At his request, Hermione is about to become his sex slave just to keep him from telling the whole school her secret.

At Malfoy's Request


She tapped her foot in trained patience. She was annoyed as hell. He'd stood her up for the last time. She wasn't going to keep doing this. She wasn't going to keep lying to her best friends. She wasn't going to keep sneaking out to be with him.

Finally as she was about to leave he rounded the corner.

"Hey." He breath. He was leaning in to kiss her but was met with a protest.

"Your one fucking hour late!"

"Please. Don't start this shit again. I was trying to make sure I didn't get caught." He leaned in to kiss her again, hoping that his answer would satisfy her.

"No. We're going to talk." She folded her arms in a protective manner when she noticed that he was raking her body with a hungry gaze.

"Oh bloody hell! That's all we ever do."

"We never talk!" She exclaimed so loudly that he winced.

"Okay. Okay, we'll talk." He held up his hands in defense. "And then we'll get down to some serious business."

She smirked. "Keep dreaming. What I have to say you just might not like."

He leaned against the stone wall. His face was blank. He hated when she got like this. "Your ruining the mood."

"Good." She smirked once more. She never use to . He'd been a bad influence on her; she'd picked up some of his bad habits.

"Well….on with it!"

"Okay. Fine." She took a deep breath. "I cant' do this anymore. I'm tired of breaking the rules for you. When were out here together, you treat me like a real person. But in there….where it counts….." She paused. "Your cold and ruthless. You insult me in front of everyone but behind closed doors it's a different story."

"Common, bloody hell, we've been over this a million times." He shook his head.

She smiled. "Consider this time a million and one. Were through. I want things to go back to the way they use to be. With each one of us hating the other."

Rolling his eyes, "You don't mean that." He reached out and ran his finger down the side of her cheek and part of her neck. It sent shivers down her spine.

He saw her reaction. "Exactly what I thought. You still want me."

"You arrogant fuck! I won't be your whore anymore. Go find someone else to fill the role cause I'm through." She shook her head in anger.

"Common, Granger. Don't be like that. Come back with me to my room. I promise to make you forget all about how mad you are with me." He chuckled.

She went to storm off, but then turned back around. "You never could use my real name, Blaise." He raised his eye brows as if to mock her.

"I remember yelling it a lot when I was just about to cu-" She cut him off.

"Don't you dare say it or I'll hex your ass to Timbuktu!"

"Look, Granger. What can I say. I wanted some action. You were available. We agreed that we wouldn't let this get personal."

"Fuck you!" Hermione sneered. "The next time you want some action, get personal with your hand."

He removed himself from the wall. He stood in front of her, looking down. "It was fun while it lasted," he sneered.

She watched as his form retreated back inside the castle. When he was gone from sight, tears began to slip down her face. She had did it. She had finally broken things off after five months. She wiped the tears away.

She walked over to where she had previously stood and leaned against the wall. She felt relieved about a few things now. One, it was over. Two, she was glad she had never had sex with Blaise. And three, no one knew.

As she was about to walk away, a form stepped from the shadows. Clap. Pause. Clap. Pause. Clap….

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