Chapter fourteen: The beginning of a friendship.

Anzu laid down on her bed. She hadn't feel that high in a long time. Kaiba kissed her and said that he meant it. Not even her mother telling her it wasn't right for a girl her age to be outside at this time could erase the smile on her face. She sighed as she remembered his eyes when he told her those words. She couldn't help but giggle at just how stupid she probably looked, but she didn't care.


"This time I really meant to."

Anzu looked up at him. There was no way she heard that right, right? But when she saw his eyes, she saw he was serious, and he was still holding her too. "Why the sudden change of mind?"

Kaiba shrugged. Anzu couldn't help but notice that he looked like a totally different person, maybe that was the real Kaiba. "What you said, I thought about it a lot lately, I just couldn't take those words out of my mind."

"Could you remind me of what I said? Cause I said a lot of things lately," Anzu said.

"About everything I guess. You asked me earlier if I ever really tried to change."

"Yeah, and you said no because you were fine with the way you were," Anzu said.

Kaiba nodded. She could tell he was uneasy, as if he was fighting with himself. "I said I was, but I'm not anymore. Lately I can't even look at myself in the

mirror anymore. I'm not sure about this, but I'm willing to trust you if it can make me feel better. After all, you said it yourself, I don't have anything to

lose at this point."

End flashback.


Kaiba slowly opened the door of the mansion. He softly closed it behind him and began walking toward his bedroom, making as little noise as he could so he wouldn't wake his little brother. When he crossed the darkened the living-room, the light came on,flooding the room with light and startling Kaiba. He turned around and saw Mokuba sitting on the couch with a severe expression on his face.

"Where were you?" Mokuba asked.

Kaiba sighed. "Mokuba, how many times will I have to tell you to stop waiting for me each time I get home late and to not do that."

Mokuba just giggled. "So, did you had fun with Anzu?"

"And what makes you think that I was with Anzu?" Kaiba asked.

"You're only in that much of a good mood when you see her," Mokuba said.

Kaiba wondered how his brother could even tell in what mood he was in; he had enough trouble knowing himself. "I'm so not discussing this with you," He said, picking Mokuba up and taking him to his room.

"So that mean you admit you were with her?" Mokuba said as they climbed the stairs.

"Fine, I was with her, happy now? But I'm still not talking about it with you," Kaiba said letting him fall on his bed.

"You're so mean. Does that mean that she's my step-sister?" Mokuba asked.

"Goodnight kid," Kaiba said, closing the door. He went to his room, closed the door and leaned against it. Mokuba asked a good question, but he had no idea what the answer was.


The next day at school, everything was normal. Well, as normal as things can be two weeks before Christmas. Exams, homework, and Joey making a fool of himself

once again in front of the whole school.

"Come back here you jerk! I'm not done talking to you!" Joey yelled.

"Sorry but I'm afraid I don't understand the mutt language," Kaiba said, turning his back to him once again.

"I already told you to stop calling me a mutt," Joey said though gritted teeth.

"Or else you'll what, bark at me?"

"I'm warning you Kaiba, don't test me."

"I don't really need to, you're doing a really good job all by yourself. I don't even have to do anything to make you mad...Maybe you should ask a vet to check you out for rabies."

"Why you!" Joey tried to jump on Kaiba, but Tristan and Yugi grabbed him, causing all three to fall on the ground at Kaiba's feet.

"You three are the most pathetic people I've ever seen, and trust me, I see pathetic people everyday," Kaiba said before turning back and leaving.

"Joey, when will you just drop it? Every day you pick a fight with Kaiba and every day you're making a fool of yourself," Anzu said. "Seriously I think even Kaiba's getting tired of it."

"She's right Joey," Yugi said. "If you get into one more fight you'll be suspended for a week."

"Why does the principal keep threatening me, but he never says anything to Kaiba?" Joey complained, getting up.

"Well, it could be that Kaiba owns the school," Tristan said, of course that wasn't true but...then again, who knew?

"Or it could be because Kaiba never hit you. All he does is take a step aside and you fall flat on the face," Anzu said.

"Just who's side are you on anyway?" Joey asked.

"Come on guys, let's not argue over this again," Yugi said. The last thing he wanted was for another fight to happen.

"Go on without me. I, uh...have to see the math teacher to ask him a few questions. I'll see you at the game shop," Anzu said, waving goodbye to her friends as they left the school. She waited until she was sure they were far enough (as if they'll stay at school on purpose once it was over) before stepping out herself.

She looked everywhere around her but couldn't see anyone, she sighed. "I guess I took too long," Not two seconds later, a pair of strong arms grabbed her by her

waist and kissed her.

"I'm a really patient person," Kaiba said when he let her go.

"What a way to greet someone. You should learn some manners."

"Fine, what took you so long?"

"You call that manners?" Anzu asked.

"You're starting to annoy me, you know? I might just go back to my mansion."

"Fine, it doesn't really matter anyway," Anzu said.

"So, why did you wanted me to stay anyway?" Kaiba asked.

"Isn't it obvious? But if you really want my friends to kill you and the whole world to know about us I'll just kiss you in front of everyone."

"I'll admit that was a stupid question," Kaiba said, her words finally sunk in. "What do you mean by 'us'?"

"Huh...That's a really good question. What do you think?"

Kaiba stopped to contemplate all of this, after Mokuba asked him the same question he just couldn't stop thinking about it and he still didn't know. "I...have no idea. But I don't think it would be wise to...get seriously involved."

Anzu smiled at Kaiba's choice of words, typical. But then again, she couldn't expect him to say that he wasn't ready or even afraid to get involved. it was still Kaiba after all, and anyway she wasn't sure it was a really good idea either. After all, she knew nothing of him. "I guess we'll stay friends. I have to go now or the others will get worried about me and I don't think it would be pretty if they see us together," Anzu said.

Kaiba simply nodded before she left. He stayed there for a short time, just looking at her running toward the game shop, wondering if he had taken the right decision and what was going to happen next.


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