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Pairings: Draco/Hermione, some mentioning ofBZ/GW

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Summary: It is Hermione's 7th and last year at Hogwarts. She finds that she is a half Veela on her 18th birthday, 1 months before she heads back to Hogwarts, and to top it all off, she finds that she is adopted by the Grangers. Her real parents, are Anthony and Maria Walters, they are the second richest and well known purebloods in the world. But she isn't telling a soul, "Let them all find out on their own, once they really know what I look like, and there is no mudblood Hermione Granger anymore." Wait until a certain Slytherin reveals his true feelings. "Where in the bloody hell is Granger and why do I have a pull to this new girl?"

Chapter 1: She knew it all along

Hermione woke up at 9 am on August 2nd. 'Today is my birthday! I've gotta owl Harry and Ron' was the first thing she thought. She went to the bathroom that was connected to her room. She took a shower and then got dressed. When she went to look at herself in the mirror to brush her hair, she drooped the brush and screamed bloody murder.

"MUUUMMMMMM!" Hermione then screamed.

Mrs. Granger walked into Hermione's room. "What's wrong dear? Oh my." Mrs. Granger noticed that Hermione's hair was straight, and bleach blonde. She stood at about 5'7 when she was usually 5'4½.

"What is wrong with me?"

"You wait right here, I have to get your Dad and then we have to tell you something." Mrs. Granger ran down the hall to her and her husband's room. She came back into Hermione's room. "Dear, could you sit down?" Hermione sat down to listen to what her parents had to say. "Okay, well as you know, we are your adoptive parents," Hermione nodded. "And you know that we said we didn't know who your real parents were?" She nodded again. "Well, we lied."


"We do know who your parents are. And they told us that when this happened," Mr. Granger said pointing to her changed features. "They asked us to give you this letter; we haven't read it though, just to let you know." Then he handed her the letter, it was held together with a green, black, and silver ribbon.
Hermione opened the letter and read it aloud.

"Dearest Hermione,

When you are reading this, you probably already realized that you are in fact half Veela. That is because I, your mother am Veela. I know you must be wondering what is going on. Well let me explain it for you. My name is Maria Elizabeth Walters, and your father's name is Anthony David Walters. We do live in the wizarding world, and are still the second most-known family in our world.
Your probably wondering why you do not live with us, and with the Grangers instead. Well, your father and I were worried for your safety. We were being hunted down by the Dark Lord because we betrayed him by not helping his cause, as we were expected to. You were barely a month old. So we went into hiding. He some how got found where we were and we feared for your safety. So we put you under a spell that would hide what you truly looked like. It was to wear off when you turned 18. Now you see, you were put up for adoption when you were only 2 months old in a muggle adoption agency. We couldn't take the chances of Voldermort finding, and killing our beautiful baby so that we would come to him. The Grangers adopted you and we kept contact with them for a few months. Then we had to travel to America because we couldn't risk being caught. We lived 16 years as muggles, and then we got word that Voldermort was defeated by your dear friend Harry Potter. We came back to England immediately because we were able to move back into our manor without having to worry for our safety, or yours. We then looked up on the Grangers again. We found that you grew up to be the brightest young witch Hogwarts has ever seen, and that is something your father and I are very proud of.
To the point of this letter, me and your father are giving you a choice. We would really love to spend the summer with you, since you start up at Hogwarts on the first of September. Or if you really wish, you can keep living with the Grangers. We really would like to be given the chance to get to know, since we weren't given the chance to raise you. And, since today is your birthday, Andrew and I are going to come to the Grangers home at 4 o'clock sharp. If you wish to come with us, we hope you have your things packed.

Love your mother,

Maria Walters xoxo"

"Wow." Hermione said.

"Dear, you know that whether or not we are your biological parents, we will be here for you. And we will love you no matter if you choose to move in with the Walters." Mr. Granger said.

"I know. I- I think I am actually going to move in with them… You know, so that I can get to know my family, my other family. But no matter what, I hope that you know that you are my parents, right mum and dad?"

"We know sweet. I love you Hermione."

"I love you too mum and dad."


4 o'clock rolled around and Hermione had all the things she needed packed. Right then she heard the doorbell. 'Their here. It's now or never.' She thought. So Hermione went down stairs and saw that her adoptive parents were talking to her biological parents. She saw that her mother had straight bleach blonde hair, just like she does now, except here mother's hair went down past her butt. She had beautiful clear blue eyes and was probably around 5'10 or 5'11. He father was rather tall. He looked to be about 6'3 or 6'4 and he had jet black hair that was messily put on the top of his head with steely blue/gray eyes. 'How did I get to looking like I did? Oh, duh! You were under a concealing charm!' She noticed that the 4 adults stopped talking.

"Well hello Hermione! It has been way too long since I have seen you last!" Squealed her mother. She walked over to her mum and hugged her. She squeezed her tight. When they pulled away her mum asked "So are you coming with us?"

"My things are packed."

"I am glad you decided to stay with us." Her father, Anthony said.

"I am too. Well, I guess I should go get my things."

"Oh no dear, that's quite alright, me and your father will get them." Maria answered. And with a snap of her fingers, All of Hermione's things were in front of her.

"How did you- how long have you known to do wandless magic?"

"Why dear, since I was 15."

"And exactly how old are you and dad now?"

"Well, we are both almost 36. I was 17 when I had you, right out of Hogwarts." Her mother told her. "Well, I think it's time to say bye. I really appreciate the fact that such lovely people were able to raise our dearest Hermione while we were unable to do it ourselves."

"Well, Hermione is like the daughter we couldn't have. We love her. Hermione, you know that we will still keep in touch right?" Mrs. Granger asked. Hermione nodded. "Well, good. Goodbye."

Hermione gave Mr. and Mrs. Granger a hug goodbye, and then with a pop, the Walters Apparated away.

End of Chapter 1.

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