Ch. 1: Zoë, Tammy, and Mark's Encounter with It

It is March 25th, 2050… in the town of Derry, in Maine of America…

Young 10-year-old twin sisters with brownish-red hair is merrily strolling home from school, well one of them was the most merry; Zoë Prescott, the usually more mature of the two and has her hair shoulder-length, just got herself a boyfriend. Her twin sister, Tamera Prescott (also known as 'Tammy'), like hair long and acts a little more girly than her sister at times, she is glad school is canceled for tomorrow before the weekend, then she can watch all the movies she wants.

Zoë's boyfriend is none other than Mark Taylor, an 11-year-old student prodigy. This dude likes to keep to himself at times, until he met Zoë. He's cute for his age and has short-trimmed black hair. He came into Derry when he was a mere baby.

As Zoë and Tammy were walking home from school along the sidewalk…

"Hi, Tammy! Nice to meet both you and Zoë!" said a voice from somewhere near the two girls.

Tammy was curious, so she called back to the voice, "Hello? Where are you, sir?" The same voice replied, "Down here, you silly little geese." Zoë and Tammy looked into an old half-open rain drainage street grill and saw… a clown come up to see them both, face to face.

The clown smiled, "Hi!" The girls didn't respond. "Well, aren't either of you going to say, 'hello'?" Zoë stuttered out, "H-h-h-h-h-hello?" Tammy stared at her sister with curiosity, Zoë never stuttered in her life; this was her first time! "Zoë? What's with the sudden stutter?" The clown said, "Oh, it's all right, you two. It is odd to find a clown like me down here. Isn't it?"

Tammy kneeled down and said, "Not really, I've heard sometimes hoboes live in the sewers and survive for years. Are you without a home? Or is that your home sweet home? What's your name?" Zoë follows, "And… h-h-h-how do you… know us-s-s-s?" The clown introduced himself, "I'm Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, of course I live down here, and what you've heard, Tammy Prescott, is true. I know everything about you two."

Tammy thought of something, "If you know everything about me and my sister…" then she paused to think of a truly impossible question to ask Pennywise, then it came, "Who were we in a previous life?" Pennywise answers, "You, Tamera Prescott, were once Georgie Elliot Denbrough and your sister was his stuttering brother, William Denbrough; who was also known to a few as Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba Big Bill."

The mentioning of William Denbrough rocked through Zoë's head!

Tammy thought it over, she has absolutely no memories of any life before her… so she shrugged, "I'm not sure if we should be talking, Mr. Pennywise. You're a stranger to us. Nice to meet you anyway." As she left, Tammy noticed Zoë is stiff as if she was in shock. Penny chuckled, "Looks like your sister needed to chill, but not that much any way. If she chilled any more she'd be a snowwoman!" Then he laughed at his own joke as if it was funny.

Tammy noticed the look of fear welling up within Zoë's eyes, completely ignoring the clown's joke, "What's wrong, Z?"

Pennywise then asked, "Hey, Tammy… don't you want a balloon?" Tammy looked at Pennywise in the face and saw a bright pink balloon in his hand. She asked, "Is there a carnival underneath inside the sewers? I hope it's clean down there." Pennywise smiled, "Oh, yes it is. And there's cotton candy and rides down here, Tammy! And balloons, of all different colors."

Tammy was intrigued, "Do they float?" Pennywise sighed, "Oh yes, Tammy child. They float. They all float." Tammy inched closer and closer to the clown in the sewer drain… the Pennywise grinned, "And when you're both down here with me… YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!"

That's the moment Zoë snapped out of it and snatched her younger twin away to safety, just in time for the both of them to notice that the clown's eyes turned a violent yellow color like he was some beast and his teeth became razor sharp fangs! They both screamed and ran for their lives towards home!

As they made it home, they crouched into a corner embracing each other…

A voice suddenly said to them, "Hey there." They screamed and backed away… luckily it was just Mark! Zoë's eyes welled up with tears and she embraced him tightly! Mark asked, "What's the matter? The both of you look like you saw a ghost or something worse." Tammy gulped, "We were attacked by a clown in the sewers."

That's when Mark groaned and fell to his back on their emerald-colored couch. Zoë recovered herself and spoke up, "D-Did you see a clown too?" Mark sighed, "Yeah, but it wasn't in the sewers, but the department store. I thought I was going crazy when nobody but me heard and saw him. Then as he leaned over me, I saw his teeth turn into deadly sharp nonhuman ones."

Tammy asked, "Did he have a white face, big round red nose, blue eye makeup, a half-circle of red hair around his head, baggy yellow pants, white gloves, orange pompom buttons, multicolored sleeves, a clown's frilling, and balloons?" Mark sighed, "Man! Yeah, that's him!"

Zoë gulped, "We saw him thirteen minutes ago in a sewer drain, before you arrived." Mark said, "I only saw him on the other side of town 12 minutes ago. Was this rain drainage a few blocks nearby your house?" The girls both nod. "Then something is rotten, and it's right here… in Derry."