Worth Fighting For

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Chapter 1

Swollen grey clouds slowly floated by above Raven and Chelsea, who were laying on a picnic blanket in the middle of the park. It had become their favorite place to hang out since they started dating. Raven glanced over at Chelsea, who was watching the clouds roll by. Two months. They had been dating for two months, and Raven couldn't be any happier than she was at this moment.

They were still keeping it a secret though. Only Eddie and Ben knew, and the girls had made them vow to keep their relationship on the, "down low" until they were ready to...announce it. Raven thought she was ready. She would scream it from the mountain tops if she could, but there were three things standing in her way. Tanya and Victor Baxter were two of the three. She didn't know how to tell them. Sure, they were cool, hip parents who loved their children very much, but you never can tell how a parent will react to the news that their child is homosexual.

Homosexual. What a word. It could mean so much and so little at the same time. Depending on a person's view, being gay can either mean attraction to the same sex, or attraction to the SAME SEX. Some would accept it as a natural lifestyle; you can't help who you like. Others view it as forbidden, unnatural, unholy...or just plain wrong.

Raven really didn't care for the word. To her, love was love. It shouldn't matter what gender the person is. Besides, she only loved Chelsea. She wasn't really attracted to any other girls...or guys. Chelsea Daniels was and would be the only person for her...she was sure of it.

Unfortunately, Chelsea was the third thing in her way. Chelsea didn't share Raven's feelings when it came to screaming "I love you's" from the mountain tops. Chelsea, like Raven, was afraid of what her parents would think, but she was more afraid of what the student body of Bayside High would think. Up until they started their relationship, Raven always thought that Chelsea was a very confident individual who carried herself well. She didn't know that Chelsea cared about what other people thought of her. It depressed her.

But, they couldn't hide it forever. Both girls knew that. And Raven was patient; she could wait until her girlfriend was ready. Girlfriend...now there was a word that Raven liked a lot.

"We should get going, it looks like it's gonna rain."

"So?" Chelsea said, looking at Raven; her eyes twinkling.

"Listen girl, I know you love to dance in the rain, but I just got my hair done. It can't get wet for twenty four hours."

"You should've brought an umbrella."

"Yeah well, I didn't plan on staying outside. I thought we were going to the movies. I didn't know we were gonna be here till you met me in front of the theater with a blanket in your hand."

"Isn't the park so much better though?"

Raven looked back up at the sky. "Yeah. I guess." Then, she sat up. "But I'm not staying here any longer. I'm hungry, and I want to be inside before it starts to pour."

Chelsea sat up too, stretching out her arms. "Okay, all right. You win." They stood up and Chelsea whispered. "But you owe me a dance missy. No excuses next time."

"Deal." Raven sighed, and then looked around the park. "Seal it with a kiss?"

Chelsea rolled her eyes. "Well, handshakes never do it for us anymore."

Raven laughed and scanned the park again. When she was sure they were alone, she kissed Chelsea quickly on the mouth. Chelsea smiled, and then bent down, grabbing the blanket and folding it up.

Thunder cracked above them. "Hurry up." Raven said as they began to quickly make their way down the path to the park's entrance.

She grabbed Chelsea's hand and began to run. Chelsea staggered on, not being able to keep up with her suddenly lightening fast friend. When they hit the streets where crowds of people walked, Chelsea pulled her hand from Raven's. Raven ignored it, it was routine by now.

"Over there." Raven pointed to the pizzaria across the street as the loud boom of thunder rolled above them.

They ran diagonally across the middle of the street, waving off the cars that slowed to let them pass. Just as Raven reached the door and the girls threw themselves inside, it began to rain.

"Whew." Raven said, looking out of the clear glass windows, watching people scatter. "That was close."

Chelsea rolled her eyes as they found an empty table in the corner of the pizzaria. "What would happen exactly if your hair did get wet?"

"You know Mufasa from 'The Lion King?'"


"We'd share a strong resemblance."

"Oh." Chelsea winced, understanding the severity of the situation. Raven nodded, making a 'poof' sound and moving her hands around her head, as if her hair were three feet wide on all sides.

The waitress approached them, watching Raven with mild interest. Raven noticed her and quickly put her hands down. The waitress grabbed her pen and notepad and said, "What can I get for you?"

"Two slices, one plain and the other full of vegetables. And two orange sodas."

"Is that all?" The waitress chewed, her pink gum swirling around in her mouth.

Raven looked at her nametag and smiled. "Yes, Flo. That will be all." Then she leaned in a whispered. "Hey Chels, look, it's your waitress name."

Chelsea looked at Raven, confused. The waitress looked up from her notepad, eyebrows raised.

Chelsea looked at the nametag and immediately turned red. "Raven." She muttered under her breath, putting a hand on her forehead and looking away in humiliation.

Flo looked at Raven for a moment, and then back at her notepad. "Okay. Your order will be ready in a few."

As the waitress walked away, Raven burst into laughter. Chelsea grabbed a napkin from the dispencer, crumpled it up, and threw it at Raven. "Jerk. I can't believe you said that in front of her!"

"Aw come on 'Flo.' I was just kidding around. Besides, she didn't even look like she cared."

"I forgot all about 'Flo.' I'm surprised you remember."

At that point, Raven stopped laughing. She looked deep into Chelsea's eyes and said, "You know, its weird. I remember alot of that stuff. A lot of the little things."


"Yeah." Then, Raven began to subtly move the table away from the wall. Chelsea pushed herself back a little, watching Raven with mild alarm.

"What are you doing?"

"Put your hand here." Raven whispered, putting her arm in the new space between the table and the wall.


"Trust me."

Chelsea looked at Raven and then hesitantly put her hand between the table and the wall, afraid of what was beyond what she could see. She jumped when she felt Raven's fingers intertwine with hers.

"What are you doing?" Chelsea whispered, looking around wildly.

"Chels, relax. No one can see us." Raven said, laughing a little. "I just want to hold your hand. It makes me feel...safe." She whispered.

Chelsea's eyes widened. "Oh Rae, I don't--"

Raven slipped her fingers from Chelsea's. "It's okay. I understand."

"No. It's good." Chelsea said, her eyes shining. "Please...don't let go."

Raven sighed happily, grabbing Chelsea's hand again.

They sat there in silence, losing themselves in each other's eyes. They only time they broke their gaze was when Flo returned with their order.

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