Ch. 3: Brigit's Scare

April 9th, 2050…

Zoë, Tammy, Mark, and Corina couldn't take it: the stress of having that monster haunting them.

On her way to school this morning, Zoë was given a lot to think about. If she and Corina are truly two of the Lucky Seven reborn, why did the monster come to haunt them? And where are the other five?

Then another vision came to her, like a bad dream; an innocent overweight boy is running away from a bunch of boys. She whispered to herself in her vision, "Haystack."

BAM! Something crashed into her, and within the vision she received… she saw the image of the young Ben Hanscom silhouette with the one who crashed into her.

As Zoë's line of sight returned to normal, she saw the one who reminded her of Haystack more clearly: a black-haired girl the same age as her but her hair is braided along with a green bow and she's wearing round-lens glasses over her eyes.

Zoë knew this girl well, "Brigit Jones, are you okay?" Brigit gets up and answers, "Yes, I'm fine. It's just that I'm very late for class and Harry's going to kill me." Zoë asks, "Harry Kowalski, the all-schools-in-the-county bully?" Brigit nods, "He told me if I don't give him the handouts as soon as possible, he'll get kicked out of school, and if he does… he'll make me wish that I was never born!"

Zoë closed her eyes as she helps Brigit pick up the books and assorted papers, "Believe me, girl; for the past two weeks, Corina, Tammy, and I have all wished that I was never born at all." Brigit gasped, "What? You, your sister, and Ms. Elliot have each wished you weren't ever born? Why?"

Zoë gathered her strength and told the truth, "My boyfriend, my sister, Corina, and I have encountered an ancient monster which was thought to have lived here in Derry and later has been killed over 60 years ago. Believe me, if It comes to you, you'll wish that It never have existed or has eaten Harry."

As Zoë walked on to school, Brigit decided to try to keep up…

If only she had told Zoë more of her past, Zoë would understand then…


About a week and a half ago…

Brigit sat in nature, under a large oak tree, crying as she answered all the questions to another bully's homework on a separate piece of paper…

Brigit asks herself, "Why is this like time has jumped back a century? Is it because I'm nothing more than a little nerd that deserves to be treated like dirt to the rest of the world?"

As she finished with that work… she cried in her hands.

Then a kind-sounding male voice said from behind her, "Hey, don't cry like that. You'll ruin your eyes more. There will come a time in one's life when she will change her life and the world around her. Take it from other people who knows."

She looked up and only saw a shadowy outline of somebody, since her glasses were soaked with her tears she couldn't tell who it was, as she wiped and cleaned her glasses as quickly as possible, she didn't realize it was too late. She began to worry if the man who spoke to her was nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

End flashback

In class, Brigit sat down at her desk, still wondering if what had happened was real or not.

Zoë looked at Brigit with great concern and curiosity. Why did she see Ben 'Haystack' Hanscom's younger self around Brigit? Could it be the monster's trickery at work? Or is it that Zoë has the ability to seek out those who were reincarnated?

During lunch, Brigit was sitting alone by herself at an empty table; she was studying by herself, as well as drawing a possible sketch of the mysterious boy that spoke to her. Out of the entire town, Brigit Jones is the 2nd best in the entire area, yet her grades are excellent.

Zoë sat down to Brigit and asked, "Are you okay, Brigit?" Brigit gave a weak nod. Zoë noticed the drawing and asks, "Is that some boy you've dreamed about?" Brigit snapped back into reality, "Well…" she quickly hid the drawing, "Well, it was someone I think was only there and he stopped by and told me to stop crying." Zoë said, "There's a lot to be thankful for in that."

After school, Zoë introduced Brigit to the others——

Mark nods, "Salutations, Ms. Jones." Brigit blushed, she knew that he picked Zoë over her, and replied, "Salutations to you too, Mr. Taylor." Corina sighs then gets out of her treated habit, "Welcome to our club of Mystery Kids." Brigit kneels to her, "Nice to meet you, Ms. Elliot."

Corina sarcastically asks Brigit, "What were you, a slave in another life?" Brigit pleads, "Please, it's just that I'm not like the most popular in the school body of Derry, like René Carlisle, I'm scared." Corina gulps then apologizes, "Sorry, it's just that I'm as nervous as you. Just a week ago, I was attacked in my shower by a freak in the sewers." Tammy nods, "Same here, Zoë almost lost me and I blame my curiosity for it."

Zoë asks Corina, "Why are we called Mystery Kids?" Corina replies, "We're kids and we've got a horror that's too much to bear for the town to ignore; plus you've recruited us with your mysterious powers of seeking those who may be reincarnated Losers' Club/Lucky Seven members."

Brigit began to break down, "Losers' Club? Lucky Seven?" A tidal wave of memories that didn't belong to her began to haunt her! She ran to the swamps in fear and tripped on a tree root!

As she began to look up… she saw the image of a middle-aged man in an army uniform, as well as Ben Hanscom next to her, beginning to intertwine with her. He is standing on top of the water before the drainage area in the swamps. Brigit opened her eyes and took her glasses off, she bravely looked at the image of the illusion of Ben Hanscom's late father: surprisingly her vision is as clear as crystal without them.

She asked the soldier, "Tell me, why does fate haunt me? Why does it show me a vision a dead soldier?" The soldier suddenly had balloons in his hand, and he asks Brigit, "Don't you want a balloon, young lady?"

From behind and moving next to the soldier, Brigit saw a mature woman in dark green clothes. She recognized her well, "Grand-mommy?" Her own grandmother, who seemed to have died a mysterious death weeks after Brigit's birth, was standing next to the soldier.

The soldier said to Brigit with a smile, "Come on, young lady; you'll like it down there! You'll never have to worry about bullies, you'll never have to worry about education or even have to grow up." Frighteningly, the soldier's voice was intertwined with the voice of another as he spoke to Brigit.

Brigit concentrated on her train of thought, regained it and she stood her ground, "No! I'm going to go through with school, I'm going to grow up out of this embarrassing harassment, and I'm going to find fun with real friends who will care about me! There is a time that is going to come in my life, when that time comes… I'll be able to change it on my own! My grand-mommy taught me to find happiness and I've buried myself in schoolwork, well no more!"

The soldier dissolved into bones covered in swamp greens and other rotting plants, as for the apparition of Brigit's grandma, she turned out to be Pennywise instead!

It said to her, "I'll kill you!" Brigit cringed but stood her ground, letting out a few tears. It chuckled, "I'll drive you crazy, make you cry, and then I'll kill you!" Pennywise merged with the bones, making the clownish appearance look more undead-related to Brigit as he charged for her!

As quick as a flash, Zoë pulled Brigit down and rescued her immediately, having the vile creature slam into a tree! Mark slammed his foot down on It's left arm!

Bearing its yellow monster eyes and monster fangs at them, It retreated towards the sewers!

Running back into town, Brigit placed her glasses back on, "That was the most frightening experience I've ever had." Corina gulped, "I hate that loathsome creature. I've grown a great fondness for you the moment we've invited you into our group."

Brigit gulps, "I'm going to stick with you." Zoë stutters a little, "F-F-F-F-Friends forever." But the two hug, sealing the bond.