Dominion of The Butterfly-Chapter 9

Sara walked into the dressing room at the Dominion with her make up kit, ready to go. She was not surprised to find Heather there. She was surprised to see a garment bag, though and glad to have the distraction of the bag to momentarily avoid the conversation they needed to have.

Sara smiled, "So what's in the bag? It looks a little substantial to be lingerie."

Heather smiled back, glad that things were not awkward and zipped open the bag. Inside was a pearl pink raw silk sheath with a matching jacket. There was also a pair of shoes, hose and La Perla lingerie to match. Sara thought the outfit was elegant, and was almost looking forward to putting it on. She started to work the buttons of her shirt, when Lady Heather put a hand on her arm. "Sara…"

Sara turned to Lady Heather and she blushed. "About the other day, I think something was brewing and we just got carried away. I think that having the freedom to live out your every fantasy here gives you an energy that makes you want to do things….things that you might not normally consider. But I'm not sorry they happened."

Heather looked at Sara quizzically, "But what about Grissom?"

Sara gave Heather a small shrug. "I don't know. After tonight I am putting in for some vacation and I am going to take some time to clear my head and think about myself, I know I want Grissom in my life, but I have to figure out how I can move on and be happy without him as well."

Heather put her arm on Sara's. "Baby doll, I think you will be just fine." She gave Sara's arm a squeeze and got ready to leave the room. "Let me know if you need help," Heather added, motioning towards the dress and makeup table.

Sara nodded. "You know Heather; I think I can do it myself."

Heather gave a gentle laugh. "Well, then my work here is done."

Sara quickly got dressed, enjoying the feel of the lingerie and raw silk dress against her skin. After applying her make-up and pulling her hair into a loose French twist, she looked in the mirror, smiling at her elegant appearance.

Sara then straightened her shoulders and went into her rendezvous room for one last meeting with Lurie.

After receiving the message about Sara's visit, Grissom and Catherine picked up some lattes and scones from Starbucks and headed to the Dominion. Catherine was being a little frosty with Grissom after hearing from Sara about the latest events at the Dominion. Grissom was not discouraging the frostiness, since it at least provided him with a modicum of peace and quiet. They walked into the Dominion, and were greeted by Lady Heather, who gratefully took the no-sugar soy triple café latte and sugar free blueberry scone as they settled into the comfortable leather chairs of the observation room.

Heather and Grissom gave each other an awkward grin and Heather gave Grissom a light punch on the arm. She smirked and told him. "Wait until you see our girl." Catherine nearly snorted latte up her nose when she heard that one, and knew that she was going to get a full story out of Grissom if she had to tie him to a chair and threaten his tarantula with bodily harm. However, Catherine wondered, how do you threaten bodily harm on a tarantula without actually touching it.

Heather flipped a switch and the observation room became comfortably dim so each person could be alone with their observations. Immediately you could see Sara setting up the snack tray. From the back, Grissom and Heather could admire Sara's toned ass and long legs in the smooth stockings and dress. When Sara turned around, Grissom could not help but give a small gasp. Sara looked so lovely and elegant in that dress, she was a walking Audrey Hepburn movie.

Heather and Catherine were also charmed by the woman's appearance, while Catherine was also thinking that if Sara looked like that at the office more often, Catherine would quickly lose her status as the pretty one. Shaking her head, trying to rid herself of such a petty thought, Catherine focused her attention on Lurie's arrival instead.

Grissom had to admit, that Lurie looked good. Instead of the jeans and button downs he wore in his other visits; he was attired in a suit that fit so well, it had to be custom made. Lurie had a bouquet of cream colored roses in one hand that looked nearly bridal, with some folders in his other hand, and a look that was the embodiment of the canary stuffed cat. He put his folders down on the table and first presented Sara with the bouquet. He then took Sara's hand kissed it and gave her a hug.

It surprised Grissom that Sara did not seem bothered by the affection and even returned the hug. Settling Lurie down on the overstuffed loveseat, she smiled and thanked him for the lovely dress. Lurie returned the thanks by complimenting her that the dress was only made lovely by her wearing it.

Sara then turned to Lurie. "Seriously though Vincent, aren't we a little overdressed for Parcheesi?"

Lurie smiled, "Princess, we are not playing Parcheesi tonight."

Sara smiled again, "Scrabble?"

Lurie laughed. "Darling sit down, I want to talk to you." Sara took off the jacket sat down next to Lurie, her bare shoulders gleaming next to the pale pink of the silk dress.

Lurie took Sara's hand and continued, "Do you remember the other night when you asked me if I ever wanted to get away from everything and start over?"

Sara nodded, wondering where this was going. Lurie smiled and pulled the folders off the table. "Debbie, sweetheart, I gave it some thought, and you were right. We both need to get away. There is nothing for us here in Vegas. I miss the seasons, I miss normal people. I miss having to plan things in your life around places being closed."

Sara nodded. Lurie took the nods as a sign to continue. "Anyway I called my friend Peter in Boston. We roomed together at Harvard and he has always been bugging me to come out there. I e-mailed him the other night when I left here and he told me that there was a chief of surgery position open at Emerson Hospital. He assured me that the submission of my CV would merely be a formality, since he was the chief of staff, and a wing of the hospital is named after his father-in-law. I also spoke to his wife Cynthia, who is a realtor and she overnighted these to me.

Like an eager boy sharing a favorite toy, Lurie handed the folders to Sara. She opened them, looking with surprise at photos and descriptions of mansions. Lurie took her stunned silence as a good thing kissing her on the cheek continued. "I thought one of these places might be good. This one has 6 bedrooms and 4 and a half baths."

Sara was struggling to gain her composure. "Vincent, what would we need 6 bedrooms for two people."

Vincent laughed. Well two of the bedrooms create the servants suite. I thought you would want a live in housekeeper to start and a nanny for when the children are born. We could do the nursery in butterflies, and you could decorate the whole house, Cynthia knows a great interior designer."

Sara laughed albeit a little nervously. "Vincent, you want me to give up work to decorate."

Vincent grinned. "Well you don't have to darling, you could work at the hospital if you wanted, or you could volunteer. Cynthia told me that the hospital always needed people on its committees and that your nursing expertise would be an invaluable asset to the organization. Then when the babies come, you will be busy with them."

Sara quirked. "How many babies were you thinking about?"

Vincent laughed. "Well darling, you always said you wanted four kids. Although we would have to get started right away, since I'm not getting any younger." Vincent sat silently to give his Debbie a chance to take it all in.

Sara nodded. "So you want me to move to Massachusetts with you."

Lurie smiled, and got down on one knee. "Debbie, I never knew what true happiness was until I met you and you started to love me. You are all I think about. I want to eat with you, sleep with you, and be with you, without doors, without boundaries. I want to be able to wake up every day and thank God for bringing you into my life. Debbie, I am risking my heart asking you, but I cannot live any longer without you. Deborah Marie Marlin, will you marry me? I promise I will do everything in my power everyday to make you glad you took the risk"

Sara tried to find her voice as Lurie pulled the tell tale Robin's egg blue box from his pocket. Nestled in the pale grey velvet was a classic Tiffany's two carat diamond ring. She could help but tear up as she heard the words from Lurie's mouth that she had been longing to hear from Grissom's for the past six years. Lurie took the tears as tears of joy and placed the ring on her finger, took Debbie in his arms and kissed her.

Next door in the observation room, Grissom's pulse was nearing 150. That bastard, how could he just sit there and say everything to Sara that he had wanted to say for so long. It was if Lurie could read his heart and was stealing his ideas. Grissom stood and stomped to the glass. He turned to Heather and Catherine who was taking in the scene opened mouthed. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. However, before the trio could act, they were distracted by Sara's voice coming from the other room.

Sara had broken Lurie's embrace and stood up. Trembling she told him, "Vincent, that is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my whole life. A girl can go a lifetime and never hear anything so romantic."

Lurie broke in. "So you'll marry me Debbie? We can get married tonight. We can honeymoon in Italy, Debbie; I promise I will show you a wonderful life."

Sara put up her hand. "Stop interrupting me, please, Lurie." Lurie's face began to fall at the use of his last name. He felt the flush rising to his cheeks, but he managed to let Debbie continue.

Sara decided that her babbling habit would probably come in useful at this time. "I appreciate what you are offering me, really I do, but I can't accept. I don't want to marry you."

Vincent smiled, "You mean you can't marry me right now. That's fine, we can get engaged and move to Concord and you can marry me once we settle in. We can have a housewarming and wedding."

Sara felt her temper begin to flare. Grissom, Catherine and Heather also noticed that Sara's posture was beginning to change to her angry posture and they stood spellbound by the mirror.

"Vincent, I can't marry you, not tonight, not ever. I don't love you."

Lurie looked at Sara incredulously, "Debbie of course you love me."

Sara looked at him levelly. "No. I don't. Dr. Lurie. Its time for me to tell you the truth."

Lurie spat at her. "Who are you in love with then, some fuck buddy stud resident at Desert Palms?"

Sara shook her head, "No, Lurie, it's not what you think."

Lurie grabbed Sara and pulled the ring off her finger, causing her to gasp in pain. "It's probably exactly what I think. You've been off fucking some hotshot kid doctor who doesn't know which end of the scalpel is used for the incision." Lurie gripped Sara's wrist very tightly, causing her to gasp in pain. In the observation room, Catherine and Heather had a similar grip on Grissom to keep him from storming through the glass. Catherine barked at him. "Gil, give Sara some time to finish with him. She is not going to leave that room without getting what she came here for."

Grissom turned to Catherine and shook her off. "Am I supposed to wait for him to kill her Catherine? Seeing Debbie dead was like watching Sara die, when that lunatic from the asylum attacked her I nearly had a fucking heart attack, and now you want me to watch Lurie hurt her.

Heather broke in. "We won't let him hurt our girl. Let's give her another minute." The three of them turned towards the mirror to watch Sara break away.

"Lurie it's not what you think. I am not Debbie Marlin. Debbie Marlin is dead. You slit her throat and killed her."

Luire advanced on Sara again. "No, you're Debbie." Lure went for her wrists again but Sara darted out of the way.

"No!" Sara yelled forcefully. "I am not Debbie Marlin. Debbie is dead. My name is Sara Sidle, I am not a nurse, I am a criminalist, and I do not love you."

Lurie made it across the room in three steps. "No, you do love me." Lurie grabbed Sara and pushed her against the wall. "You love me and tonight you are going to prove it."

Sara yelled. "I do not love you." Lurie slapped her. Heather restrained Grissom while Catherine called for back up.

"Who do you love you slut, tell me or I'll kill you."

Sara yelled. "Who I love is not your business."

Lurie continued, while the others stood transfixed on the other side of the glass. "Or can you not love anyone, like Debbie, all you can do is spread your legs and send them away the day they can't perform."

Sara found her voice again. "No." Lurie held Sara against the wall and began to grip her throat tightly. Sara told Lurie that he was hurting her, but that only made him increase the pressure. Remembering her weaponless training, she jammed her manolo blanik shoe one the sock covered top of Lurie's foot. Yelping in pain, he let her go and Sara went to the other side of the room shouting.

"Lurie, it's not true, I'm not like that. I am in love with someone. I've been in love with him for 10 years, but we've never even kissed,"

Lurie chuckled lightly. "Well my dear, maybe he does not love you."

Sara shook her head, "He loves me, but he is afraid to take the risk."

Lurie snapped his head at that phrase. "You are in love with that strange little man from the lab?"

Sara snapped, "He is not strange. He's just Grissom."

Lurie advanced on Sara again and caught her. He turned her towards the mirror. "Is Grissom watching?" Lurie looked up at the ceiling "Can you hear me Grissom, can you see me. I thought you were a pathetic excuse for a man in that interrogation, but now I know you are a coward. Sending in your whore to try and trap me. Good one."

Lurie had Sara in a headlock and looked at her in the mirror, "I must commend you Grissom. You could not have found a better Debbie if you went to central casting and hired one, but now, she will die, and then you Grissom, you will have nothing. Grabbing Sara he began to apply pressure to her throat.

Sara tried to fight him off, but it only made him grip harder. Lurie smiled at Sara. "Well darling, a scalpel I won't have the pleasure of watching you bleed for your sins, but at least I can watch your breath leave you."

Sara gasped, "So you did kill Debbie and Michael?"

Lurie tightened his grasp. "And Sara you are next." With that Grissom and Catherine burst through the door with their guns drawn. Grissom shouted. "Let her go Lurie, its over."

Lurie merely laughed and put Sara more in front of him so neither Grissom or Catherine could shoot him without shooting her. "Grissom, it's not over until she stops breathing. Now if you want me to even think about your precious Sara getting out of here alive, you need to put your gun down." Grissom and Catherine both complied.

Sara quickly realizing that Lurie was indeed serious knew what she had to do. She rolled her eyes held her breath and made herself go limp.

Lurie, surprised how quickly she went unconscious, loosened his grip on Sara. Sara took advantage of her position by biting Lurie on the wrist as hard as she could. Pulling back his hand and yelling in surprise, Sara was able to escape.

Sara ran across the room and grabbed the pistol from the table. She pointed it at Lurie and yelled, "No one calls me a whore Lurie, no one." Aiming at his head, Sara got ready to shoot, as Lurie rushed her. There was a quick Struggle as Grissom rushed them and shot rang out, and Lurie found himself hit in the thigh. Screaming in pain, he fell to the floor, as Sara watched him, shaking in defiance and fear.

Grissom grabbed Sara and moved her out of the way, as Brass showed up with the paramedics. They took Lurie away and examined Sara, recommending mostly that she rest.

Sara sat on the couch shivering, so Grissom put his jacket on her shoulders. The two of them sat together silently until the room was cleared.

Sara nodded towards the window. "I guess you heard all of that."

Grissom nodded. "I did."

Sara looked at Grissom. He noted the hard resolve fighting with the softness in her eyes.

"Grissom, I am not expecting a response. It's been a tough night, and I said some things…"

Grissom lightly ran his fingers over her wrist, being careful at where Lurie left marks. He then picked up her hand and kissed the underside of her wrist and sighed, "Honey, I wish you wouldn't always let me off the hook like that."

Sara leaned into Grissom lightly and smiled, and yawned. "We do have to talk Grissom."

Grissom nodded. "We do, but for now, let me take you home, you need some rest."

Sara's stomach grumbled breaking the tension. "Apparently I need some food too. Can we hit a drive though on the way to my apartment?"

Grissom took her hand. "You know Sara; at my place I have all the makings for French toast, and a spare bedroom

Hand in hand they left.

Epilogue-One Month Later.

Grissom was finishing up his shift. Lurie confessed to everything and pled out to avoid the death penalty. He was now residing at the Hospital for the criminally insane where Adam Trent had resided

He looked up to see Sara standing in his doorway. "Goodnight Grissom."

Grissom laughed. "You can hardly say goodnight when we are going to see each other in eight hours."

Sara shared a laugh. "Of course, don't forget to pack your migraine medicine. Flights lasting longer than four hours are known to be a migraine trigger."

Grissom nodded. The two of them had spent some time talking after Lurie was brought into custody and they agreed that they had a lot of issues to work out. Over the next few weeks, through lunches and dinners they went over their past together and tried to free each hurt do they could have a clean future.

When Sara had mentioned her trip to Italy, and Grissom called in some favors to get them permission to take vacation time together. They were looking forward to having the opportunity to be alone and finish working things out and have the fresh start they were craving.

They agreed on separate rooms, but both were secretly hoping that they would not need separate rooms for long.

The End.

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