Chapter 7. "Of Carnivals, Wings, and Other Things"


As Louis opened his eyes he say that the person sitting beside him rubbing his cheek was a very worried Tawny. "Louis! Are you ok? I was so worried!" Tawny asked as soon as she saw that he was awake. "Yeah. I'm ok. Hey, Why are were so worried about me to begin with?" "Well, your mom say'd she hadn't seen you all night and she wanted me to look for you here. And besides. Even though we broke up I'd still be worried if some thing happened to you. Well I guess I'd better go tell your mom I found you." Tawny said.
As she started to leave she felt Louis grab her hand and pull her back down beside him. "Before you go there's something I need to say. I've been thinking and I'm sorry for all the things that I said to you yesterday. I shouldn't have said those things because even though we bolth may have our differences,
it's those differences that help keep us in ballance and together. Now if you want you can go ahead and leave. I just wanted to say that." Louis said. All the while looking into Tawny's perfect eyes for what he thought would be the last time. But instead of leaving, Tawny gave Louis a big hug. "Louis, that was the most meaningful thing you've ever said!" Tawny said. Then she pulled him into the same passionate kiss that she and Louis shared the night of the play that Louis demolished.
"Well having you around had to pay off sometime!" Louis said after they broke apart with a smile alost as big as Caleb's. Maybe bigger! "Come on. Let's go tell my mom that I'm ok before she calls the police"
Louis said as he and Tawny got up and started to walk off. Hand in hand.


"O.k. You guys are realy starting to gross me out!" Twitty said. The reason being that he, Louis, and Tawny were all at the Winter Carnival and Louis and Tawny were feeding each other cotton candy. But there only response to Twitty's remark was another kiss. "That's it! I'm out of here!" Twitty said as he got up and stormed off again. Louis and Tawny just laughed as he fought his way through the crowd. "That should keep him away for a while!" Louis said as they continued to watch Twitty storm off. Noticing they were out of cotton candy Louis left to go get more. As he approched the stand he saw a farmiliar face.


"Hey Caleb! What are you doing here? " Louis said as soon as he saw his guardian angel. "Hey little buddy! I just stopped by to see how things are going. Which by the looks of it, I'd say they are." Caleb said when he say Tawny waving at Louis. "I also wanted to show you my new ride!" Caleb say'd as he motioned towards the truck that they had taveled through time in. "But thats your old truck." "Not exactly. See, before you came along I had screwed up alot. They told me that helping you was my last chance to help a human. Thanks man!
You helped me pass that test!" "Well I guess this is a first time getting things right for the bolth of us!" Louis said as he shaked Caleb's hand. Just then they heard a beeping coming from Caleb's watch. "Sorry, gotta go!
They need me back at base." "See ya around!" Louis shouted as Caleb got into the truck and sped off.
After Caleb was no longer in site Louis go some more cotton candy and returned to where he and Tawny was sitting. "Who was that man you were talking to?" Tawny asked when Louis got back and sat down beside her "An old friend." Louis said as he looked up at the sky in time to see a shooting star speeding across the sky.
"An old friend."