Chloe sat in the Talon waiting for Bruce. This was the day that she had been dreading. Bruce was heading back to Gotham and he wanted to see her. She knew that it meant. They were breaking up,but some how she knew that this was going to happen. It happened before with Clark, now it was happening with Bruce. She always picked the guys that had hero complex.

Bruce walked in and sat down across from her. He looked down at his hands. He had prepared himself for this. He knew that it was going to happen. That it had to happen, to continue this with Chloe was not far to her. He justed didn't know that it was going to be this hard. He reached across the table and held her hand.

"All last night and this morning I was telling myself go back with him. Go to Gotham with him."Chloe said.

"You can't do that I won't let you it would not be fair to you."Bruce said.

"But that's my choice."Chloe said.

"It may be your choice,but want I'm about to do you can't be a part of. Think about. If you got with me. You'll go to bed night after night and hope in the morning I'm there. What's going to happen when the day comes when I don't come back."Bruce said.

"Why do I fall for the heroes."Chloe said.

"Your good judge of character."Bruce said.

"Maybe I should look for the bad guys."Chloe said.

"Chloe if things were different."Bruce said.

"I know,you would take me with you. You know what Bruce,the world's going to need people like you and Clark."Chloe said.

"I hope that we can still be friends."Bruce said.

"I would like that,but I'm going to need some time."Chloe said.

"Okay,let me know."Bruce said.

"Take care of your self Bruce Wayne."Chloe said.

"Goodbye Chloe."

He then stood up and started to leave. He then turned and kissed her. He then walked out. She watched him go. She saw the small black throwing star. She smiled.

"The Bat-Man."she said.

Bruce knocked on the door of Clark's house. Jonathon answered the door.

"Bruce come on in."He said.

"I really can't I have to be going I just came to say bye to Clark and give you this,but don't open it until I'm gone."Bruce said.

"Okay sure,Clark is in the loft."

"Thank you."Bruce said. He then turned and headed to the barn. Bruce found Clark putting away the red jacket he wore last night.

"Your dad told me that you would be up here."Bruce said.

"Yeah just putting things away."Clark said.

"I just came by to say good luck."Bruce said.

"Good luck."Clark said.

"I don't want to say bye because I have feeling that we might see each other again."Bruce said.

"Have you seen Chloe."Clark asked.

"Yeah,were going to be friends but she needs time. You'll"Bruce said

"Yeah I'll take care of her."Clark said.

"Here, I was think about what you said about people changing."Clark said."Your the only one I trust with this."he added. He then handed Bruce a small lead box.

"What is it?"Bruce said.

"Its a kryptonite ring,just in case."Clark said.

"I'll hold on to it but I don't think I will need it"Bruce said.

"See you around Bruce."Clark said.

"Your too Clark."Bruce said.

They shook hands for the first time as friends. Bruce then turned and headed outside. Clark watched him drive off. He wondered what his new friend was going to do now. He then turned and head inside.

"Bruce leave."Martha said.

"Yeah he's gone."Clark said.

"Well then we can open this."Jonathon said.

He opened the envelope.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kent, this is for Clark I hope it's enough. I see a lot of great thing for your son. Bruce."Jonathon said.

"What is it."Clark said.

"Its a Wayne Foundation Schlorship."Martha said.

"Look"Clark said. He bent over and picked up a bat shaped boomerang.

"Who is this guy Clark."Jonathon said.

Clark looked out the door. He turned back to his father.

"He's my friend.."Clark said.


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