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Author's Note

Hello everyone. This story is set in the 7th Year of Hogwarts and as I thought of it before Half Blood Prince was released, it carries on like Book 6 never occurred. Sorry. Here is the prologue and some background information about this story. I have not posted the first chapter in this part because otherwise my background stuff would be longer then my story, so I thought I'll post it after.


Draco tells his friends that he could make any girl fall for him. Unfortunately, his fellow slytherin buddies want to test this theory, on whom else but…..Hermione Granger. (NOTE: I solemnly swear that I will finish this fanfic. Even if it takes me a year! I will!)

Background Information

-One of the only incidents I kept from the books is Dumbledore dying because it was so dramatic (as I've heard). (Note: By the way I haven't read the book yet because I'm saving it but I still know the basic facts)

-Sirius Black is alive! Although we don't hear much from him in this story but come on I had to make my favourite dead character alive! Well the thing is he was sum how retrieved from the horrible mean evil veil, because Bellatrix was pushed into the veil by Hermione. And you like the world works in opposites, so Sirius came out and they destroyed the veil. By the way this is NOT what I think is going to happen or NOT what is going to happen; as unfortunately I am not a seer(someone who can see the future), although I can tell you that I can tell when what's going to happen in Eastenders (by looking at the magazines in the newspapers which have spoilers.

-Also Harry and Hermione are head boy and girl and Harry is quidditch captain as Draco is.

Rating-Rated T because "Shit" can be considered inappropriate as some might others might be. Basically, Just in case.


More Information

At the end of every chapter I will provide a template review which you can copy and paste into the review box and fill it out. So that it's easy. I will also have some Bonus features for those who have the time.