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My Mistake

It had finally been done…what had seemed so impossible before had now been completed. I smiled to myself as I leaned back in the computer chair, playing ping to pass the time. Usually, I would be working earnestly to complete the very program I was just talking about before, even when it was two in the morning.

But it was finished, and I had grown very accustomed to the late nights and early mornings-especially now, for I had a bad case of insomnia. I guess it's because I'm thinking about her…but that isn't the story here.

If it was any other time of day, I'd probably be with her right now, instead of playing this old game and talking to myself…but she's sane, so she's asleep right now…something she's not very used to. It had been so hard getting her to this world, but now I was the happiest man alive!

And there I go ranting about her again. I just can't seem to stop myself. And really, now I laugh so much easier, like someone doesn't have to push on my stomach and force it out anymore…it just comes.

Anyway, although that is very important to me- she's very important to me- that still isn't the story here. The story is about what happened after she was here…when even a genius like me ended up screwing up.

How so? You ask… well I guess I'll tell you, since it's two in the morning on a Wednesday night and I can't seem to sleep anyhow. You see, one thing you need to know about me is that I'm very shy when it comes to expressing my feelings… and that could be my downfall here. But in fact, it wasn't. My telling her my feelings was what got me into a lot of trouble.

When Aelita first came into France and out of Lyoko, we had to worry about finding her a place to stay. That wasn't any trouble as long as she went to Kadic…she could just move into the dorms. Well, that was easier said than done.

X (This is was happened two weeks ago)

"Mr. Delmas?" I asked, peering into his office, his door cracked a little as my head poked in. The headmaster looked up and smiled at me.

"Hello Jeremie, anything I can do for you?"

I stepped into the office and nodded shyly. "Yes sir…you see my cousin, Aelita, is coming to live in France and wanted to attend Kadic…she turned in her paperwork last week…"

He nodded, then slid his chair over and opened one of the drawers to his big filing cabinet. Finally, he withdrew a slim folder and slid his chair back to his desk.

"Yes…Aelita Lyoko. Well, I don't have a problem with her coming here. Will she be staying in the dorms?"

I fidgeted; I didn't lie very often so it was hard. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Would it be okay?"

He smiled and nodded, sending relief all through my body. "Bring her here tomorrow and I'll give her the key to her room…"


So you're probably thinking…so what? You got her a dorm, isn't that what you wanted. Well, yes, that's what I wanted, very much so in fact, but obviously you didn't catch my mistake. Well, that's okay, but it had to be Sissy who caught it.

To understand what I mean, we have to go back yet again, to before Sissy found out. The very day I made my mistake… I told her I loved her.


I sat on the bench outside of school, where our gang usually met up, Aelita beside me. Gods she's so beautiful… I could barely speak, I was so scared.

This isn't what normally happened, usually the conversation just flowed between us, and we never fought, another unusual trait, but now, it was weird, I could barely even look at her.

She was staring out in the distance, watching the sun set, completely entranced. "Jeremie, it's even more beautiful than you described it…"

I smiled at her easy pleasure; it didn't take much to make her happy, and worried about what I was going to say. I had barely said anything to her this whole time.

"Are you alright Jeremie?"

Great, think genius, think! "I'm fine…just thinking…"

"About?" she inquired, taking her eyes off the sky and laying them on me. I know I blushed, because I could feel the immense amount of heat flow to my cheeks.

I fidgeted again, a bad habit of mine, and looked away. "Do you think… people have true loves?" I finally asked, trying to word it without it looking so obvious that I was talking about her.

She nodded, a hopeless romantic like herself would nod, and I should've known that. "I think everyone has someone they're supposed to be with…"

"…" I didn't say anything.

"Why do you ask?" she asked me, now slowly turned her gaze back on the darkening sky.

I didn't answer, and she didn't pry, thank goodness. Instead, she asked a question probably just as difficult.

"Jeremie," she whispered, still looking away. "What does love feel like?"

If anyone would've asked me this before I met her, I wouldn't have known. But now I did.

"Like… well, when you're around someone you love, your heart beats faster, and sometimes you get sweaty and nervous. But, also when you're around them, you can't help but feel happy and only think of them…" I replied, trying to word my own emotions at this very moment. But it was hard.

She looked at me, crimson-stained cheeks glowing off the remaining sunlight. "I think… maybe I'm in love," her voice was in almost a whisper.

My heart sank…she couldn't have been talking about me. But, if I didn't tell her how I felt soon, she might find someone else, maybe that guy would love her back.

Panicking, I did the only think I could think of. "So am I." I said, my voice not very shaky.

Her eyes drooped, which surprised me. "Oh," was the only word from her mouth. She started to stand, "We should go back, it's getting late."

I wasn't thinking anymore at this moment, and grabbed her wrist, preventing her from moving another step. She turned and looked at me, cocking her head a little.


I shushed her, and stood up too, brushing some stray strands of hair from her eyes after I stood up, one hand still wrapped around her thin wrist.

"What are you doing?" she asked, the confusion in her voice ringing like a bell.

Still, I wasn't thinking as I said before, I didn't answer. Instead I gently pressed my lips against hers, sending tingles down my whole body and giving me goose bumps. I tasted strawberry, some of Yumi's lip gloss I later presumed.

But at that very moment in time, all I could think about was her.

She pulled away a few seconds later, staring at me confused. "What?"

"I…love…you," I said slowly and quietly, so scared of what she would do. The realization of what I had just done now coming to me.

Aelita gasped, making me turn away. Great, now she hated me…

"I…love you too Jeremie," I heard her sweet voice whisper back.


You're probably still wondering why I'm upset…shouldn't that had been a happy moment? Well, yes, and it was, until a few seconds later…


Before I could reply, I heard the bushes shake and stepped protectively in front of Aelita, not even thinking about it.

Sissy came out of the bushes, a mixture between horror and snobiness plastered on her face.

"You just…but I thought…what the…wait till I tell Daddy about this!" she said finally, still having a look of awe on her face.

I looked at her confused. "What?" I asked.

She smirked, "Don't play dumb with me Jeremie Belpois… You told Daddy that SHE," she pointed to Aelita, who was still behind me, "Was her cousin. Why are you kissing your cousin!"


Now you understand why I made a mistake… calling her my cousin. Everyone at school had been introduced to Aelita, Jeremie's cousin. Suddenly it dawned on me that Aelita and I, now finally expressing our feelings to one another, still couldn't act like a couple, though we were in fact.

But, it doesn't matter anymore… I love Aelita, and she's my girl, whether or not we can express it at school… I have her now… and I'm the happiest man alive…


Sorry story, I know. That was my first Jeremie/Aelita. Also, I know the context was a little weird, but it really was two in the morning when I started this. And on a Wednesday night no less. Lol! Anyway, please don't let the crummy context of this chapter keep you from reading the next one-shot. And no, this one-shot and the next DO NOT go together.

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