ICONS:The Billionaire

Summary:Bruce Wayne comes to Smallville and starts to date Chloe. Clark wants to know more about him. What he finds out will be the beginning of the of the greatest friendships in history.(Read and Review Please.) This was going to be a one shot but now it's a series. Clark will meet up with his future Justice Leaguers(Let me know what you think.)

Pairings:Bruce and Chloe, Clark and Chloe.


He watched the television. he stared intently at the news. The big story was about a massive meteor shower in the Kansas town of Smallville. He wondered if he should ask his father if he was going to help those people. They should could use it. He knew that his father would help. He always did. He still watched as a little girl dressed in a pink fairy princess dress was shown crying holding on to her aunt. Anyway that's what the news reports said.

The familiy butler entered the room a moment later. He smiled at the boy. He was proud that the child had taken interest of the world's events. This child was not like the others the Butler had work for over the years . He said to himself he cared about others. Something he learned for his parents. Now however it was time for him to leave to the movies with his mother and father.

The boy asked if he would keep tabs on the events in Smallville. He promised he would and wished the boy to have a good time with his parents. Then he turned he attention to the T.V. he shook his head it was a shame that child that beautiful was in the middle of hell.

The boy and his parents walked out of the movies and headed for their car that was parked a few blocks. They started to walk toward the car. They had got near the car,when they turned down the alley. They could see the car . Then they saw a man step in front of them. He pointed a large gun at his father. The man demanded his father's watch and wallet. he father did as the man asked. As he handed the man his wallet. It fell to the ground,his father reassured the man. Then there was a loud crack and a fine red mist. The boy watched at his father fell to the ground.

The man with the gun then pointed his gun at his mother and grabbed at the pearls around her neck. The string broke and the pearls fell to the floor. Then there was another crack and fine red mist. Now his mother lied on the ground. He looked back at the man with the gun. He saw as the man run off. The boy fell to his knees. He looked at the bodies of his parents. Now Smallville,Kansas was half a world away.