Chapter Forty Six


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Ginny smoothed the fine wrinkles from her cream skirt. Hermione, pulling on her sheer pink gloves, recognized the signs of nervousness that she herself had displayed less than two months ago. She was trying to be mad with the younger girl for the revealing Maid of honor dress she had picked out for her, but she remembered being in the same position and slid over to help her friend with her hair.

"Hey Gin."

Ginny smiled nervously.


"Don't be so nervous."

"I know I shouldn't be, it's just..." Ginny trailed off as Hermione (now joined by Fleur in a burgundy taffeta gown that just grazed her knees and showed off her forearms lovelingly) wrapped Ginny's hair around a curling iron.

Hermione sprayed the curl with glittering hairspray and waited. Ginny would say it sooner or later. Girls didn't like guys to know it but they had all sorts of pre wedding jitters.

"I'm not going to be Ginny Weasley anymore!" Ginny burst out. "All my life that's how I've defined myself! I've been Me! No one could take that away. No one. But now I have to be someone else."

Hermione squeezed her friend's shoulder and met her eyes in the mirror.

"No. You're still going to be Ginny Weasley. You're just going to have to be Mrs Ginevra Malfoy on top of that."

"And," Fleur piped up "Isn't zat whoo you want to be?"

Ginny smiled. "Thanks guys. It means a lot."


The cathedral was gothic in type and era. Built in the middle ages, it had outlasted the reformation, the plague and countless kings. And now it would stand through a wedding.

And it was packed. The aisles of pews were filled to the brim.

Ginny's entire gradutating class, as well as Draco's were there. This was an historic event. A Weasley and a Malfoy getting married.

But only one reporter had been admitted by the staff. Lavender Brown, a blue velvet floorlength dress sat beside her photographer and boyfriend, Colin Creevey.Lavender held a notepad and Colin his camera. And each other's hands.

The Music began. Colin knelt in the aisle to get a better picture. His camera was charmed to never need flash and the click sound never traveled more than a foot.

Kristian, three months pregnant and not yet showing, walked forward on her husband George's arm. She carried a simple boquet of pale red roses that complimented her layered dress.

Colin snapped a picture then turned the camera slightly to where Amanda and Fred sat on the edge. He took their picture, capturing Amanda's rapt amazement and Fred's look of adoration, directed at Amanda.

Next came Fleur. She was close to term and her belly bulged. Only Fleur could make pregnancy so apealing. Her dress ended at the knees and the sleeves went down to her elbows before they stopped. She carried deep red Carnations. Bill, face made ruggedly handsome by his scars, smiled down at his pregnant wife as Colin took the picture.

Katie and Charlie followed them. Katie's dress was floor length, of a brilliant fushia. The Orchids she held were the same color. Charlie didn't look as comfortable in the suit as his brothers did, but he suffered through.

Collette and Harry were next. Collette's dress flowed artfully as the ring on her finger glittered. Colin made sure it glittered as he took his picture, the ring setting off the blue Amarildas in her arms. Harry wore a similar ring.

Hermione and Ron. The maid of Honor and the Best Man walked serenly up the aisle. Hermione's dress shifted with each stepp, revealing her elegant long legs. The pink chrysanthamums contrasted nicely with her dress.

They stopped at the end of the aisle, before joining the other men and women gathered. Draco entered, walking at an easy pace that belied the nervous way his eyes flitted about. He was handsome as ever. Colin smiled as Hermione and Ron preformed the traditional charms. The rings floated up to hover by Luna Lovegood, the minister for this procession. As the glitter and colored smoke from Hermione disappeared, Ginny Weasley, on her father's arm, appeared.

GInny was a vision of Celtic beauty. Her hair had been pulled back and curled into sparkling rings. Below her tiara and sheer veil, her face held little make up. Her dress was fitted to perfection and she held white lilies in her arms.

At the end her father kissed her cheek, giving her to her new husband.

Luna smiled at the congregation ane began.

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Ginny held out the cake slice. It was angel food cake, as light and fluffy as Molly could make it. Inbetween the layers was rasberry filling, still containing the seeds.

She laughed as the icing got on her husband's nose in his hurry to eat the slice. He opened his mouth to protest and Ginny laughed harder at his red stained teeth. Before she could laugh too long, Draco offered his peice.

She leaned forward, not too surprised when he shifted it slightly, causing her to get the icing on her upper lip. She swallowed the cake and opened her mouth to reply, when Draco darted forward and kissed the icing away. Ginny smiled and licked the icing from his nose.

Ron cleared his throat. "I think the band's ready to start."

Draco looked at Ginny. "Ready, love?"

She smiled and nodded.

They took hands and crossed to the center of the great hall in Malfoy Manor. The music started, a slow song. Ginny leaned her head against Draco's chest.

"I love you."

"Well I should hope so."

Ginny smiled. "Even if you don't ever admit it back."

"Ginny, I wouldn't have married you or dealt with your brothers if I didn't love you."

"I know. But it's nice to hear."

"Then you shall hear it every day, my queen."

He leaned close and whispered in her hair. "I love you, entirely and without reserve. You are my sun, my moon my starlit sky. Without you I live in darkness."

Ginny smiled into his chest. Then she lifted her head to meet his eyes.

"I'm pregnant."

The End

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