The really really really really

Late show...Really

Its your host and co host nomeninja and Django your resident solarboy

nomeninja: so django how is your night

django: wait a minute its 3A.M. shouldent it be morning

nomeninja: ...lets go to our first guest ashley kachup

director voice: its ash ketchum

nomeninja: oh oh I knew that uh um ash ketchum everybody

Ash: whaaaat huh where am I wheres my teddy bear

nomeninja: hows your night ass I mean ash

django: you mean morning

nomeninja: woh hey wered you come from

django: well when a mommy and daddy love...

Nomeninja: I ment where were you

django: ... taco bell

nomeninja: why would you be there yah know what nevermind ,...did you save me a burrito

Django: maybe...

Nomeninja: anyway back to ass I mean ash

Ash: duhhhhhhh

django: fasinating

nomeninja: tell me ash whats your life story

Ash: duhhhhhhh

django: hey you said his name right

nomeninja: what about ass

django: nevermind

nomeninja: by by ass

django: next we have misty

nomeninja: come on down misty

misty: hi everybody its good to be here

ash: why are you so perky at 3 am ...theres my teddy bear and why are you holding my balls

(Audiance member tony the tiger): there grrrrrrrrrate

ash: by balls I ment pokeballs

misty: I don't know oh yah I brought pikachu

ash: thats not pikachu hes with brock...hmmm I wonder how there doing

(30 miles away in a pokemon center) brock: pikachu I want you to film this

(oh yah bitch oh yah joy oh bam bam bam bam take it away bam bam

bam bam: bam bam take it away emeral

emeril: lets kick it up a notch...BAM!

Ash...who is that pokemon anyways

Misty: I don't are(tosses pokeball)

ash: oh my god its prof oak chains...what the fuck!

Misty: ummmm its...halloween

ash: yay candy

django: disturbinggggggggggg

nomeninja: mmmmmm candy (grgle grgle)...oh and our next guest meg

directors voice: its may

may: yah its may

nomeninja: what ever matt

django: come sit down may

may: ok djang...hey whats this whore doing here (looks at misty)...and why is prof oak in chains and leather

misty: ummmmm return quickly damit (prof oak goes back into pokeball)

ash: its halloween

may: no its not

ash: yes it is

may: no its summer dumbass

ash: (ash turns to misty and points his finger at her) you whore!

Misty: yah well you owe me...what do you owe me?

Directors voice: a bike you whore

django: well were out of time uh this was fun I think thats the word

nomeninja: and I still want some candy

django and nomeninja together: goodbye now

nomeninja: that was the really really really really late show

django: really

epilog ...

Back at the pokemon center far far away

Brock,bam bam and emeral: BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM!

Pikachu singing along: pika pika pika pika(which means dumbass dumbass dumbass)


django: really

nomeninja: CANDY

(Hope you like it this was done by nomeninja and django solar boy)

(Hope you likes it)