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Chapter 10- The Ultimate Prank

That night, the students and teachers of Hogwarts got the best laugh that they had in years. it was dinnertime, and the students were in the Great Hall, ready to eat. Dumbledore was slightly worried, for since McGonagall and Snape hadn't come to him yet and ask for help with a prank, he was unable to warn Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who all assumed that Dumbledore had it all under control.

Standing behind a large suit of armor, Snape was waiting for his three targets to walk by so that he could put a spell on them that would enable him to control their movements for the next fifteen minutes. Just then, an unsuspecting Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked by, and Snape whispered:

"Elcrus Morbidato." Harry, Ron, and Hermione stopped dead in their tracks, that is, until Snape whispered their commands in their ears. The trio were still conscious of what was going on, but could not control what they did. They stood in horror of what Snape had told them to do, but the spell made them powerless to do so otherwise.

"Attention students," McGonagall said, rising from her seat. Dumbledore was feeling nervous about this. "I present to you, the official Hogwarts band: PMW, Potter, Mudblood, and Weasel!"

the students burst out laughing as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, dressed in Muggle clothes (or in Ron's case, spandex) stood on an empty table and looked about to perform something. Then, music started playing. It was a Muggle song, but most of the Hogwarts students had heard of it, due to the popularity of a show called "American Idol".

"SHE BANGS, SHE BANGS," Harry sang, no longer able to control himself. Inside, Harry was dying of humiliation.

Ron and Hermione was forced to be the background singers and dancers while Harry sang the William Hung version of "She Bangs". The entire school roared with laughter. It was hilarious, Harry, singing, and Ron and Hermione dancing horribly.

Then, Snape had an idea. "DO THE BUMP!" he shouted at the trio.

And, they did. Ron and Hermione. The sight was to die for. They attempted the bump, and fell over, knocking the microphone out of Harry's hands, while Harry kept singing in a horrible voice. It was hilarious.

After the song was over, the students cheered, while Dumbledore sank in his seat. They're gonna kill me, he thought sadly, although this "show" was definitely worth it. People would be telling this to their grandkids, "I once saw Harry Potter sing like a maniac. It was so funny!".

Just when Harry, Ron, and Hermione thought they were done, things got worse for them. Hermione found herself walking to the front of the table, and singing "Baby One More Time". She was completely embarrassed, although she didn't sing quite as bad as Harry did. Not quite.

"Hit me baby one more time," Hermione sang uncontrollably. Harry and Ron stood behind her and danced very Britney Spears-ish. Ron's dancing was almost as bad as Harry's singing. People would hold this to them for the rest of their lives. They would be the center of all blackmail, although thanks to Lavender and Parvati, this performance was being recorded and, as promised by the two girls, would be later distributed to the entire school, and mailed to students' parents.

Finally, the show was nearly over, but, as part of the big finish, Ron jumped in the air and landed, doing the splits. I'm never messing with love potions again, the three of them thought bitterly. Yep, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had definitely learned their lesson.


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