4 months later.

Tai aimlessly flipped through the channels. His new life was okay, but he was completely miserable. The knocking on the door startled Tai out of his reverie. The pizza boy was here already.

I'll be right there. Tai grabs his wallet off the table. He couldn't stand to cook. Just the thought of cooking brought the memories of a golden haired guardian Angel. Yama, who by now was married happily to Sora. Tai hoped that Yama was happy. The witness protection program had given him a new name, a new life, career, apartment. The only thing that they couldn't take away was Tai's heart, which would always belong to Yamato Ishida.

Matt grinned at Tai, who hung onto the door frame to keep from falling over in shock.

Hi Tai. You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?

Tai stares in shock.

Can I come in? His blue eyes are hopeful.

The minute Matt was inside Tai blurted. Where is Sora?

I don't know. Matt shrugged nonchalantly.

Tai sank down onto the couch, staring at Matt in disbelief.

How did you find me?

Matt shrugged. 4 months of constant searching. Grinning slightly, he added it wasn't easy.

Tai was dumbfounded.

Because I love you Tai Yagami. I loved you as Tai Kamiya, and I love you now.

How are Dai and Ken doing? Tai asks.

Dai is becoming quite the artist, and Ken is now a writer.

Matt grins, and then adds. They are living together, and are happier than anybody I know, except for when I'm with you.

Tai couldn't speak. But Matt could see the love and devotion reflected in his brown eyes.

I love you too Tai.


My longest fic ever. 100 + pages. Wow. I had to give it a happy ending. I just had too. I hope that you enjoyed reading this fic. I definately enjoyed writing it!