( I do not own gangs of New York in any way though that fat head scoresese does.)

Before we Begin i have to say I hated the Movie after it went to Vallon and the Butcher and all that.. To much Poltics but hey It was a good story.

Anyway most of the Gangs had their Own little "Thing" As they call it. The Swamp Angels had there thief rings, the Plug Uglys were Brawlers, and the Shirt Tails were Pretty boys.

Or so we Thought Maybe its time we look to beyond the story and see what the gangs were like.

Remy Lawlend High Ranking member of the Shirt Tails Talking with a News Reporter. The Following is the Report and words form Remy Lawlend explaining of the Gangs in the five points. Note: While Remy was talking with the Reporter a Young girl was Tending to His hair.

"Lets Begin easily shall we? First lets get to know what the five points are. I mean the Real truth of this Area. This place isn't owned by the Irish. infact even if the Irish came in hoards most of the German Populace pretty much stood over them. The Five Points though is Irish turf because of the immigrants that Go there to shop. Now What would you Like to Know of the Five Points?"

Q: What Gangs are in the Five Points?

A: "Well lets see. First you Got us. Its weird isn't it? The Pretty boys are a gang? As Any would know awhile back the orignal Members were big time rumblers till we became obesed with out looks that we became wimps as you would call it. "The Shirt Tails could never do anything not even fight for fear of breaking a Nail" Rubbish of course we take pride in our looks but keep in mind we are still a Gang. Unlike the Others we have Closer affairs with the Uptown Gangs. But enough of that.

Then you Have the Plug Uglys. One of our Closest Rivals. These guys are a strange lot they are. I mean...hold on one moment...Krystal its not a Dogs hair its cat you don't scratch a cat you pet it. Pet the Hair not Scratch it. Anyway beyond there secret language and love of Violence we have our Differneces back in the old days with the Dead Rabbits...bad days those were. We fought with them out of Racism. The Orignal Plugs were from Ireland most of our Members were from Italy and germany. Remeber Gang organizations are Racist and Not Racist when they are and aren't. Anyway Then you got the 40 thieves. Little Cheek Kid Gang we Rile with the older Members there Teen memebers that is. The Big time 40s have been tough ever since the old days. A Word of Advice if oyu get in a Rumble wear the best and yet Worst clothes you can find so you won't get them too dirty. Theres alot of them to say to many to tell at once so you may have go to a Different Question."

Q:How loyal are you to the butcher?
A" YOur Joking Right? Everyone has to be loyal to him. We have been loyal to him just to keep our own asses in check. espicially if we don't want to end up as the Bills new slice of Meat for thanksgiving."

Q: What is your Tribal warfare like now?

A: "Right now we are at a war with the Bowery Boys. You May be wondering why is that? Well the Reason is because they have a Certain area we need for our Higher ups if you will and I mean beyond the Butcher himself. Big Pay off if we get there to problem is How hard will it be?"

Remy Lawlend was Shot about 2 hours later by a Group of 7 who were said to be part of a Federation of Natives based Gang.

The Reason was for talking to the reporter on these terms of the Life in Five Points. The Report was published two days later.

(It ain't over yet Plug Uglys get there own Thing as Well so do some of the others.)