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Guardian of Courage

So when are you two getting married? Izzy asked Sora as he grabbed another slice of pizza.

All the original digidestined, both new and old were gathered at Tai's place to celebrate Kari's acceptance into the university. T.K. was going to take some time off to travel around the world, so this was a joint congratulation/bon voyage party.

We haven't set a date yet. Sora says, possessively holding on to Matt's arm.

Izzy glances sideways at Matt. The former musician's expression was unreadable. Much like whenever he was conflicted in the digital world. It didn't fit the profile of a happily engaged man.

So Matt, what have you been doing? Izzy asks him.

Well, after the band split up, I became a security agent.

But he won't being doing that too much longer. Matt's going to be a house husband. Sora exclaims.

Sprawled over a nearby chair, Tai snickers. I always knew you wanted to be like June Cleaver. Especially with that pink apron.

Shut up Tai. Matt snaps.

Sora smiles over at Tai. I make more money then he does Tai. It makes more sense for him to run the household.

Tell everyone Sora. I happen to like what I do. Matt jerks his arm out of Sora's and stalks onto the balcony, slamming the sliding door shut behind him.
The rest of the digidestined fall quiet.

I'll go talk to him. Tai sighs, stands up and stretches. A look of relief passes over Sora's face.

Kari and Mimi sit down next to Sora.

Have you thought about colors yet?

I think that pink would be nice....

Tai quietly joins Matt on the balcony. Matt quickly wipes away his tears, but not before Tai see them. Tai puts his hand on Matt's shoulder.

I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean it. Tai apologizes.

Matt turns and gazes intently into his brown eyes. Taichi, do you ever think that your whole life is a mistake.

You think your life is a mistake? Tai asks, confused.

I just don't know if marrying Sora is the path I should take. I just don't know what to do.

Matt, you need to figure out who you truly are, and then you will find happiness. It wouldn't be fair to her, or to you either if you aren't sure.

I'll think about it. Thanks Tai.

No problem. You know where I am, if you ever want to talk about anything. Looks over Matt's shoulder. Maybe we should go back before Mimi takes over your wedding.

I think your right Tai.

Of course, a pink tux would match your apron! Tai chuckles and tries to sidestep Matt. The next thing he knows, Matt has him pinned against the wall.

What did you say to me? Although said menacingly, his blue eyes twinkle at Tai, letting him know that he is teasing.

I thought so. Matt releases Tai.

where did you learn that Matt?

from work.

Oh. I figured it had to be something like that, considering you used to be such a weakling back in the digital world.

Was not!

Was too!

They stare intently at each other, and then burst into laughter. A silky voice intrudes.

Matt, honey aren't you going to take me home? Sora asks.

Sure Sora. The relaxed and happy Matt disappeared before Tai's eyes, leaving the cold and unhappy one.

They stand uncomfortably in the cool night air. The tension was broken when a cell phone rang. Matt flipped the black device to his ear.

When this happen?

Yeah, on my way. ETA (estimated time of arrival) 10 minutes.

Sora scowls angrily.

Matt begins, but is cut off.

Save it Matt. Go do your little job. Just remember, THIS will stop after we get married.

Tai, would you do me a favor, and see Sora safely home? Matt pleads.

Sure thing. You go do your job, don't worry about it. Tai says.

Thanks Tai. Looks into Sora's stormy face. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

Sora says between clenched teeth.

Tai gazes at Matt.

Yeah Tai?

Tai smiles at him. Be careful, okay?

I will be.