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Out Tonight!

After the eventful day at rehearsal Elphaba decided that Candy leaving was a cause for celebration and convinced Glinda and Fiyero that they all needed to go out to eat. The place they had chosen was a fairly quiet pizza joint not far from the hotel.

"We need to order the vegetarian pizza." Elphaba said to Fiyero.

"No I need meat, Elphie."

"What if the sausage you so enjoy was once a Pig?"

"Somehow I doubt that there are Animals in this world."

Glinda sighed the two had been going back and forth over the pizza topping for the last 20 minutes. The blonde was beginning to wonder how they could stand each other.

"Well, then shall we have Glinda decided? After all if she is going to be taking part in the consumption of Animals she should have at least some say in it." Elphaba said as both she and Fiyero turned to Glinda.

"Um……personally I prefer pineapple on my pizza." She answered smiling.

The two both looked at each other dumbfounded.

"You like pineapple on your pizza?" Fiyero asked slightly disgusted.

"Yes, you really should try it!"

"Well, at the rate we're going we may not see a meal all night. So why not try Glinda's idea?" Elphaba ventured, not quite sure of what she was getting herself into.

So that was what led them to the giant pineapple pizza that was sitting in front of them. Glinda dug right in and surprised both Elphaba and Fiyero by eating 3 pieces in no time at all.

"Come on guys; don't make me eat all of this myself!" Glinda exclaimed as she licked some sauce off of her hand.

Tentatively Elphaba bit into a slice of pizza, "Hey, this isn't that bad. Yero you have to try it."

Fiyero was about to express his thoughts on the strangeness of having fruit on a pizza instead of meat when the doors of the restaurant flew open. In it stood Candy and her followers.

"Oh, great…." Fiyero murmured already knowing that a fight was on the horizon.

The diva took one look at Elphaba and turned to the boy next to her.

"It's really a shame how they let the riff raff eat here nowadays. It really shows how low our society has dropped." She sneered.

Fiyero snatched Elphaba's wrist in an attempt to keep her from making a scene, but surprisingly it was Glinda who stood up.

"Now see here, little miss……Abercrombie and Fitch!" Glinda shouted, making up an insult based on the girl's t shirt.

Candy merely smirked, "Oh, I'm sorry did I insult you?"

"Yes, yes you did and I want you to apologize for publicly humiliating my friends and me."

"You wish, don't you have some Munchkins to protect or something?" Candy sneered.

"You know I could, easily turn you into an innocent pair of high tops but I won't."

"You have something else in mind little miss popular?"

"Yes, you, me and that dance machine over there."

Candy laughed, "You've got yourself a deal."

Elphaba came running over to Glinda, "Glinda what are you doing!" she hissed as Glinda took her place at one of the dance machines.

"Don't worry Elphie I've got it all under control." Her friend answered smiling.

"Do you even know how these things work?" Fiyero asked looking at the foreign machine.

But before Glinda could answer the machines lit up and Candy began dancing. Elphaba watched as Candy did a series of complicated dance steps getting a high score on the machine and cheers from the crowd around her.

"Beat that!" she said haughtily to the Good Witch.

Glinda did her famous hair toss and smoothed her pink Minnie skirt as the machine lit up. And with that Glinda did some of the strangest dance steps known to mankind. The blonde ignored the bar on the machine and jumped over it in a cheerleader like style. Elphaba and Fiyero watched with mouths agape. And to finish it off Glinda repeated the same dance Elphaba had invented at that fateful day in the Ozdust ballroom. The whole room was silent before erupting into cheers as the machine flashed winner declaring the victory.

"Beat that!" Glinda shouted as Candy left the restaurant in a huff.

"Glinda that was amazing!" Elphaba said in shock.

"Where did you learn that?" Fiyero asked curiously.

"Well, you know how I said I was going shopping that day after rehearsal?" Glinda whispered excitedly.

"Yeah…" Elphaba and Fiyero said together.

"Actually, I went with Ally to a break dancing class!" Glinda squealed excitedly.

"Glinda for some reason I can't quite picture you as a break dancer." Fiyero commented although smiling at the idea.

"Oh, you'd be surprised I have wicked upper body strength." Glinda said flexing dramatically.

Elphaba just laughed the thought of Glinda spinning on her head in the typical break dancer apparel.

After they returned to the hotel Elphaba looked over her book to see Fiyero trying to do a head stand.

"Fiyero darling, what are you doing?"

"Believe it or not Elphie, as a young boy in the Vinkus I was rather good at walking on my hands."

"Maybe then but…."

Suddenly Fiyero toppled over just as Elphaba ran forward to catch him, predicting this would happen. They landed hard causing quite a commotion. Fiyero turned to Elphaba who had rolled out from beneath him and was now at his side.

"You ok?" he asked concerned.

"Slightly winded but yes…..I believe I haven't broken anything."

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Fiyero said with mock offence.

Elphaba pinched his stomach playfully, "Yes Fiyero you're incredibly obese."

Fiyero smirked and pulled Elphaba into his lap, "And you're incredibly wicked."

"Pretty boy"


They commented before kissing passionately.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the wall from the room opposite of them.

"Keep it down in there you two some of us have to sleep!" An unknown angry guest shouted through the walls.

Elphaba and Fiyero looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

"Blasted lovers!" the man shouted.

"Now Hubert, don't be so cross you remember when we were that way……" the man's wife broke in. The angry guest murmured something before growing quiet again.

"We best keep it down." Elphaba whispered.

"Right…" he said before scooping her up and carrying her to the bed.

Well, that's that….this was probably the most random chapter I've ever written…..Hope you liked it!