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Waking From a Nightmare - Prologue

The Hart Residence, Angel Grove, California

Tuesday, 19th February 1991

Kimberly Anne Hart tossed and turned in her brass bed, the blankets that had been tightly tucked in now thrown about, as she continued to sleep restlessly, unaware that she was just having a bad dream. Despite the wintry freeze that loomed outside, tiny beads of sweat trickled above her brow, a strange heat hovering in the air around her.

She moaned as she slowly awoke from the deep sleep, aimlessly rubbing her eyes. She opened them slightly, and blinked surprised to be faced by darkness. She rolled over slightly and could see her talking digital clock besides her flashing two o'clock.

She didn't understand why she would wake up in the middle of the night, but slowly pulled the covers down to hop out. Maybe if I go to the toilet I'll be able to go back to sleep, she thought to herself.

She dropped her feet over the side of her bed, her bare feet coming into contact with the floor below. She took some steps towards her door in the dark, trying not to open her eyes too much so that she didn't wake up so much that she couldn't return back to sleep.

Kimberly stopped as she realized the strange noise from underneath her, the unusual crackling making her wary. She hated the dark, and even though she knew there was nothing to be afraid of, she still couldn't help but want to turn the light on.

She frowned as she noticed an amber light shine from the crack underneath her door. Unable to think of why the light would still be on in the hallway, she quickened her way to her bedroom door to investigate what was going on.

Kimberly grabbed hold of the brass door handle, a sudden burning sensation shooting up her hand. "Ouch!" she cried, letting it go, and grabbing the painful palm in her other hand. She began to panic, as she tried to find something to cover her hand so she could open the door without burning herself.

"Mom!" she called out. She felt herself on the urge of tears when her mother didn't respond, the shooting pain up her arm causing her to fully wake up, realizing the vicious sound that was roaring from the other side of the door.

She knowingly reached for her dressing gown off the back of the door and used it to cover her hand. Grabbing the handle quickly, she turned it, pulling it open. She stared stunned as she came face with flames of fire, engulfing the nearby stairs and the entire right side of the top floor of her house.

"Mom! Dad!" she shrieked as smoke flooded around her. Remembering what she learnt during fire safety week at school, she quickly dropped down to the ground, pulling her dressing gown up to cover her mouth. She could see her parents' bedroom was blocked off by the fire, and so crawled back into her room.

"Help!" she screamed out as she crawled along, "Help me!" she screamed over and over again.

She got up and moved over to her bedroom window, pulling open the thick pink curtains that had blocked out the light from the flames down below. Her hands fumbled to unlock the latch on the window so she could open it, her fingers trembling as she felt panic begin to take over.

She turned her head quickly to see the flames flickering near the entrance way to her room, and so she pulled her window open, her face dropping as she came face to face with a security screen she didn't know how to open.

"Help!" she screamed again, knowing that her neighbors must have been able to hear her calls with the window open. She began to cough unbearably, smoke making her gag as she stood helplessly at the dead end, tears streaming down her face.

She moved over to her desk where she did her homework and picked up the wooden chair, trying to lift it high enough so she could try and smash the window. Awkwardly, she tried to swing it several times, her weak movements causing no damage to the glass that stayed intact.

"Daddy!" she cried out again. "Please, someone help me!"

She began picking things up in her room and throwing them at the window until the smoke overwhelmed her and she fell to the ground.

Angel Grove Memorial Hospital

Wednesday, 20th February 1991

The depressing dawn of a new day ticked over to early afternoon as a young girl slowly woke up from the depths of a dark and disturbing sleep. Slight murmurs escaped from between her pursed lips as a nightmare turned into conscious truth, and she felt the illusory shadows of a bad dream convert to reality.

Where am I? Kimberly thought groggily to herself, as sterile light snuck under her flickering eyelids. At first everything she saw was white, until slowly her vision cleared and she remembered what had led up to that moment.

The fire; there was a fire at my house!

Slowly gathering her thoughts, her first belief was that it had just been a nightmare. Her only thought was that somehow the image of her family home being engulfed by vicious flames was something she'd made up in her head. As her terrified eyes absorbed her new surroundings, however, she realized with trepidation that her last memories of a fierce inferno must have been real.

But somehow she had been rescued...

A strained squeak of a moving door hinge pulled her from her puzzle of thoughts, and an older lady with thick, unmanageable hair walked in wearing a nurse's uniform. The nurse offered her a gentle smile, before attending to a clipboard at the end of Kimberly's bed. The lady's silence made Kimberly feel uncomfortable, almost like she was invisible.

"Where is my mom?" Kimberly finally spoke up, wincing as her throat throbbed with each spoken word.

The nurse continued to flip though the documents in her hand, and Kimberly slumped her head back against the pile of white pillows. She could only think about how much she missed her mom, how rude she thought the nurse was and how much she hated the feel of the uncomfortable, plastic-like sheets against her bare legs. She moved her gaze as a tiny knock sounded on the wooden doorframe, and she looked towards the entrance with hope, assuming she would be greeted by the image of her two parents.

She was instead, taken aback when she noticed who was there. The two adults stared back at her with a mix of apparent relief and nervousness, their faces both familiar to Kimberly, yet not the ones that she had been hoping to see.

"Hi sweetheart, how are you feeling?" Kathleen Scott asked her softly, approaching Kimberly's bed with her husband close behind her.

Kimberly blinked for a moment. "Um, what's going on?" she asked quietly, as the middle-aged mother sat down on the end of her bed, while Ian Scott took the visitor chair against the wall.

"How are you feeling, Kimberly, are you feeling okay?" she asked again.

Kimberly nodded. "I feel all right, I have a headache, and my throat is really sore," she replied honestly. "What happened to my house? Is it okay?"

Mr. Scott leaned over, dropping his solid arms on his knees. "There was a fire at your house last night," he began. "Unfortunately it seems that your smoke alarms weren't working, and this meant that nobody noticed the fire straight away. It did a lot of damage, by the time the firefighters reached you, the fire had destroyed most of your home."

Kimberly lowered her gaze, swallowing saliva as she felt herself on the verge of tears. "Do you mean my house is gone? My room?" she asked, noise barely escaping her lips.

He nodded. "I'm very sorry Kimberly," he confirmed gently.

Kimberly looked at Mrs. Scott as the pretty woman tucked a strand of shoulder length blond hair behind her ear. "Where's Jason?" Kimberly asked carefully, wondering where her lifelong friend was. "And where are my parents? Did they come while I was asleep?"

She nervously watched the two adults exchange a quick look, and Mrs. Scott reached out to take her tiny hand. "Jason's at school, he didn't want to go, but the doctors told us that you would be asleep for quite a few hours, so we'll pick him up from school and bring him here for a visit this afternoon," she hesitated and Kimberly could clearly see a look of dread on her face, the lines creasing on her forehead showing the signs of age. "Kimberly, there is no easy way to say this-."

"What, is something wrong with them, are they hurt?" Kimberly couldn't help but speak up. She felt her stomach churning, the anticipation driving her mind wild.

"Your parents were killed in the fire," she gently revealed, and Kimberly instantly let out a tiny, painful gasping noise. She pulled her hand away, and covered her mouth, tears spilling from her eyes.

"No!" Kimberly breathed, heaving breaths overwhelming her as she could feel heat rush to her cheeks. "No, no, NO!" she wailed. She clenched her hands and slammed them against her outstretched legs, unable to feel the affliction of her own fists as she felt an explosion inside her.

She could feel Jason's mother slide up the bed, gently reaching behind her shoulders to pull her into a strained, yet comforting embrace. Kimberly wanted to pull away, longed to run out of the room, but was too paralyzed by shock to do anything. She could feel the older lady's arm move up and down her back, and Kimberly couldn't do anything but rest her heavy head against the woman's chest and cry.

"It's okay, sweetie," Kimberly could hear her whisper soothingly into her ear. "You can cry, it's okay, you can cry..."

Jason Lee Scott quickly made his way through the bustling main hall of the west end of Angel Grove Elementary school, hoping to make it through the corridor before the end of school day rush moved into full swing. He had only started walking home from school with his friends a few weeks before hand, sometimes even stopping to play at the park on the way, but today was not an ordinary day. Something terrible had happened to one of his best friends, and he had waited anxiously all day through class just so he could go to see her.

He made his way through the entrance of the hallway and turned to find his three closest friends standing in their usual spot outside of their classroom. The primary condition their parents had set when allowing the youngsters their after school freedom was that they stayed together, and Jason had been so use to the routine that he nearly wondered out loud where their missing friend was.

"Guys, I told you I'm not walking home today, my parents are taking me to see Kimberly," Jason explained to them, trying not to sound rude.

"Yeah, we know, we thought maybe we could come?" Zack Taylor suggested. The African American boy propped his hands in his pockets, his stance unusually depleted. He was, as always, dressed in dark sweatpants and a turtleneck, his short curly hair neatly in place.

Jason sighed at his best friend's question. "My parents told me that they think it's a good idea if only I go today," he admitted. "She probably won't feel like seeing anyone..."

Trini Kwan slumped her shoulders, her dark eyes filled with sorrow. Jason felt badly for his Asian friend, knowing that she usually spent a lot of time with the absent brunette, but knew that unfortunately being the age of twelve meant that he had little choice in the matter.

"I promise I'll tell her you guys said hi," Jason told them, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Trini nodded dismally, and reached into her yellow backpack. "We have something for her," she said, as she fumbled through her bag's contents. She looked up and handed him a folded piece of cardboard and Jason could see it was handmade card decorated with glitter and stickers. Jason took it and opened it, his eyes scanning over the heartfelt messages written to Kimberly from them all.

"She'll like this," Jason told her. He kept the card in hands, not wanting to risk it getting squashed in his bag.

"We'll walk you to the front," Billy Cranston offered, adjusting his glasses and motioning ahead of them. He fidgeted with the buckle on the side of his denim overalls, as he lowered his eyes to his sneakers and began moving forward.

Jason could tell that Billy seemed slightly nervous, and only guessed it was because out of them all he knew Kimberly the least. In fact, had it not been for Jason, the group of mix-matched friends probably would not have ever known one another. Jason could tell by the sincerity in Billy's voice, however, that his younger friend was deeply troubled about the situation for reasons that were his own. Billy's own mother had passed away from a long-term illness only two years before hand, and as the group made their way through to the main car park, Jason wondered if maybe Billy should have been the one to go to visit Kimberly.

"Remember to say hi," Trini reminded Jason as they reached the front of the school, her face still fallen.

Jason gave them a little wave as he spotted his parents vehicle at the curb, and then jogged over, hopping in the back seat. He closed the door and immediately looked at his parents in the front seat.

"How is Kimberly?" he asked. It was a broad question, and he hoped that his mother would be as open and honest with him as she usually was.

His mother turned around from the passenger seat and smiled gently at her son. "She's understandably very upset," she replied. "She's going to need a lot of support to help her get through this extremely difficult time."

"Has her family gone to see her yet?" he asked, knowing that Kimberly had little family as it was in Angel Grove.

His mother turned back to face the front of the car. "Her grandparents were there this morning, and her uncle Steve arrived this afternoon, along with two of her cousins from Los Angeles," she answered. "But more of her family is expected to arrive over the next few days in time for Kimberly's parents' funeral."

Jason looked down. He'd never been to a funeral in his life, not even to a distant relatives funeral, but yet his friend had to go to one for her parents in only a few days time.

Poor Kimberly, he thought to himself, I can't even imagine what it would feel like...and now she has no one left to look after her...

Jason looked up as the thought came to his mind. "What's going to happen to Kimberly now, I mean where is she going to live?" he asked.

He heard his mother sigh, not a good sign...

"We're not sure at this stage, honey...hopefully she'll live with one of her relatives."

Jason could tell his mother's response was a typical explanation from an adult when they were being careful and overly gentle, usually used to brush away the persistent questions from a child that they did not know how to answer.

He sighed himself; all her relatives live so far away...he didn't want Kimberly to move away.

He looked out the window as his father pulled into a car park near the entrance of the hospital, and the family of three made their way towards the double door entrance. Jason tried not to think about how much he didn't like hospitals as he walked passed people in wheelchairs, or people sitting alone, their eyes downcast and saddened. He'd only been to the hospital once when he had fallen out of a tree and even then he didn't have to stay there for more than a few hours.

He followed his parents closely as they walked through a small maze of corridors, coming to a stop as his mother reached for a handle of a closed door. She pushed the door slowly open and Jason brushed passed to walk through first, stopping as he noticed his friend staring out the window to her left.

Her long dark hair was messy, her tiny shoulders covered in a cream-colored hospital robe. She briefly remained motionless until another noise from the distance suddenly drew her stricken attention their way.

Jason didn't know how to look at her at first, shocked when he came face to face with her bloodshot eyes, and her skin that was shiny from tears that seemed to have dried on her cheeks. He'd seen Kimberly cry quite a few times over the years he had known her, but he'd never seen her look so lost.

"Hey," he managed to say, feeling stupid that he couldn't think of anything better to say to her.

She sniffed. "Hey," she replied back, her voice so quiet he almost couldn't hear her.

"How are you feeling, sweetheart?" his mother asked her from behind.

Kimberly offered a small shrug. "I'm hungry," she replied in a non-enthusiastic tone.

Jason turned as his father slapped him gently on the shoulder. "I'll go find you something to eat," he announced, turning and heading out the doorway.

Jason looked back at Kimberly, feeling speechless. He couldn't stop thinking about the grief she must have been feeling, and wondered about how if it had happened to him, that he didn't think he could be brave. He finally gained his full composure and walked over to her bed, taking a hesitant seat at the end of it.

They stared at each other for a moment, and Jason was about to say something when Kimberly's uncle appeared in the doorway. The Los Angeles pilot asked Jason's mother if she'd step out into the corridor for a chat, and so the two adults left, leaving Jason alone with Kimberly.

What do I say to her? He thought to himself. Kimberly was Jason's oldest friend, and they had been in each other's company almost daily since their first day of kindergarten, yet today he felt awkward towards her as if he was meeting her for the first time.

Jason noticed he was still holding the card he and his friends had made at school, and extended it towards her. "Trini wanted me to give you this," he told her softly as she took the card from him, "They wanted to come with me today, but my mom said that they could come tomorrow after school."

He watched as she opened the card, a brief smile flashing on her face before she placed it down on the table beside the bed.

"Kimberly, I'm really sorry about what happened," he finally said, sliding down the bed to get closer to her.

He bit his lip when she didn't respond. Maybe I shouldn't say anything, maybe I'm just reminding her...

"What do you think my uncle is talking about with your mom?" she suddenly spoke up.

He shrugged. "I don't know...maybe plans for your..." he stopped as she dropped her head and he slowly reached out his hand to take hers. "If you wanna talk, I'm here..." he said to her as she quietly began to sob.

Feeling slightly discomfited, he was about to let her hand go, when he noticed her fingers curl tighter around his, so he instead remained still as they sat together in a mass of dense silence.

Thursday March 7th, 1991

Jason flopped down on the blue suede couch in his living room, propping his bare feet on the coffee table as he flicked the television on. He had planned to go and shoot some hoops with Zack and Trini after school, but the overcast weather finally gave in to a torrential downfall, and so he instead made his way home in the rain as quickly as possible.

It had been a surreal two weeks for Jason and all of his friends, and he was grateful that tomorrow would be Friday. Still on his mind were the fresh memories of the memorial service of Kimberly's parents from the previous Saturday, a day marked by the clich├ęd occurrence of a dark sky and gentle, unrelenting rain. Jason and his parents had stayed close with non-relatives during the service, but even over the distance, Jason had kept his eyes fixed on his grieving friend.

He had noticed that Kimberly didn't even cry until towards the end of the ceremony. She had instead stared out blankly, unresponsive to the arms of comfort from her uncle Steve and her older cousin. At one stage, she had leveled her empty gaze in Jason's direction, and he could only bite his lip and hope that she could see in his eyes just how remorseful he was for her.

Then, the days that had followed at school were misplaced without the effervescent brunette. Even though Jason didn't sit near Kimberly in class, he knew she wasn't there, almost like he could feel it. Their teacher talked about it with the class, and there were stories on the news and in the local papers.

'Tragic house fire starts from faulty heater' was the headline splashed across newspapers across the state. Everyone was talking about the miracle of the twelve year olds survival, but Jason knew that that fact mattered little to Kimberly. After all, how could she possibly be relieved when she had lost everything?

Jason had spent a lot of time with Trini, Zack and Billy talking about Kimberly's situation. They all agreed that they felt powerless, and wished there was something they could do to make things better for her. Jason tried not to talk about the fact that Kimberly would be moving to another city, but Trini suggested that they make their parting friend a collage of photographs to take with her.

So, yesterday the four friend's had gotten together at Jason's place to make the collage, bringing photos they had taken from over the years. Trini had literally dozens of shots taken with Kimberly, and Jason was surprised at how many his parents had taken of him and Kimberly over time. They laughed a lot at the various images, reminiscing over past events and how they had all met. Zack told Billy the story of how he had first met Jason in karate class after he had moved to Angel Grove, and how he had thought that Jason would never be someone he'd be a friend with. Trini laughed at the story, and commented that she was grateful they had all become friends, only wishing that Kimberly didn't have to leave their group.

Jason looked up as the phone rang, bringing him out of his daze.

"Mom! The phone's ringing!" he called out, hoping that she would answer the phone and save him the effort of getting up to answer it. His mother worked a lot of hours from home, and as always Jason assumed the caller would be after his mother who was one of the city's leading youth psychologists and social workers.

He groaned when it continued to ring and reluctantly got up, running over to grab the phone before the answering machine picked up. "Hello, this is the Scott residence, this is Jason speaking."

"Hi Jason," a quiet voice spoke from the other end.

"Kimberly!" he exclaimed, surprised to hear from her. He waited for her to respond, and was worried that the line had dropped out when she didn't say anything. "Are you okay?" he finally asked, hearing that she was sniffling.

"My uncle Steve is making me leave for Los Angeles tomorrow...I don't wanna go..." she whispered.

Jason held his breath as he tried to conjure the best response. He was already aware that Kimberly's Uncle from Los Angeles had decided to take her into his care, but Jason had been trying all week not to think about it.

"I know you don't want to go..." he finally responded.

"I tried to tell him that I don't want to go, that I don't want to leave Angel Grove, but everyone keeps on telling me it will be okay," she told him, "But it won't be okay, Jason, I won't be able to pretend that I'm okay in some strange city where I don't know anyone," she stopped and Jason could here her sobbing, "I don't want to go to some strange school, I-I wanna stay with you guys...I miss my mom and dad, they would never do this to me!" She cried into the phone hysterically.

"Kimberly," he spoke up, "I know you're upset right now, but you know that your uncle wants to look after you..." he gently tried to reason, hearing her sobs turn into crying. His mother had explained it to Jason in that manner, and while Jason himself was angry that Kimberly had to move, he thought that maybe he could try to make her feel better if she remembered that her family wanted to look after her.

The seconds ticked over and her strained sobbing continued. He sighed, "Are you still at your grandparents, I can get my mom to drive me over to see you..."

"No, it's okay," she suddenly responded calmly, "I'd just get too upset if I saw you now."

"But I want to see you before you go," he pointed out, "What time are you leaving?"

"Early in the morning...you won't be able to come, you have school," she replied dismally.

"That doesn't matter, Kim, you know my mom will let me have the morning off, and you know the others will be able to come, too."

She sniffled. "Do you really think so?" she asked, hope finally appearing in her voice.

"Definitely," he replied, "You know Kim, nothing will change, we'll stay in touch all the time."

"Yeah, you say that now, but in a few weeks time you will all forget about me..."

"I promise you," he assured her, "We'll be able to visit in the holidays, talk on the phone, and even write to each other."

"I don't wanna go..."

"It will be okay," he tried to tell her, slumping his shoulders. He turned as he noticed his mother walk into the room, "Hang on a sec," he said quickly to Kimberly as he covered the receiver with his free hand.

"Who's on the phone?" His mother asked.

"It's Kimberly...she's calling to tell me that she's leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow morning...I know there's school tomorrow, but is it okay if I can go to say goodbye?" he asked, knowing that there was no way his mother would tell him no.

"Of course," his mother replied, "I spoke to Kimberly's uncle this morning to make arrangements."

He quickly put the phone back to his ear. "Hey Kimberly, sorry about that, I was checking with my mom that it is okay for me to come and say goodbye to you tomorrow."

"You're really gonna come?"

"Of course...plus there's something I wanna give you..." his sentence trailed off as he could hear talking in the background on Kimberly's end of the line.

"I've gotta go, Jase, dinner's ready," she reported unhappily.

"Just remember, we won't forget about you here...I promise you."

"See you tomorrow," she told him.

"Sleep well, Kimberly."

He hung up the phone and dropped back down on the couch, barely looking up as his mother came over and sat down on the recliner opposite him. She leaned over and ruffled his hair gently. "Are you okay?" she asked.

He nodded, wishing that she would go so he could be alone. "I just feel so bad for Kimberly...she's really upset," he finally spoke.

"She's had a terribly difficult two weeks...much harder than most children her age have to deal with."

"It's just so unfair that so much bad stuff is happening to her...she's lost her parents, everything she owns, and now she has to move away from her friends."

His mother looked at him thoughtfully, and Jason knew that she was trying to think of something that would make him feel better. "It's hard for anyone to understand..." she began, "When something so tragic happens for no reason, it's hard for everyone involved to know how to feel or where to direct their anger..."

Jason pursed his lips and lifted his feet back onto the coffee table. "I'm not one of your patients, mom..." He didn't mean to sound bitter.

"I know that, Jason, but at the same time I've been involved with a lot of situations similar to this, and I know how hard it is feeling like there is nothing you can do to help," she explained.

"I just wish she didn't have to move..." he admitted glumly.

"I know you do, baby," she soothed. "You two have been friends for so many years...I still remember the two of you fighting over play blocks at your first day of kindergarten...but your friendship doesn't have to stop, I promise you we will try to visit when your father gets leave from work, and you'll be able to write..."

He nodded sullenly and stood up and walked over to the phone on the wall. "I'm going to call Trini, Zack and Billy now, if it's okay...I want to make sure they'll be able to come to say goodbye to Kimberly tomorrow."

"Of course," she replied, standing up. "I'll speak to their parents and give them the details."

"Thanks mom."

He began dialing Trini's phone number, wishing he didn't have to make the same, sad phone call to each of his friends. They'd been close friends for years now and he never thought the day would come when their group would be split up...we've always been in the same classes, and always hung out together after school and on weekends...it's just not gonna be the same without her...he thought to himself as Trini's mother answered the phone.


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