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I'm quiet you know

You make a first impression

I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the stars refuse to shine

Out of the back you fall in time

I somehow find

You and I collide

-Howie Day "Collide"

Meeting the Weasleys (Part One)

By JLaLa

"Okay, white mocha low-fat latte," repeated Ginny Weasley as she wrote it on her pad. Her parents never could understand why she wanted a Muggle job but she enjoyed just being a regular person, not just another Weasley kid. At nineteen, she had spent her time interning at St. Mungo's in the evenings and waitressing in the day time in a coffee shop near the entrance to the hospital. She gave the customer a smile. "I'll bring your order back in a few."

The bell signaling another customer jingled and she looked up to Hermione Granger, a university student who usually came in. Brown, frizzy hair and round eyes, she could be a very pretty girl but she was usually wearing a frown. "Ginny!" She gave a bright smile and signaled her to the seat by the window. Ginny nodded as she took the cup from the Mackenzie, her co-worker who was running the bar and handed the customer their latte.

"I'm on my break," Ginny said and her boss, Carrie nodded from the register.

She sat next to Hermione looking out at the wide window overlooking the street. Hermione looked frazzled and Ginny laughed at her apperance, her hair was in a messy bun, a pencil behind her ear and make-up less face equaled up to one thing-midterms. She had seen it on most of the university students.

"How are you doing?" she asked. Hermione was her only Muggle friend. In fact, she was her only female friend, her only close one anyway. She had her schoolmates from Hogwarts but she only kept in contact with a few.

"Great," Hermione said in chipped tone.

"Great as in horrible?" Ginny replied. "You need to go out and some fun, Hermione. Date a bloke and have a drunken snog...maybe more if you're so inclined." Her friend swatted her in the arm but laughed, lighting up her face beautifully. Hermione was sweet, caring,and a tad neurotic but Ginny loved her. "Why don't you let me set you up with my darling brother?"

Ron, her older brother, was the same age as Hermione with lovely cornflower blue eyes and of course, the trademark Weasley hair. He had just finished his first year as the assistant captain of the Chudley Cannons who was being headed up by Angelina Johnson, a former Hogwarts student. He had also just broken up with his headcase of an ex-girlfriend, Lavender Brown, due to the fact that he wouldn't marry her.

She'd much prefer Hermione.

"The infamous Ron Weasley," Hermione said to her. "Why him Ginny? Why not one of your other brother? The way you talk about them, I thought that I would be better matched with Percy." Ginny laughed, her very studious brother was a nice enough guy but very dull.

She chose Ron because he was the most passionate out of all her brothers. The way he was when he concentrated on making a new gameplay for the team was the same way Hermione was writing a fifteen page thesis on English literature. Though many of their personality traits were different, Ginny thought they were perfect one another.

"I think you'd like him." she said simply.

"I'm not very good at relationships," Hermione said. "I'm good at essays, reading old Literature, and analyzing books but not being a girlfriend. I can't talk to people, or flirt with guys like you."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Ginny said indignantly.

"I'm not saying you're a slag or anything," said Hermione putting a hand on her shoulder. "You're pretty and outgoing, guys like you." Ginny was beautiful, with long, red hair and almond-shaped brown eyes. Her figure was curvy though trim and she was confident. Hermione had watched her friend at work and she saw the glances of many of the male customers who appreciated the beauty she was.

"I think you're pretty," Ginny replied softly. Hermione had a very poor self-image of herself. She tried to hide behind her books but Ginny knew behind that laid someone whose beauty was beyond exterior. "I know my brother, he would fall in love with you."

"Gin, time is up!" Carrie called from behind the counter.

"Gotta go," she said to Hermione and put her apron back on. "I'll see you later, okay?"

After her shift at the cafe, Ginny apparated to the Burrow, her childhood home. She loved its familiarity, its coziness, and the happy memories with her boisterous family.

When she had moved to her flat in London, she had been horribly lonely and had almost decided on coming back when she got her job at the cafe. There she had met Hermione, and changed her mind.

"Mum!" she called out from the living room. Looking around, she found her mother in the kitchen along with the rest of her family. Her brother Bill was peeling potatoes as his wife Fleur nursed their daughter, Marie. Her other brothers were sitting around the table discussing the new Ministry laws about flooing when they saw their baby sister in the doorway.

"Ginny, are you going to give your favorite brother a kiss?" Fred asked as removed her coat and put it on a nearby rack.

"I would but Ron hasn't arrived yet," she quipped, instead she sat next to her sister-in-law.

"'Bonsoir Ginny," Fleur greeted in her heavy French accent. She smiled at the young girl and handed her the baby. She missed her own sister, Gabrielle but she glad to have Ginny who brought stories of her escapades in the London. "Meet anyone cute lately?"

"Nope," she answered and Fleur took a pitcher of pumpkin juice so she could get Ginny a glass. "Just the regulars at the cafe."

Fleur had been dead-set on finding her a husband since the 'incident'.

The 'incident' referred to her almost engagement to her Hogwarts boyfriend, Dean Thomas. He had proposed to her after she graduated and though she loved him, she wasn't in love. Ginny had refused him and then ran off to London. Her mother nearly had breakdown, and in turn, Ginny had received more Howlers than anyone in the family...even the twins.

Yes, she had turn down a perfectly good proposal but Ginny knew, deep down, she wanted more. She wanted someone who knew her inside and out, someone who she could sit in silence with and not be bored, someone who made her stomach jump. She wanted what she knew Ron and Hermione would have if they ever got together...passion.

"I'm starving!" Ron had arrived. Ginny rushed to greet him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He looked happier than the last time she had seen him. His face was rosy from the October air and he had bulked up. "Ginny, I've missed you!"

Ron and Ginny's relationship was far different than those of any of the Weasley siblings. While Fred and George had their twin connection, it might've seemed like Ron and Ginny had a similar bond. Ron had always known Ginny better than anyone else. He respected her free spirit and always knew to not meddle or try to stop her. Ron was very anti-Dean, while he like the bloke, he wasn't well suited for his sister.

"How is London life?" Ron asked after he had kissed his mother and greeted everyone. He had been one of those who had supported her move and secretly helped her with the flat deposit.

"Hello Weasleys," Arthur greeted as he apparated and Molly walked over to him, removing his coat so that he could be comfortable. Ginny watched as her mother wrapped her arms around her father's neck and her father's eyes glazed over as he looked as wife. Pulling her close, he murmured into her ear, "Hello dearest". The scene was so intimate, so tender and she almost sighed in wanting something like that.

"Gin," her brother called to her. She blinked and looked over to him.

"It's going good," she replied. "How about you? Anything interesting?"

"No, a bit lonely on the road," Ron replied. He had to admit that he missed coming home to someone but Lavender wasn't the right person. He didn't want an overzealous woman wanting marriage to come home too. Ron wanted someone smart, funny, a person who he could argue with.

"You should come to my flat," she informed him. "There's someone I want you to meet."

"I don't think so," Ron said. He wasn't up for his sister's attempts to set him up.

Ron was rescued by the sudden apperance of food. They help themselves quickly, Ginny being the fastest. She knew that if she didn't grab it fast than she wouldn't eat. She talked amongst her brothers inquiring on Fred and George's stores, Charlie's work in Romania, Percy's work in the Ministry and the new home that Bill and Fleur were moving into. When she was finally satisfied, she gathered her plate and brought it to the sink. After cleaning it, she returned her seat. It was then that barrage of questions began.

"Ginny dear, have you met a good boy yet?" Her mother asked. Her brothers looked at her in pity. Molly, though a wonderful mother, was a bit old-fashion. She could not understand why her daughter insisted on living on her own.

"No," she replied. "I don't intend to look for awhile." Ginny wanted to finished her internship and then finally applied for her Healer's license. After that than MAYBE she would meet someone. Not now.

"But Ginny--" her mother pleaded.

"Oh look, I have an early shift tomorrow," Ginny said glancing at her watch. She attempted to get up her mother pushed her down. "Mum..." Her mother always held up the hope that her daughter would have a fairy tale wedding with Dean. "It'll happen but maybe it's not Dean, maybe I'm just waiting for something more..."

"Lay off her mum," Charlie said as he ate. "The less guys she dates, the less blokes I have to wallop after they break up."

"There are some guys at the Ministry--" Percy supplied.

"No thanks," Ginny said. She looked at her father in desperation. Arthur knew the limits of his daughter. He had been through six boys, several talks about love and marriage, 'the birds and the bees', and the proper ways to treat a woman. With Ginny, he could only hope that the boys she dated had these talks with their dads. Molly was bit over the top when it came to Ginny.

She imagined a little girl to dress up, what she got was a female version of her boisterous sons. Ginny looked like a beautiful woman but didn't act feminine; she was bold, daring with a sharp tongue.

"Ginny, you better get going," Arthur said. "You have an early day, don't you?"

"Yes," she supplied quickly and got up. Ginny gave her mum a hug and kiss. She followed by hugs for all her brothers and of course, Fleur and Marie. Her father walked her outside and wrapped him in a huge hug. "Thanks dad."

"I love you Gin," he said. "I'm not sure I'm ready to marry you off."

She gave him a kiss, apparating to her flat.

Harry Potter hated Halloween. It wasn't that he hated candy or costumes but the dreaded rememberance of his loneliness. Nineteen years ago on Halloween night, a car had crash down a ravine killing both James and Lily Potter. Miraculously, their one-year-old child, Harry had survived.

For eighteen years of his life, he lived with the Dursleys, his only surviving relatives on his mother's side. It had not been pleasant, he went to a regular school and was very much a loner there. His relatives seem somewhat resentful and he never did feel wanted so he worked hard to find a way to escape them. He graduated with top marks and ended up with full scholarship to the university in London. He worked in the daytime as a stockroom boy in cookware shop.

Harry tried not to dwell on his memories. They made him sad, and a lot of the time, it made him angry. These moments of sudden anger were interupted with something breaking in his lonely apartment.

That Halloween evening, he had decided on going to a local bakery that was open later than most, he could sit by their window looking out at the full moon until they closed. Walking through their open door, he greeted the old woman who ran the store and looked in the glass case trying to decide what he wanted. His eyes landed on something when--

"You're not going to take that last apple fritter, are you?"

Harry turned to see a pretty girl with flaming red hair standing next to him. Her face was a creamy with only sprinkle of freckles on her cheeks. Her eyes, a lively brown, looked playful and her berry lips were curved in friendly smile. She was dressed in a hand-knit jumper and jeans.

"I was thinking about it," Harry replied and she leaned against the glass with a smile.

"Ginny Weasley," she said as she held out her hand. He took her hand and he felt how soft they were against his callous ones.

"Harry Potter," he said and then looked at the fritter. "You going to have to give a good argument for why you want this apple fritter."

"I was walking home from St-the clinic that I work at and for some reason I felt the need for an apple fritter," Ginny said. "I don't usually have these cravings but I had a particularly trying time with one of my patients." Actually she had to heal a badly burned man who was trying a experimental jinx, it had taken her most of her energy. "I'm exhausted and badly in need of a sugar rush, you wouldn't deny a girl that, would you?"

Harry was cute, and yes, she was flirting but she loved his shaggy, jet-black hair and penetrating green eyes. He was tall and lean and there was something about him that made her hair in the back of her neck stand.

"I'll take that one," he said and the woman promptly put it on a plate for him. Ginny was disappointed but she had known more inept gits who really didn't understand the art of flirting. "Would you like something to drink?"

Harry was standing with a cute grin on his face holding the plate in his hand.

"Hot chocolate," Ginny replied as the color rushed to her cheeks. She took the plate, as he ordered her hot chocolate and a coffee with two lumps of sugar. After he paid, he walked her to the table by the huge window.

"So you don't usually come into this shop?" he asked. It was strange how naturally they had taken to one another. He wasn't so taken with strangers but he loved the way she was so talkative, it was like a breath of fresh air from his quiet life.

"I don't usually have these cravings for sweet things," Ginny replied, and half the fritter so they could share. "Maybe it was just fate that I come in here."

"Do you believe in all that?" Harry said to her. Ginny looked at him with a pretty smile.

I didn't but I think I'll start believing," she said softly. "Especially if I get to meet someone like you."

Ginny woke up quietly and she turned to see the peaceful, happy face of Harry in a deep sleep. Well, he should've been tired after everything they did. She was all for having a great shag but never with a complete stranger. She crawled out of bed quietly and grabbed the clothes that were thrown on the floor.

She went into his restroom and put on her clothes quietly and quickly. How this had happen, she'd never know. They had spent the whole evening talking until the bakery closed. Ginny had told him about her family. Yes, she had told him a few white lies. Her father for one worked in security as well as Percy but she told truth when she said her mum was a housewife. So what if she said that Charlie was doing animal research in Romania or that Ron was an assistant captain in local football team? Bill was a simple bank teller with Parisian wife and a little baby.

Walking quietly, she gave him a kiss on the forehead and he moaned. Harry's story was a much sadder one. His parents had died when he was a year old and he had been placed with his horrible relatives. He slept in a small, dark bedroom and they made him work for his food as a child. They had walked the streets until two in the morning and she look at him as he told his story, his bright eyes glittering with sadness. Between the bakery and his flat, Harry had taken her hand. It fit perfectly with hers.

"It's like Cinderella story gone wrong, wicked relatives, being treated like nothing," she said as they approached his flat door. "But no ball to dress up for, and no princess to rescue you." The last part came in breathy whisper and she found her breathing become shallow as he pulled her closer to his body.

"Are you going to rescue me?" Harry said to her. Before she replied Harry pressed his lips against her in slow kiss. He was gentle but Ginny was the one who made it go further. She was the one who asked to go up and they spend the rest of the night together. When they finished their lovemaking, he kissed her gently on the lips and she ran her hands through his hair. "I could get use to you in my life." He had whispered in her ear before they fell asleep.

It wasn't that she didn't want him, he was perfect. But she couldn't date someone who she had lied to. Ginny covered him but before she left she placed the clip she wore in her hair the night before on the nightstand next to him. Going quietly into the living room, she apparated away.

Hermione Granger sat in her English literature looking at her watch, she hated this class and when she saw that she had only a minute to go, she breathe in relief. After writing the assignment she had due for next week, she got up to walk to the cafe.

She was worried about her friend. Since a little after Halloween, Ginny had been acting strange. Unlike her usual loud self, Ginny had become subdued and her eyes always seemed so faraway, her smile seem to never reach her ears like usual. Hermione had even agreed to meet Ron, in hope that perhaps Ginny would go back to her usual matchmaking self. Ginny had been this way for almost a month. When she finally did meet Ron, she would inquire to her friend's strange behavior.

"Hey," a voice called behind her. It was Harry, one of her schoolmates from her French History class. He was a nice boy, a bit introverted but so was she. Hermione had hoped that she might introduce him to Ginny in order to cheer her up.

"Hello Harry," she said to him. Hermione had met him the first day of school looking for her classes. He had been nice enough to point out the buildings where her classes were. Harry seemed like a nice boy but a lonely one. She grown accustomed to inviting him to dinner on nights when she went home. Both of her parents had thought that they were a good match but she didn't feel that for Harry. There was no spark but she was very fond of her as she was for Ginny. "I'm off to the cafe, do you want to come?"

"No, I have to work," he replied in a friendly voice. Harry had searched for Ginny but no luck, she seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. His only proof that she had existed was the hair clip that she has placed on his sidetable. "I just have to meet your friend another time."

"Okay Harry," she said. "I'll just see you for dinner with mum and dad."

He nodded and was on his way. Hermione walked a block up from the university and across the street to the coffee shop. As she stepped into the cafe, Ginny smiled at her weakly and ask Carrie for a break. Her boss nodded and she removed her apron, Ginny then beckoned her friend to a table to the back part of the cafe. There was hardly anyone there due to the fact that classes were in session.

When they sat down, Ginny looked up at her with tired eyes and a sad smile.

Then promptly burst into tears.

Hermione gathered her friend in her arms. She was scared for Ginny. "Gin, what's wrong? Has something happened? Are you sick or something?"

"Not sick," Ginny sobbed. "Pregnant."

"What?" Hermione asked in disbelief. "By who? How long?"

"This guy I met," she replied through her tears. "I met him on Halloween night, near my other job. He was so sweet and I knew that if we had a chance than I would've stayed with him but I lied."

"About what?"

"A lot of things," Ginny said and sniffed. "My family, my job—but it doesn't matter now. I just about a month along, and my parents are going to murder me!" Hermione patted her shoulder.

"Gin, maybe you should tell him," Hermione advised. "He seems like a nice guy from the way you talk about him, I think that you'll have to tell him the truth about whatever you lied about. After all, he is the father of your baby."

"You're right," Ginny answered and gave her friend a hug. "Thanks Hermione." She felt much better and pulled her friend up to give her a hug. "You're the best." Ginny wiped her eyes and gave her friend a big smile. "Now all I have to do is find him."

Harry unwrapped the last steel pot out of its delivery box. It was his job to count and make sure that they all were accounted for and to sticker them for selling. He was down to his last box when he decided it was time to head home. These items weren't due for selling until next week anyway.

Bidding farewell to his co-workers, Harry walked into the foggy night and wrapped his heavy coat around his lean body. Walking towards the end of the block, he briefly thought of Ginny. Harry closed his eyes for a moment and he could almost see her. Bright eyes and long hair, but what he had adored her was bold personality, she had captured him from the moment she spoke to her.

And then she was gone.

Harry was never the person to invite a girl up to his flat so he wasn't really sure of the one-night stand rules. He wanted to find her but maybe she didn't want to found. He had looked at phone books, search the internet, but to no avail, no person named Ginny Weasley existed.

It was then that fate would have it that he glanced at the cafe across the street. The one that was frequented by many of the university students. Harry crossed the street and went to the window. Ginny was dressed in the same jumper and jeans that she had worn that night, her red hair in ponytail. She was sweeping under the tables when she looked up and spotted him, she donned a weak smile.

She looked thinner, with dark circles under her eyes. Ginny unlocked the door and he gave her a grin. Harry couldn't help but wonder if she wanted to see him at all. "Hello Harry." Her voice was soft and sad but the way she looked at him filled him with wanting.

"Hey Gin," he replied, his own voice thick with nervousness. "I shouldn't be bothering you, I'll just go--" Harry turned to go when she put a hand on his arm.

"Please, don't go," Ginny pleaded and took his hand in hers. "We need to talk." They walked inside and she locked the door behind them. "Coffee, with two lumps right?" He nodded, and felt a small rush because she'd remembered. He pulled down two chairs for both of them to sit.

"No apple fritter?" He joked and she had to smile. It seemed like a sign that he was here. "I always walk this way, how come I've never seen you?"

"I'm running fifteen minutes late," Ginny said as placed the cup before him.

"And I left fifteen minutes early," Harry said and took a sip. "Strange, how we never ran into one another. Bad timing, I guess."

'Talk about bad timing', Ginny thought.

She looked down at her cup and Ginny suddenly felt nervous. What if it was a mistake telling him? What if he hated her? What he hated her for having the baby? The thought of him hating her made her eyes fill with sad tears. Harry looked at her in alarm.

"I'm fine," Ginny said as she wiped her eyes. He took her hand and suddenly he was pulling her to his side of the table so that she could sit on his lap. Ginny wrapped around her arms around his neck burying her head on his shoulder. She felt so comfortable and it brought her back to the night they had spent in each other's arms. She couldn't do it, she couldn't ruin it their one perfect night but telling him that he had got her pregnant. "Just go...please."

Ginny went to the counter facing opposite him so he could leave. Harry got up and wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed the side of her head and spoke in her ear, "I know that it's sounds strange but I never felt this way about anyone, Ginny. But if you really want me to go than I will."

For a moment, she didn't say anything and though he was hurting, Harry removed his arms from her petite waist and took something from his pocket. It was clip with the mother of pearl right in the middle. He put it on the counter and she heard the familiar jangle as he left the cafe. Ginny took the clip and held it for a moment.

Suddenly, she was running out of the cafe. "Harry!" He turned and Ginny ran towards him. Their eyes met and she felt it tumble out of her mouth. "I'm pregnant." He remained stoic and he was staring at her with unreadable eyes. "I'm not a slag, what I did with you I've never done before and I didn't want you to find out through someone else. After my mum finds she's going to murder me, no husband and pregnant...I really messed up."

Ginny turned and walked away, tears falling from her eyes. She felt so foolish. "Ginny!" Harry swept her into his arms and kissed her fully on the lips. Ginny felt her arms wrapped around her neck and she responded by opening her mouth to let his tongue in. The kiss was slow, full of hunger for each other. When he pulled apart from her, Harry said the one thing she'd never expected:

"Ginny, will you marry me?"

"Oh Harry--"

"I know that you'll be against it," Harry said. "Let me meet your family and if you want we can get divorce." She opened her mouth to protest, divorce wasn't permitted in Wizard Law. "I just don't think that I will ever feel the way I feel about you when anyone else and I don't think I want to. You're the mother of my child and Ginny...I think I'm in love with you." She took in a breath and looked at Harry, who was handsome and sweet, looking at her with his emerald eyes.

And she did say that if they had a chance--

"Yes, I'll marry you."

Ron Weasley hated blind dates. It wasn't that he was worried about his younger sister's choice but he just wasn't very good at them. He had agreed to meet Ginny at the cafe at noon and he was little early. Walking in, he noticed that it was practically empty with the exception of the curly-haired woman by the window. Her profile was delicate and he could see her long eyelashes. She turned and smiled faintly at him before going back to her work. Her face was makeup-less but he found her to be very beautiful without it.

"Hello," he greeted her. "Is this seat taken?"

Hermione gestured to the seat across and he took it. "I'm Hermione Granger, by the way, as in your date." She looked back to her book trying to not turn red and to hide the fact that she had noticed him from across the street.

"How did you know who I was?" he asked.

"Not many cute redheads come in" she said and then bit her tongue. She couldn't believe that she had said that. Hermione had other things to worry about other than whatever she had said to the likes of Ronald Weasley. For one, Harry had failed to go to their evening class, last night. Ginny was pregnant by some mystery man and she found Ron Weasley to be too cute for her liking. "I apologize." Hermione was blushing profusely.

"No, don't," Ron said to her. He was pleased though. "Tell me about yourself."

"I'm a university student," she said. "I'm just finishing my third year and I want to be a teacher. So Ginny tells me you're an assistant coach--"

"--for the Chudley Cannons."

"Never heard of them," Hermoine replied; she wasn't much of sports fan.

"It's understandable," Ron said as he smiled at her jauntily. "They're weren't high in the league but since we've been training on the Quidditch field harder they usual--"

"What's Quidditch?" she asked, not caring if she interupted. Ron looked at her in bewilderment and she started to panic. Maybe, it wasn't Ron but some crazy person. "I better go."

She got up avoiding his eyes and bumped straight into Harry.

"Hermione?" he asked.


Ginny came out from behind Harry. "You two know each other?"

"Gin?" Ron said weakly from his seat. He had screwed up his first date since Lavender.

"Ron?" Ginny said. "You're early." She hugged him.

"Thank goodness," Hermione said. "I thought he was a crazy person."

"You thought I was crazy!" He replied angrily and went up to her. Instead of acknowledging him, Hermione looked a Ginny who looked quite confused.

"He's talking nonsense," She informed her friend quietly. "He's talking about some sport called Quidditch."

"Oh boy," Ginny said. "I have a lot of explaining to do." She turned to her brother. "I was suppose to tell you that she was a Muggle and so is Harry."

"Damnit Ginny," Ron said. "We're going to have obliviate them."

"No, no," Ginny said. "I was going to tell them everything." She turned to her friend. "How do you know Harry?"

"Harry was the schoolmate who I wanted to introduce you to," Hermione informed her. "What happened to the Halloween guy?" Harry had the good grace to blush.

"Harry is the Halloween guy," Ginny said and Hermione turned to Harry with a disapproving look.

"You got her pregnant?" Hermione said to her friend. She wacked him with her book.

"Ow!" Harry said and rubbed his arm. He turned around only to be punched in the face by Ron Weasley. He fell to the ground and Ginny screamed. Carrie, her boss, who was in the backroom ran to the front to see Harry on the floor as Ginny scrambled to help him up.

"You're pregnant!" Ron said, red faced and very angry. "Ginny Weasley, we're going home immediately."

"No," Ginny said. Ron was surprised at her defiance, she usually never refused him. "It's Potter."

"What?" Hermione asked as she back down still confused at being called a "Muggle".

"Not Ginny Weasley," Harry said in pain. "Ginny Potter." She put up her left hand which had a simple gold band. "We got married...last night."

"You're not serious, are you?" Ron asked from where he stood opposite them.

Hermione knew, however, from the look on their faces that they had never been so serious in their whole lives.


To be continued...please let me know what you think.