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Meeting the Weasleys (Epilogue)

by JlaLa


"Daddy, tell me a story." Cedric Diggory sat next to his young daughter and put an arm around her. Her dark eyes looked adoringly at him.

"I don't know many stories," he replied. It had been a long week for him. One that had changed the entire wizarding community. However, Cedric had come to realize that in these times, loved ones were the most important priorities.

"Perhaps I can help." They looked up to see Cho standing in the doorway. Her wrist was wrapped in bandage. She had suffered from a slight sprain when she was chained to the dungeon walls of Malfoy Manor. On the other hand, she knew that sprained wrist was nothing compared to what could've happen.

Cedric made room so she could nestle next to him and he put his other arm around her. He had moved back in the evening after both Ginny and Cho had been rescued from the Manor. They had laid in one another's arms that whole night unable to sleep in fear that the other would not be there when they awoke.

Cho began the story.

"Once upon a time, there was a girl who worked in a coffee shop..."


"...She was a happy girl who was loved by her family, but she always felt that there was something missing..."

On a remote hill, a young woman in her twenties stood alone. Hermione Granger-Weasley stood silently looking down at the two graves where she had placed the bunches of roses. Quickly, she took off the cap she was wearing and the long, wavy hair tumbled down her back. He had always loved her hair proclaiming it was a bushy mess before placing a small kiss on the top of her head.

That had been long ago. She had been so innocent then.

"Hello darling," she said with a bittersweet smile. "It's me. Gin told me what you did for her and the twins. You saved their lives. I'm glad to know that even though they were your last moments, they were the most noble moments and—you did it because you loved me." Hermione's eyes filled with tears. "Thank you for always trying to make me happy and I want you to know that I really am...very happy."

The sun had begun to set casting an orange glow over the darkening sky. She knew that soon her husband would be coming to pick her up. "I also wanted to tell you something—I'm pregnant Draco." She placed her hand over her swelling belly. "I'm about two months along." Hermione ran a hand through her hair. "This time I know I'm going to be okay but I hope you're happy for me. This was something that I never thought I would be doing since our baby." She wiped her eyes but somehow the cascade of tears continued. "Is he or she with you up there? Are you keeping one another company?"

The sun was dipping lower and the sky had begun to color purple. "So if it was alright with you, I was wondering if we could use the names that you and I had thought about before. In memory of you, in a way." She smiled softly. "So if it is a boy, I'd like to name him Hugo and if it's a girl than she'll be named Rose." Her belly stirred as she said the name. "Of course, the middle name will be Draco and the girl's will be Narcissa. For your mum because she was always the first woman in your life. Ron likes the names. He's a good man, you know."

"I just wanted you to know that I'll always love you but it's a different kind of love," she said. "I need to know though that somehow you're okay and maybe with your Mum." Hermione felt a hand on her shoulder and knew it was Ron. "If you ever need anything, I'm never far away."

"Are you alright?" Ron asked and then kissed her softly. In the months they had married, he had changed. No longer as tempermental, Ron had learned to grow and change. Both he and Malfoy had never really got on in school but they shared something common; they shared a deep love for Hermione. If anything, he had to give Draco credit for that.

As they turned to leave, Hermione was still deep in thought as she descended down the hill. Ron suddenly stopped.


"What is it Ron?" She looked up and her eyes filled with tears. Putting her hands, she muffled her moan. Sunflowers. A great field of them shining as the sunset hit them before it hit the ground. She looked up at the hill and felt a feeling of relief wash over her.

It would be okay.


"What she didn't know was there was a boy who felt that exact same way, and his name was Harry Potter. For as long as he had been alive, Harry lived alone and unloved, or so he thought..."

Remus bounced his daughter on his knee. Soon she would be one and it surprised him to the core. He was married with a child. Tonks sat next to him calmly and quietly which was very unlike her. However, he knew that much of it had to do with the impending fear lurking around every corner. "Are you okay?"

Tonks remained sipping a cup of tea. "I'm pregnant."

His knee froze in place and he gathered Izzy to him. Tonks remained quiet and he looked at her belly. How did he not notice? It was protruding behind her flowing robes. "Are we happy about it?"

She looked at him worriedly. "Are we?" He knew that she was worried because of the signs of Lord Voldemort's rise. Muggles were disappearing and a deep gloomy fog had descended over the country. "Is it safe to have a baby at this time?" Picking Izzy up, he sat on a nearby lounger and his daughter snuggled in his arms. Tonks went over and sat on his other knee. "I think he'll be born before Fleur's baby."

"He?" The thought of a son enthralled him.

Tonks kissed him lightly. "Yes, HE. Now don't tell Sirius. Knowing him, he'll probably buy him some sort of dangerous plaything."

"I'm surprised," he replied. "I never thought I'd see the day when my Dora would be the cautious one." Izzy had began to nod off her head falling against Remus's chest and he caressed the child's back. It was miracle to him that he had been so lonely once. He never dreamt of having a wife and a family. Here they were, flesh and blood, right before his eyes.

"These days," she said as she looked her husband and daughter sadly. "We can't be so carefree." Remus got up as he cradled Izzy in one arm. Going to his wife, he held out his hand for her to take.

"Come," he told her. "I'll put her to bed and then I will show you how happy I am that we're having a son."


"...They married soon after they met, and the wizarding world rejoiced for the young lovers. For everyone believe that they had found their saviour in Harry but no one knew that much darker times were soon to follow..."

In a town faraway, a nervous little man stood in a lonely graveyard. A cauldron bubbled nearby and he moved quickly to make sure that it would all be in place.

"Wormtail?" The eerie voice called out to him. "Is it now ready?"

"One moment Master," he replied in jittery tones. When he was finished, Peter knew he would be greatly rewarded. "Blood of the enemy forcefully taken--" He put in the vial of blood from Potter's son. "Flesh of the servant willingly given." He hesitated for one second before swiftly cutting off his hand. "AHH!" Wrapping his hand, he waited for the ingredients to come to fruition and then taking the bundle he put it into the cauldron.

Then the Dark Lord stood before him.

Everywhere around the country, the sky darkened and people, magical and muggle, felt the cold chill of fear pass through them. For they knew that the world as they knew it was not okay.

Peter cowered before him. The Dark Lord's red eyes look down at him.

The war was about to begin.


"Someone very wise told Harry that though dark and difficult times laid ahead, he had the one thing that evil could not defeat and that was love..."

"Fight it, Severus," Petunia said as she held her beloved. Snape rocked back and forth holding the arm in pain as the Dark Mark burned his skin. Sweat glistened from his forehead as he desperately resisted the call. Her eyes burned with fearful tears. "Please resist his call. I will not lose you again."

"I'm trying Pet," he replied in a raspy voice as he rocked. "Merlin knows I'm trying."

However, both Petunia and Severus knew it was useless. He would go back and Petunia Dursley would await to see if she would lose the man she loved once again.


"Day by day the world grew darker as they waited, not knowing what tomorrow would bring..."

Harry looked out the window as he rocked James in his arms. The little boy's arm would never fully heal but could still be a perfectly useful. However, it seemed that the boy was inclined to be right handed so it would not affect his abilities when he started to use his wand. Harry looked down in fear hoping that he would there to even see James get his new wand.

That fearful bud seem to be growing in his chest; that seed of protection that seem to grow in every parent. Ginny sat nursing Lily as she sang softly. His eyes watered at the sight. James, Lily, and Ginny—they were everything to him. He could not, he would not lose them. The rain pounded against the window and James seem to curl closer to him.

His wife continued to crooned softly.

"I love you more that I have ever found the words to say to you...," she sang. Ginny looked up to see her husband gazing at her. Her own heart contracted as the look in his eyes and she smiled sadly.

For both of them had seen the signs around them, the fear that was spreading thoughout the Wizarding community and finally the Daily Prophet headline that had appeared on their paper that morning: 'The Dark Lord is back'.

"Gin..." he said as rocked James. "I--" The words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat. He feared he would burst into tears. Harry felt both overjoyed and hopeless. Happy to have his children and sad to see what kind of world he was bringing them into.

"I know Harry," Ginny replied quietly from where she sat. "I know..." She could hardly speak herself. It had been a whirlwind for her these past weeks. She wavered between deliriously happy and downtrodden. "We will get through this. I will not have our family fall apart."

"My coffee shop girl," he replied fondly. Ginny grinned and stood up to kiss him fully on the lips. That night, they slept children between them as they dared to dream of a future for James and Lily that they were willing to sacrifice themselves for.


"They had their love...and that was enough for now anyway..."

Cho stopped and Moira sat with wide innocent eyes between her parents. "How does the story end Mummy?"

"I don't know darling," she replied. "The story is only beginning." That seem to be good enough for Moira as she fell asleep.

For awhile, they laid quietly watching their daughter sleeping with a small smile on her face. Her dreams consisting of princesses and fairies of faraway lands.

"Cho," Cedric whispered in her ear and she looked up at him. "I love you." He took a small band and put it back on her left ring finger. Cho looked down at the ring and then placed a light, feathery kiss on his lips. It made his stomach flutter. "Do you think it's still wise to tell her this as if it was a fairy tale?"

"Things are going to change very soon love," she murmured wearily. "Let's keep her as innocent as we can. Reality will come faster than you and I think."


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