Okay introduction time I'm Tory chan I love anime especially Ranma 1/ 2 hence the fact I'm writing a fanfic. I have read fanfics where Ranma and Ukyo are siblings or Ranma and Ranko are. I have decided to make them both his sisters. You can email me but please no flames. And now on to the story. P.s. I don't own Ranma 1/ 2 if I did I wouldn't be writing this story.

"Genma Saotome," called a nurse urgently.

Genma looked up, "Yes," he answered nervously.

"Your wife wants to see you. Follow me," she said. Genma followed the nurse to his wife's room. Genma stood in the doorway looking at his wife.

"Genma come see our children." she said with a beautiful smile on her face while pointing to the crib in the room. Genma walked over and saw three babies together.

'He had three children incredible!' He thought to himself.

"Two girls and one boy," said Nodoka proudly, her voice braking Genma out of his reverie.

"I want to name the girls Ukyo and Ranko," she continued, "You can name our son."

"Ranma will be his name" he said.

Six years later

"Nodoka where are you ?" Genma called.

"I m in the kitchen," she called back. . Genma walked to the kitchen.

"Now Ranko remember to watch the food closely," she said smiling at the little redhead.

"Okay mom," she said, smiling happily.

"Ukyo, let's see that okonomiyaki."

"All right." said another girl with long brown hair.

Nodoka beamed, "You are both coming along excellently."

"Daddy!" Ranko exclaimed and grabbed him in a hug.

"Oh Genma good you're here Ukyo can you get Ranma for dinner."

The little girl nodded, and ran out followed by Ranko.

"Nodoka," Genma said. "I need to speak with you after dinner in a serious tone."

20 minutes later

"What you want to take Ranma on a training trip for 10 years?" She asked in shock.

Genma fidgeted slightly, "But dear he will be soft if he stays here." He replied gruffly.

"But what about Ukyo and Ranko? You and I both know how much they love their brother. They do everything he does." She said angrily. "If you want to take Ranma on a trip like that we are all going to go." She said determinedly.

Genma sighed in resignation. But secretly was pleased everything was going according to plan.

10 years later

"Pops, I'm not goin' anywhere like this," said a young girl with her hair in a pigtail. "I can't meet them looking like this." she said angrily. "I'm going back to china to find a cure im sure Ukyo and Ranko will help me," she said, and turned around and walking away.

"Ranma where are you going?" said a young girl with long brown hair.

"Oh, to find a cure." he said softly.

"Ranma dear lets first go see your fathers friend." Said an older lady who carried a katana on her back.

"'Kay, mom." he said resigned.

"Don't worry Ranma we'll help you find a cure!" chirped a cute redheaded girl.

"Right, just trust us Ranma." Ukyo the girl in question nodded her head.

Ranma smiled at them all, "Thanks guys." he said .

The Saotome family headed towards the Tendo dojo.

– At the Tendo's Dojo–

"Now that must be Ranma" Soun said excitedly. He went towards the door followed by Nabiki. He soon came back followed by three women and two men. "Ranma, now these are my three daughters, Kasumi nineteen, Nabiki seventeen, and Akane sixteen pick any one you want they will be your fiancee."

"Wait a minute!" Ranma objected. "I don't know them, and they don't know me."