Title: It Rained Today
Author: IndependenceIndividuality
Rating: G
Word Count: 320
Summary: I just came to tell you that I love you . . .and to let you know . . .it rained today.

Author's Notes: There isn't really much to say about this little piece except that it's my first drabble. I had H/G in mind whilst writing this, but I suppose it could be H/Anybody. Happy Reading! And make sure you click that 'Submit Review' button goshdernit!

It rained today and I remembered how we used to take those long walks in Cantrian Park. And when it would start to rain, you'd put you're coat over my head to keep me from getting wet, but no matter how hard it would pour, we would never go inside. You always liked the rain. You said it was one of the purest things on earth. You said that it washed away all the bad and left nothing but good.

But the rain doesn't always wash away the bad. Because it rained today and you're still gone. It didn't wash away how much I miss you, or how much it hurts me to live every day without you there by me. All that's still here, Harry. Right here in my heart.

You know, sometimes I cry in the rain. I cry because it reminds me so strongly of you . . .and when it's raining, no one really notices my tears . . . but you would've noticed, wouldn't you, Harry? You always knew so much about me. You were perfect. Always so loving, tender and kind. I miss you . . .I miss you all the time.

Sometimes I hope that I won't wake up the next morning, so that I can be with you. But I always wake up, Harry. I always wake up!

I can still remember the very last time you kissed me . . . and if I try hard enough I can still feel your lips on mine. You promised me that you would come back, Harry, you promised. You lied to me. You didn't come back. I waited and I waited but you never came.

Oh, it's beginning to rain again . . . and I think I just saw lightening. I'd better go, Mum'll be affright if she sees my sopping wet, you know how she is.

I just came to tell you that I love you . . .and to let you know . . .it rained today.