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She glanced around the silent table, noting how everyone was tense. Grumbling, she turned to her plate when her father's eyes came into contact with hers. It wasn't that big of a deal, yet everyone acted as though it was. All she had done was raised her head above the surface of the water to watch the humans as they loaded their boats with fish and lobsters and such. It wasn't a harm to the underwater world. No one had seen her.

At least, she hoped no one saw her.

The dinner ended quickly, and once it was over, Mimi got up and swam quickly out of the room. She just couldn't stand to be around the rest of the court at that time. The tension was so thick that she could cut it with a knife.

She found her father's advisor in the garden. The garden was just a field of coral and fish swimming about. There was nothing really great about it. But Jyou seemed to think it was the perfect place for sea creatures.

"It was really stupid of you to do such a thing." Jyou said when she swam next to him.

"But I couldn't help it, Jyou. The humans are just so mysterious to me. I want to figure out how they live." Mimi replied as she petted a nearby clown fish.

The king's advisor eyed the princess with worry and concern. Mimi could tell what he was going to say before he could even say it. She swam away but not before telling him with crossed fingers behind her back, "Don't worry, Jyou. I won't go to the surface anymore if you worry that much."

Jyou watched her swim away and muttered with a chuckle, "Why do I not believe that?"

> > >

"It's not like I intended to fall asleep during the meeting." Yagami Taichi yawned as he walked down the corridor of the palace with his younger sister, Hikari.

"No one cares whether or not if you intended to fall asleep. The fact is that you did. And that's why Mother and Father are mad at you. If you are to be king, then you can't be falling asleep during important meetings with other countries." Hikari hissed. She tried to make him see hers and their parents' point of view but everyone knew how stubborn Taichi was.

"Thanks, Hikari, but I get enough of that from our parents." Taichi laughed and made his way toward the doors at the end of the corridor.

"Where are you going?" Hikari asked.

Taichi flashed her a grin and said as he opened a door. "The beach. I need to be alone for a while."

As the door closed, Hikari pursed her lips together in a pout and stomped her foot on the ground. "What has gotten into him these past few days?"

She looked around the lonely corridor and shivered. When had it gotten so cold? Hikari lifted her skirts and walked to the servants' quarters. She was sure that that was where she'd find her friend, Miyako.

> > >

Mimi made sure to hide behind the big rock several meters away from the docks as she spied on the humans. That way no one would see her, on land and in the sea. And her father wouldn't get mad when he heard that she was watching the humans again, because she was hiding. But she was going to make sure he didn't find out. If he did, that'd mean she'd have several guards watching over her.

"I think it's safe to say I won't be seen." She giggled as she watched the boats come in from a hard days' work. A pang of sadness flooded over her when she saw that days' catch. Many of the fish that had been caught were probably fish she had played with once or twice. But the sadness ebbed away and the usual eagerness she had when she saw the humans washed over her.

From a cliff high above the rock that Mimi hid behind sat Taichi, also watching the docks as the sailors unloaded the fish they had caught. Once they had unloaded everything, Taichi turned his attention to the rock and smiled. She was there, just like the day before.

He had found first seen the girl several days before, and she caught his attention easily. Ever since that day, he wondered about why a girl would be swimming out in the sea at dusk. Nobody swam at dusk, because it would be getting dark near that time and they didn't want to get lost. But this strange girl did.

Taichi was too high up to see what she really looked like, but all he knew was that she had a head full of light brown hair that fell past her shoulders. He wondered every night about what she looked like, but everything he pictured seemed wrong. He returned to the cliff every day at dusk, in hopes of seeing her face. But she never looked up at the cliff and she always stayed near the big rock. And once it got dark outside, Taichi could no longer see her.

After staring at the girl for a couple of minutes, Taichi looked at the sky and saw that night was settling in. If he didn't want to get into anymore trouble with his parents, then he had better go back inside the palace. He got up, brushed off his leggings and made his way back to the palace.

Out of the corner of her eye, Mimi saw something move. She looked up and saw for the first time a cliff behind the rock. She mentally chided herself for being so stupid. Who's to say that there wasn't anyone on there? Someone could have seen her if they sat on that cliff.

She was about to dunk back into the sea when she saw someone walking away from the cliff. Staring at the retreating figure, her body stiffened with worry. Suppose that person saw her? Mimi shook her head and looked once more at the person. One strange thing about the person was its hair. It was a dark chocolate brown that seemed even bigger than the head it sat on!

"How strange." Mimi whispered as she dunked back into the sea and swam back to the underwater castle she lived in.

> > >

"Where were you? Your father's been worried sick!" Jyou immediately grabbed her arm when Mimi got back to the castle and started to pull her in the direction of the throne room. "You had best tell me, or else I will start think you were above the surface once again."

When Mimi did not answer, Jyou stopped and hissed, "You were above the surface!"

Mimi covered his mouth and looked worriedly in his eyes. "Not so loud, Jyou. Someone might hear and tell my father." She looked at him with begging eyes. "You won't tell my father, will you, Jyou?"

Jyou sighed. "You're unbelievable, Mimi. How do you expect me to keep something like this from His Majesty? If he finds out that I knew this and I didn't tell him, he'll kill me!"

"Oh, Jyou! Father wouldn't kill you. You're too important to the court to die." Mimi waved a hand at him. Then she put on a serious face as they both started to swim back to the throne room. "What does my father want to see me for?"

"He says he's found a potential suitor for you." Jyou answered cautiously. Talking about things like marriage with Mimi was a dangerous matter. No one knew when she would explode and curse them all. To say the least, Mimi hated it when her father picked for her a potential husband and did not even consult with her about it.

"Oh, is that it?" she muttered and swam faster. Jyou stared after her in shock. To see Mimi not even mutter a single insult about a new suitor was something. Usually the girl would curse the suitor before she even met him. Something was wrong, Jyou knew that, but he had no way of knowing what it was.

Mimi entered the throne room with practiced grace and swam right up to the king that sat on his throne.

"Mimi, wherever have you been?" her father asked.

Mimi turned scarlet and answered, "I've been swimming outside the castle, Father."

The king did not question any further, nor did Mimi want him to. He turned to a young merman next to him and announced, "Mimi, this is Prince Michael of Rapid Falls."

The princess took one look at her new suitor. He had beautiful blonde hair that floated peacefully in the water. He had startling blue eyes that looked her over with ease. A lime green tail took place of what humans would call 'legs'. Mimi smiled instantly at the handsome prince but her smile fell somewhat when she glanced at his torso. He had no muscles whatsoever and she noticed how lanky his body was.

Turning her head away in silent disgust, Mimi looked at her father. The king's eyes held a personal liking. She guessed instantly that her father was thinking of what it would be like to combine their land and Prince Michael's land of Rapid Falls. Rapid Falls was a small country under the sea, but it was wealthy. That was enough to satisfy her father.

"I welcome you, Prince Michael, to our humble land of Tachikawa Lagoon. I hope that you find our land to your liking during your stay." She greeted with a small smile and held out her hand. Whenever a promising visitor from another land visited the castle, Mimi was instructed to behave like a proper princess.

The prince took her hand and kissed it softly, causing her almost to gag. "I myself hope I will enjoy this land. And it would mean a lot to me if we could become friends."

In your dreams, Mimi wanted to say, but one look at her father made her act properly. "I would like it if we were to become friends, too, Prince Michael."

Her father laughed as though the marriage arrangements had already been worked out. Mimi gave him a small glare and turned to him. "Father, may I ask to be excused?"

The king gave her a curious look, raising an eyebrow. Then, looking at Michael, and then at his daughter, he said, "Of course, my dear. But I would like you to escort Prince Michael on a tour of the castle tomorrow."

Mimi left the throne room and ran right into Jyou. She glared at his smiling face and hissed, "I for one think Prince Michael is a skinny flake that should have been eaten by a shark the second he arrived here."

Jyou chuckled and thought, She's acting more like herself now. That's good.

> > >

Izumi Koushiro paced around the Great Hall for what seemed like the hundredth time to him. He was waiting for the young prince to get back from the walk he had taken earlier that day. Koushiro took one look out of a window, saw the dark night sky, and sighed in frustration. He walked out the doors of the Great Hall and headed for the village down the street.

Koushiro found a young boy with several loaves of bread in his arms walking out from the baker's house. He ran up to the brown-haired boy and asked, "Iori, have you seen Taichi around here lately?"

Iori nodded his hand and tried to point with his finger but couldn't because of the bread. He sighed and answered, "I saw Taichi walk into Daisuke's house but then he left that and headed towards the docks for a while. He hasn't come back yet."

After saying his thanks to Iori, Koushiro headed towards the docks. He knew why Taichi was there. Sora Takenouchi lived near the docks, because her father had been a sailor before his ship sunk nearly three years before. There was a rumor going around that Taichi was going to choose Sora as his bride. But both Taichi and Sora dismissed the thought before people could talk about it anymore.

King Yagami's advisor ran up to a little cottage that housed Sora and her mother. He knocked quickly and Taichi opened the door. When the prince saw one of his many best friends gasping for air in front of him, he grinned. "What are you doing here, Koushiro? We were just sitting down for supper."

Koushiro slapped the prince's shoulder and said, "You need to get back to the palace immediately."

Takenouchi Sora appeared behind Taichi and gasped when she saw Koushiro. "Koushiro, why don't you come in?"

The king's advisor shook his head and grabbed Taichi's arm. "Taichi and I need to leave right now."

"So soon? Taichi just got here." Sora said sadly.

Taichi grinned and stated, "Right. I just got here, Koushiro. Can't you let me visit for a little while?"

"Not at all, Taichi." Koushiro snapped. He pulled Taichi away from the cottage and explained, "Your father is busy getting everything for the lord's arrival and you need to be there with him."

"A lord? Which one?" Sora asked eagerly. Taichi nodded to Koushiro, since he wanted to know which lord was visiting, too. King Yagami had not told his son which one it was.

Koushiro sighed. "For your information, Lord Ishida is the one that is visiting. Now, Taichi, let's go!"

After saying their farewells to Sora, the two ran to the palace at a fast pace. Sora watched them leave before closing the door and sitting down to her supper. She sighed silently as she poked at her food. If Lord Ishida was visiting, then that would mean Yamato and Takeru would be coming, too.

> > >

Yamato almost laughed when he saw his younger brother, Takeru, asleep in his wagon. He prodded Takeru with his foot and said, "Takeru, we're here. Wake up."

The younger of the two did not wake up but snored peacefully. Yamato sighed and whispered in Takeru's ear, "Takeru, Hikari is waiting for you outside. She wants you to sweep her off her feet and kiss her."

That woke Takeru up. He opened his eyes instantly and sat up almost as quick. When he saw Yamato trying to hold back his laughter, he kicked his brother and walked out of the wagon.

Takeru was at once greeted with embraces and kisses from the King and Queen of the kingdom. Taichi shook his hand and Koushiro nodded to him. Finally, it was Hikari's turn to greet him. He stood for a second before her but she lashed out quickly and drew him into a warm embrace. Takeru could feel the color in his ears rising as he hugged her back, but he let go of her once he heard Yamato and Taichi snickering.

"Taichi, how are you?" Yamato greeted as he pulled Taichi into a headlock. Taichi gasped his reply, which only made Yamato's hold on his head tighter.

Yamato outstretched his free hand to Hikari and took her hand, kissing it lightly. "Hikari, it has been so long since I've seen you. How grown-up you look!"

Hikari placed her hands on her hips and stated, "I looked like this the last time you visited."

"Right." Yamato said as Taichi got out of the headlock and then punched his arm.

"Those two." Takeru muttered as he and Hikari watched their brothers as they tried to kick each other. He smiled at Hikari, who smiled and blushed in return.

Silence followed until Hikari turned to him and joked, "Wait until Daisuke finds out you're here."

> > >

When Mimi entered her room that night, she let out a string of curses and threw a shell across the room. She had just got done talking to her father. King Tachikawa had explained that she had to spend the whole next day touring Prince Michael around the kingdom. If she toured him the whole day that would mean that she wouldn't get a chance to go above the surface before dusk.

She swam over to a trunk in a corner of the room and opened it carefully. Mimi had gotten the trunk from a ship that sunk several years before. Then, after she got done collecting things from other wrecked ships, she stashed them all in the trunk. Cautiously, she lifted a heavy dress from the trunk and laid it on the floor. She had several dresses like it, because the ship she had collected it from had held three woman passengers that wore elegant dresses. Next she lifted out a small wooden box filled with expensive jewelry. She had gotten the box along with the dresses. She lifted shoes and other dresses and black and white pictures of humans until she found a secret compartment that held her most precious piece of jewelry.

Mimi's mother had been a sea witch, but she had never told anyone other than Mimi. She gave a small amulet to Mimi just before she passed away and told her it held the most magical gift in all of Tachikawa Lagoon. All Mimi had to do was wear it at the right time and her greatest wish would come true.

The princess held the amulet above her head and hesitated. Then, sighing in disappointment, she placed it back carefully into the secret compartment of the trunk. It was not yet time to wear it, her mind told her.

"I hope the time to wear it will come soon. That way I can get away from here." Mimi mumbled as she lifted her dresses and shoes and jewelry back into the trunk gently.

She swam onto the balcony that was outside her room. She stopped to look at the surface for a while and saw the moon, so far away that it only seemed like a white dot. One day I'll go to the surface at night and see the moon when it's closer to me, she decided.

"If I were human, I could see the moon every night and I wouldn't have to worry about arranged marriages." Mimi sighed, making her way back into the castle.

> > >

High above the sea, in his room in the palace, Taichi was talking with Yamato. He told him about the girl that he had seen several days ago and how she was always there when he visited the cliff.

Yamato laughed it all away by coming up with a stupid theory. "Maybe you saw a mermaid, Taichi!"

Taichi ignored his comment about mermaids with a wave of his hand. Everyone knew that mermaids were some imaginary creatures made up to please small children. The only people who believed in mermaids older than five were the sailors.

The other boy left, telling Taichi, "Careful, Taichi, the mermaids might kidnap you!"

"Mermaids! Only Yamato would say something that stupid." Taichi mumbled as he walked over to a window. He stared up at the moon, then turned away and settled in his bed to go to sleep.

That night, Taichi dreamed about a brown-haired girl with beautiful honey-colored eyes and a long, emerald fish tail.

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