And once again, for your great pleasure I'm back from my vacation and for all of our displeasure, school is starting soon but anyway this is my latest story. I must say that for all the romance thingy I'm going all by things that I read in other fanfic because personally I'm still in the 'first crush but to nervous to tell him' section lolllll. No seriously I'm 16 and I never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy.

Ok so like every time here is what you need to know before I start.

First, this is a Anzu/Seto pairing. I choose the name Anzu because I hate the name Tea.

Second, this is a romance, 100 percent no magic and with a little touch of everyday humour. (you know my style lolll)

Ok, disclaimer, I don't owe yu-gi-oh and I'm not going to repeat it in every chapter so get it already.

Chapter one: Survival trip.

Seto Kaiba was sitting in the limo that was taking him back to the mansion after a long day of hard work but no matter how tired he was he would never allow himself to show it to any of his employee, even if it was just the driver. As soon as the limo stopped he stepped out without a glance at his driver and went directly to the mansion, once the door was closed he laid against it and let out a sigh of relief, he knew that inside of the mansion no one could see him, all the maids had strict order to be done with their job and gone from the mansion as soon as school was over, he didn't liked having them in the house but seriously he couldn't really clean all the mansion by himself and unlike most of the planet thought he was fully capable of taking care of himself.

''Big brother! You're home!''

Kaiba didn't even had the time to see what was coming his way before he was tackled down by a mess of black hair. The next thing he knew he was on his back staring at his brother sitting on him with a big smile on his face. ''Mokuba, how many times will I have to tell you to not jump on me like that as soon as I get in the house.''

The little Kaiba suddenly started to look terribly miserable with a small pout on his bottom lips and his big puppy dog eyes. ''I'm sorry big brother, I was just so happy to see you, I didn't wanted to make you mad.'' Mokuba said, starting the water work.

Even if Kaiba knew his brother was faking it entirely he couldn't resist the puppy dog eyes. ''Hey, I'm not mad, it's just that if you hurt me then I won't be able to spend time with you.'' This was all it took to the kid to get up from his brother, the last thing he wanted was for his brother to be hurt and not be able to pass some time with him. ''Now, give me a minute to take a shower and change and then we'll have all the evening to our self.''

Mokuba's smile widened even more as he nodded vigorously, there wasn't a time in the world that he liked better than those.


15 minutes later Kaiba came back in the living room where Mokuba was 'patiently' waiting for him. Now every girl in the city would have killed mother and father to see what Mokuba was seeing, Kaiba was currently dressed as a normal teenager, his hair was messy, he was wearing a jean and a black shirt, except that he was still shirtless. ''So? What do you want to do today?'' Kaiba asked as he put the shirt on.

Mokuba looked lost in his thought for a little while, considering all the different place they could go but he knew that would never happen, he knew that his brother would never be himself outside of the mansion's walls and Mokuba wanted to be with him, not the CEO of Kaiba corp.


The next day when he arrived to school Kaiba was in a good mood, not that anyone could see it, Seto Kaiba never showed his emotion to anyone, except for his brother but no one knew that. After he came back from work he played on videogames for hours with his little brother, the kid never got tired of it because Kaiba was the only one who coulde beat him.

''Hey, watch where you are going jerk!'' Joey spat when Kaiba not so accidentally pushed him with his shoulder, but that's Joey's side of the story. The truth it that Kaiba was innocently (as innocent as Kaiba can get) picking up books from his locker when Joey pushed him.

Not wanting to ruin his good mood on Joey, which was already half way done, Kaiba simply resumed to picking out his chemistry book and other things he was going to need, like a roman to pass time.

''Hey, I'm talking to ya jerk.''

Kaiba glanced over his shoulder, what he saw was the ordinary portrait of everyday, Joey trying to get a fight while the others tried to bribe him into giving up. ''Well I'm not.'' Kaiba picked out the last of his books and was about to close his locker when Joey decided to open his big mouth again.

''What's the matter? Moneybag is too scare? Do you want me to call you daddy over to help you out?''

That did it, Kaiba didn't mind any insult throw at him, he was insulted all his life by other kids, social workers, his relatives and even his step father to a point where it didn't even bothered him, but no one, absolutely no one had the right to even mention his parent, no matter if what he said was good or bad, those were forbidden words in his life.

Without even giving Joey a quarter of second to get away Kaiba grabbed him by the collar and brought him really close to his face. ''If you ever say that word again I'll kill you, and I mean it mutt.'' A quick look to his left told him that the empty locker to his right was open, after all no one wanted to have his locker next to Kaiba. So Kaiba pushed Joey inside and closed the door, locking it in the process. (I swear it already happened in my school)

Kaiba started walking away, he would have gladly killed him, and he really meant it, he couldn't bear the simple mention of his parents, a thing that all his employee learned really fast.

''Hey Kaiba!'' Kaiba turned around to look at Yugi. ''At least give us the code.''

Kaiba would have smirked but he had hardly ever been in such a bad mood so he simply walked away.

''You guys were of great help, now let me out of there!'' Joey yelled the last part.

''You know what Joey? I think you deserve it, Kaiba hadn't done anything to you.'' Anzu said.

''Maybe but I wonder what Joey could have said to make Kaiba in such a bad mood.'' Yugi said.

''Kaiba is always in a bad mood Yugi, now get me out of there.''

''I don't think so Joey, he actually looked in a good mood this morning.'' Yugi said.

''Really? I think maybe you ate something that wasn't fresh because there is no way Kaiba can be in a good mood. What gave you that idea anyway.''

''Well, maybe because he didn't say anything when you bumped into him and when you started to insult him.'' Yugi said.

''Hey, he was the one who bumped into me.''

Anzu let out a sight. ''Joey, has it not occurred to you that Kaiba wasn't even walking, he was picking up books.''

Joey kept silent for a few second. ''So? He's the one who bumped into me.''

''Whatever. Let's go or we'll be late.'' Anzu started walking away with the other behind her.

''Hey, what about me? You still have to get me out of there.''

Yugi smiled. ''Don't worry Joey, we'll try to get Kaiba to tell us.'' They all hurried up to get to class in time. Lucky for them they got in just in time.

''Where's mister Wheeler?'' The teacher asked.

Tristan was the one to answer. ''He's tied down to some obligation.'' Kaiba felt his mood getting up a little.


''Come on Kaiba. Just give us the code.'' Yugi almost pleaded once the class was over.

''Give me one good reason why I should give it to you?'' Kaiba said without even taking the time to look at him.

''Well, because you're the one who put him in it?''

Kaiba got up from his place and started walking toward the door. That is, until Anzu blocked his way. ''Oh great, here comes miss friendship speech, spare me your shit I'm not telling you.''

Anzu smirked, a smirk that looked to much like his own for Kaiba's comfort. ''Really? And what if I do this?'' In less than a second she snatched Kaiba's locket, it wasn't that hard when you know the trick. ''Now, you give us the code and I'll give you your locket back.''

Kaiba was still trying to figure out how she did that without even him having the time to see her, he didn't know Anzu had stealing skills. ''Fine, I'll tell you. I have no idea what the code is because the locker isn't mine.''

''You mean you locked him in a locker when you don't even know the code?'' Tristan asked.

''Are you really that surprised? Now I'll like my locket back Mazaki.''

''Fine, you can have it jerk.'' She handed him back to him before following the other back to Joey.


''I can't believe that jerk, now I'll be stuck in here forever.'' Joey whined.

''Come on stop being so over dramatic, Anzu went to get the janitor, he'll open it in no time.'' Tristan said.

''Really? And how am I going to explain this to him and WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU WENT TO GET HIM SONNER?''

''The answer is simple mutt, the black hole that serves as your brain sucked in all of their intelligence…if there ever was any to begin with.'' Kaiba said as he went to get his things.

''Just wait until I'm out of there, I'll show you.''

''I'm shaking.''

''You should be Kaiba.''


P.E. was probably the class that Kaiba hated the most, not that he hated sport, actually he always loved playing when he was young, but that was the problem, that was when he was young and now Seto Kaiba didn't play. He hated it that he loved that class but couldn't do anything in it because everyone expected him to never want to play, not that he would have played with them anyway, like I said, Kaiba didn't play…but some times he wished he could.

''Ok class, today we won't do any sport, we have an extremely important project coming that you have to pass if you want to get your diploma. All those who will fail will have come back next year if they intent on having their diploma and getting to university.'' The teacher said.

All the other kids looked happy, after all what could be hard about a P.E project, but they were a little surprised about having to pass it to get their diploma, that was rather strange.

''Ok so everybody listen, this project will take place this week end.'' A large amount of complain raised from the gym. ''There's no excuse, you miss it you fail, it will take place from Friday at 5 until Sunday night.''

Seto cursed under his breath, he had three important meeting that weekend, he cursed those damn social worker who were forcing him to get a high school diploma in order to not be sent in a foster home.

''Now, this project will be in Yokoma park.'' Yokoma park was the only place in about 200 km around that was still wild, it was a big forest and small mountain. The government had declared that place a protected area since forest were extremely rare in the region. ''This project is a survival trip.''

All the class started to whine at the same time but the teacher didn't paid any attention. ''Now here are the rules, each of you will be given water, a compass, a tent and sleeping bags, you are bringing your cloth and everything you think you might need. Electronic device are prohibited, just as are book or any other kind of entertainment. You also aren't allowed to bring food. We'll give you a book and you'll have to find food on your own with it. And don't try to hide anything because all of your bag will be searched and those who will be found cheating will fail.''

''And what exactly is this stupid trip for?'' Kaiba asked.

''This, mister Kaiba, is to help you survive in case you get lost in a wild area.''

''What wild area? We're in Japan here, there isn't any forest in the 200 km around here. We would have to do it on purpose to get lost in a wood.''

The teacher what at a lost of words for a minute while the students were snickering. ''Well anyway, you more than anyone else have to get you diploma so you don't have a choice. Now, I'll place you in teams of 5 and each team will be dropped at a different place with instruction on how to get back to the camp, you'll also have a list of plant you have to bring back with you.''

The teacher started placing the kid in team after two teams none of the guys where taken, but in the third. ''Team number 3 will be. Wheeler, Taylor, Mazaki, Muto and…''

Kaiba saw the grin appear on his teacher's face. oh no

''And Kaiba.''

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