Hello anybody who cares to read this fic. I thank you for your time and hopefully reviews. Please read and enjoy. Just to clear up any confusion this is what would happen if anything Wicked related actually was sent to the characters. For example if someone wrote a Wicked fanfic it would be sent to the Wicked characters who live in a parallel universe.

When Wicked Characters Take Action!

Elphaba sat in her study looking over the huge pile of mail that had some for her that day.

"Crazy fanfiction writers." She said as she read over yet another Wicked fic. As the head of the Anything Involving Wicked association it was her job to make sure that the crazy Wicked fans all over the universe didn't get to outrageous in their fan stories, art, singing ect.

"How goes the Fan monitoring?" Fiyero asked as he entered the room.

"Not to bad not near as many crazies this round." She sighed looking up at her lover.

"So we won't have to write out near as many notices this time?" he asked hopefully. Every time a fan got to over zealous they would receive a notice of complaint from the Wicked characters.

"I'm crossing my fingers."

"Good, because there's something I really wanted to do tonight that requires your assistance." He whispered seductively. As he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Oh, really and what would that be?" she asked playing along.

"I could tell you but actions speak louder then words." He whispered kissing her passionately.


Elphaba and Fiyero broke apart at the sound of Glinda's high pitched squeal. The blonde burst into the study slightly out of breath.

"Oh, sorry am I interrupting something?" she asked blushing.

"Well actually yes to exact." Fiyero mumbled dejectedly.

"What is so important Glinda?" Elphaba asked interested about what had been so urgent to cause her friend to sprint all the way to the tower room.

"Read…this…." She gasped. Elphaba took the green paper that Glinda held out to her. This is what it said:

Rothwell High school presents



Candy Hall as Elphaba

Ally Mitchell as Glinda

Brent Wills as Fiyero

The names and parts went on and on. Elphaba wondered how this had slipped past her radar; she'd never gotten this notice before.

"This is new; no high school has ever attempted to perform our musical before." Fiyero said looking at the show bill.

"How in the name of Oz did I miss this?" Elphaba said as she rummaged through her stack of papers.

"And that's not all, the casting is a mess!" Glinda squealed finding her voice.

"Oh, come on how bad can it be?" Fiyero asked knowing that Glinda had a tendency to over react.

"It's hideodius Fiyero. Its worse then the time Elphie thought she could pole dance."

"I thought we agreed not to ever speak of that incident again." Elphaba growled glaring at Glinda.

"Oh, that was bad." Fiyero said snickering.

"Will you to shut up already!" Elphaba shrieked as she gazed into her crystal ball trying to contact the school that was performing their story. The crystal revealed a sign that flashed Low Battery. She grumbled annoyed as she pulled out a cord and plugged it into an outlet in the wall.

"You have to recharge that?" Glinda asked slightly surprised that a crystal ball could run out of batteries.

"Yes, this actually the forth time today." She explained. Once the crystal was recharged the fog cleared and revealed a stage.

"People, people, places please!" the director shouted at the cast members. After a moment of chaos the stage was set and the actors took their places. Elphaba gaped at the girl who played her. Candy was a tall blonde with a very diva like air about her, and she could not play Elphie's part to save her soul. At least Fiyero and Glinda's people acting like them. Brent seemed to have a problem with acting with Candy; Fiyero could see why the girl was so clingy. After a terrible run through of that scene Candy spoke.

"I can't believe I'm stuck acting with you amateurs! You always screw everything up. Somebody get me a Cappuccino now!" she shrieked stomping her foot. A timid looking stage hand stammered and handed the diva her drink. Candy took one sip and spit it out in the girl's face.


Brent rolled his eyes, "she's such a bitch."

"Only a bitch I consider her a super bitch." Ally commented.

The scene in the crystal soon faded into a mere fog.

"I've seen enough. We have got to do something about this." Elphaba said slamming her fist on the table.

"But Elphie, I've already sent the director 10 notices." Glinda said holding up 8 fingers.

"Um Glinda you may want to recount." Fiyero pointed out. Glinda looked at her fingers puzzled for a moment before fixing her mistake.

"Fiyero, Glinda gather up Morrible, Nessa, Boq and the Wizard (even though I despise the man) and pack your bags we're going on a little road trip." Elphaba said as she began packing random objects. Glinda squealed excitedly before rushing off.

"Elphie you've got that glint in your eye." Fiyero said worried.

"What weird glint?"

"The one you get whenever you're going to do something….well wicked."

Elphaba smiled at him, "I thought you liked it when I feel wicked?"

"That kind sure, but this kind usually means your planning something crazy."

"Actually, I am. We're going to take over the show." She said proudly. She still continued to pack things without realizing it. That is until she tried to stuff Chistery into the suitcase. After apologizing to the disgruntled monkey, she turned to Fiyero.

"You best get packing."

"Elphaba darling it's not that I don't have the utmost faith in your magic. But how are you going to transport us to a completely different world when it took you almost a year to change me back into a man." He said trying not to anger her.

"It's going to be difficult but if I succeed we should get there fine. And if I don't then we could end up in a random desert…..but I'll never know till I try." She explained.

"We'll I'll go with you whatever happens. I love you Elphie but there are days you worry me." He teased. She smiled at him before returning to her packing.

Short I know but it will pick up. Next chapter includes:

The Wicked character's arrival at Rothwell high.

Overthrowing the director (sort of)

Elphaba, Fiyero and Glinda meet the people that play them.

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