye, and if he was the one to let her dad in on her and Randy's secret she was going to kick his ass.

"Ryon, I would advise you to tell me the truth right now. I've already been embarrassed in front of the guys already." He said.

"I am telling the truth." Ryon whispered, putting on her best sad puppy face, "You believe me, don't you daddy?"

Batista sighed, "Yes sweetheart, I'm sorry. Hunter told me that he saw you, and I was afraid that it was you. Anything can happen baby, and I'm just trying to look out for you." He pulled her into his arms, "Why don't you got ahead and pack your stuff, and don't worry about working out this morning ok?"

She nodded, relieved that she had somehow snaked her way out of this one. He lifted her chin up to look in his face, "I'm sorry ok?"

She smiled sweetly, "Don't worry about it daddy."