Final chapter (forgot the number and too lazy to check): The first day of a new beginning.

Kaiba sighed as he sat down on the couch, spending a day with his little brother was exhausting, but he was glad he got to do it, summer vacation would soon come to an end and he wasn't planning on spending the last two weeks doing nothing. He looked over the mail that the maids put on the living room table: Bills, Bills, Bills (you don't get a pay check when you are your own boss…ex own boss actually) Bills…'you may have already won' Roll of eyes.Education department. Kaiba's eyes lit up slightly as he put aside the rest of the mail and started to open this one. He smirked as he scanned the long awaited stupid piece of paper.

"What's this?" Mokuba asked as he came back from the kitchen with a pile of cookies in his hand.

Kaiba showed the paper to his little brother, while discretely stealing Mokuba's little lunch from his hand.

"High school diploma?" Mokuba said as he looked it over. "So you did it huh?"

"As if I wouldn't be able to, what do you think I've been doing all summer long." Kaiba said as he ate one of the cookies. "Correspondence classes really are a pain compared to real school."

"Only when you try to do a year in three months." Mokuba stared at him for a moment. "Hey!!!!! Go get your own snack." He complained as he tried to get back the cookies. "Say, can I take correspondence courses too?" Mokuba pleaded when he realized that the difference of height made it impossible for him to get his cookies back.

"Not a chance. Knowing you, I would have to force you to do your work all the time and in the end it would take even longer, beside you need a really good reason to do that."

"Yea, or a lot of money." Mokuba said knowingly.

Kaiba shook his head with a little laugh. then, more seriously, he asked. "You know what this means don't you? Are you still alright with it?"

Mokuba smiled. "Of course, now that you won't have to go to school anymore, I'm sure you'll manage…and if you start overworking yourself again than I'll go complain to Anzu that you are not taking care of me and she will stop seeing you." Mokuba said with a smirk that looked a lot like Kaiba's

"Conniving little monster indeed."


Mokuba giggled a little. "I can't wait to see the look on his face."

"Be careful, I think you are starting to enjoy this a little too much." Kaiba warned his little brother, which caused Mokuba to laugh even more.

They continued to chat aimlessly until the door opened and someone entered. When he turned around, the man took a step back in surprise, Kaiba smirked at the reaction he got from him while Mokuba simply smiled and waved. "What are you two doing here?" Evans asked. "I thought I made it clear that I didn't want to see you here anymore." He said as he discretely called security using the small device he was carrying in his pocket.

"Don't bother." Kaiba said. "If anyone is going to be thrown out of here it's you."

"What in the world are you talking about, do you think you can still boss me around? I'm in charge here and you two are better get out of here before I throw you out myself." Evans said in a menacing tone.

Kaiba smirked. "You really are quick to get violent, in that case I guess I'll go straight to the point: I won't need your services anymore."

Evans laughed. "MY services? In case you forgot, Kaiba Corp. is mine now, you don't have any power anymore so I suggest that you leave."

"That is where you are wrong Evans." Kaiba said with his trademark smirk. "To think that I would just sit in my mansion for the rest of my life and do nothing was a mistake. Even if it means that I have to admit that I was defeated to the entire world, after all, I don't care what the world think, the important is that I know the truth and I won't let thing end up like this."

Evans smirked. "You talk much, but should I remind you of what truly is important here? I have all of your actions, you have nothing, you are no longer the CEO. The sale is official and even you can't reverse it."

Kaiba chuckled. "Do you know what is your biggest flaw? You are overconfident."

Evans started laughing wholeheartedly. "Overconfident? Seto Kaiba dares to call me overconfident? That's a laugh."

"My point exactly, you are so sure of yourself that you don't even take me seriously." Kaiba told him. "It's true that I have a lot of confidence in myself, but I have skills, experience and knowledge to back it up, I never go for anything before I analysed all the possibilities. Do you really think that I would have come here to brag and make a foul out of myself?"

Evans frowned. "Whatever is going through your crazy head, the fact remains that I possess 51 percent of the company while you have a big 0." He said as he walked closer to stand directly in front of the desk and glare at Kaiba.

Kaiba looked up at him, however he was in total control of the situation. "I told you that you were overconfident." The teen said as he flipped some papers over so that Evans could read them.

Evans grabbed the sheets and scanned them. "Those are the list of actions transaction and as I told you, you have nothing."

Kaiba smirked. "That's where you are wrong." Kaiba said as he handed out another sheet. "Those, are all of my bank accounts number, all kind of bank account I got all over the world for when I'm traveling as well as a few fiscal paradise I must admit."

Evan frowned as he scanned the sheet, there was actually a good enough amount of accounts. His face palled noticeable when he realised that a good number of Kaiba Corp. actions had been bought with money of those accounts for the last few months. "This means nothing." Evans said as he failed miserably to hide his stress. "I have 51 percent of the company and there is nothing you can do about that."

Kaiba smiled. "It wouldn't mean anything, if you really had 50 percent. Kaiba said as he laid back in the chair and smiled knowingly. "You see, I currently own 41 percent of the company…just as you do."

At this Evans laughed almost maniacally. "You have seriously lost it. In case you forgot, the judge forced you to sell ALL of your actions to me, which means that the 51 percent you once had now belongs to me, and even if you managing to get 41 is something, it's still not enough."

Kaiba chuckled as he put his elbows on the desk in front of him and put his head on his hands. "I never said that I owned 51 percent, It's true that to most people it does look like I own 51 percent, but there is a slight difference, 10 percents belong to Mokuba, you see, since he is underage and I am his tutor, I have official control over these actions and they actually do count as mine, but since they are under Mokuba's name, I don't have the power to sell them, they still belong to him. Meaning you have only 41 percent."

"You're lying!!!" Evans accused him. "No matter what, the judge wouldn't allow you to take over again, not after everything that happened last time, how can you pretend that you will be able to take care of you little brother this time?" He said confidently.

"Actually I already took care of that. You see, after you took over I suddenly found myself with a lot of free time, allowing me to take correspondence course and get my diploma, something that I never had the time to do before. That being done, it was easy for me to convince the judge to give me another chance. Now, I suggest that you leave, or should I have Roland escort you out? I really wouldn't want to have to use force, after all you helped me quite a lot, I have to admit that I really needed those vacations, but I am not known for my patience or mercy toward traitors."

Evans glared menacingly, but in front of the two perfectly trained guards, he knew he had no chance so he turned around sharply and left with his head high, trying to keep his dignity intact.

"You think he will try to get back at you?" Mokuba asked as he gave a worried look at the door where Evans disappeared.

Kaiba shrugged. "I guess that's one ore person to add on the list of my enemies."

Mokuba frowned. "I wish you wouldn't talk so lightly of this."

Kaiba smiled softly at his brother. "I'm not, but I can't let these guys scare me away and live a life in hiding. Aren't you the one who told me that I should get out more and get a life?"

Mokuba giggled. "Have you ever listened to me before?"

"Of course I have." Kaiba said in mock shock. "I'm actually planning to do that just now."

"Right now? But you just got Kaiba Corp back, what do you mean?" Mokuba asked.

Kaiba stood up and stretched his arms over his head. He then looked down at his little brother and smiled. "I have a date with Anzu tonight."

"But Seto, you can't go out tonight, people will expect to hear something from you as soon as they will hear about this." Mokuba said worriedly.

"And? If no one tells them then they won't know where I am." Kaiba said with a light smile. "Beside I can't really tell Anzu that I can't come because I took over Kaiba Corp. again…she might not like it. If I were you, I wouldn't stay here, it won't be long before they block all the doors." Kaiba left before anyone could say anything.


Anzu sighed as she looked at her watch, Kaiba asked her to meet him in the park but he was over 15 minutes late, it wasn't in his habits to let people wait, he was always straight on time. She wasn't mad or anything but she was eager to pass some time with him, getting his diploma in three months wasn't an easy task and they didn't get to spend much time together during the summer.

"Sorry I'm late."

Anzu looked up and smiled at her boyfriend. "It's alright, I'm always late so I can't really complain." She said with a light laugh.

Kaiba smiled as he handed his hand out to Anzu and helped her stand up.

"My phone rang 20 times in 5 minutes, apparently, my boyfriend is a CEO." Anzu said.

Kaiba smiled as he cleared a few strands of hair from Anzu's face. "Who cares about that now, I won't let Kaiba Corp step over my private life again, the only thing that matters right now is you and the wonderful evening ahead of us." He said as he lowered his head and kissed her as if it was the first time, after all, it was the first day of his new life.


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