Elixir of Life

Elixir 07

At the End of the Universe, Rickoon, Maximus and Minimus continued studying the black holes and working on devices to get past them or get them out of the way if they really were fully magical. The heavy metal door of the building began to open as if by magic. "Were you expecting someone?" Maximus asked.

"No, you two go hide," Rickoon quickly got into his robotic alien disguise. The door should not be opened that easily. Had his secret been discovered?

"Rickoon, where is the fuel orb?" The door closed behind the wizard Solovem as he asked his question.

Relived that it was someone familiar, even though not exactly an ally, Rickoon removed his disguise and Maximus and Minimus came out of hiding. "It's in the basement but I'm using it. Do you need it back? I'll trade back if you dispel the black holes near here, that is if they really are fully magical and won't be dangerous to dispel."

"Yes they are magical but they are also technological. Good to see you're here too Maximus, it saves me the trouble of tracking you down," Solovem said.

"Why were you looking for me?" Maximus asked.

"Because I need an Over Loader, a big one," Solovem revealed. "To power it the fuel orb will be required. This is to stop Oscuro by over loading him in his own power."

Rickoon, Maximus and Minimus looked confused. "Who?" The three asked at the same time.

Solovem shook his head; it seemed that they had not heard the news. "While the three of you are here, Oscuro, a dark wizard, is out destroying the galaxy. I stopped him years ago with my magic because I did not want a wizard more powerful then me to exist, but this time..."

"You're too old for this now?" Maximus asked.

Solovem glared. "Silence! Does it not bother you that Oscuro is causing more destruction than you could?"

That hit a sensitive spot for Maximus and he was determined to stop Oscuro. "How big does the Over Loader have to be?"

"Big enough to use the fuel orb to full power," Solovem replied.

Maximus didn't know of the fuel orb's full capabilities but Rickoon had been using it for a while. The magical fuel orb could power any machine infinitely. It was one of the rare few magical artifacts that could successfully interact with technology. "Is that even possible without the Over Loader overloading?" The tanuki asked.

"Build a stabilizer for it ," Solovem explained the entire plan. "The goal is to overload the microchips contained in the black holes which are protected by magic. Then once the technological barrier is gone from the black holes I will remove the remaining magical barrier and the black holes, Oscuro's old powers will be released. He seemed to have regenerated his power but the magic he used to have is still sealed here, in the form of these black holes. Since it was his power no doubt he will absorb it. The magic itself should seek him out if he doesn't come for it. Then, since he already has recovered his power anew, absorbing his old magic will caused him to overload and be consumed by his own magic."

"Then let's begin, I'm not letting anyone cause more destruction than me!" Maximus agreed.

After a few hours of working, there was a knock on the door. "Solovem, Maximus, open the door," a girl's voice was heard from outside.

"Did you tell anyone else we're here?" Maximus asked.

"No and I didn't tell anyone I was coming, or of your location," Solovem answered.

"Is it a friend?" Minimus asked.

"She must be an ally by the sound of it," Rickoon reasoned. Though he wondered how she found them. He opened the door this time without his disguise and let her in.

"Atomic Betty! How did you find us?" Maximus sounded quite annoyed.

"So you were here too. I used a magic tracking devise to find Solovem after I realized he wasn't in Mortavio. I just thought you would be here too since I haven't heard from you lately and you probably wouldn't want to miss out on getting revenge against someone who is causing more destruction than you," Atomic Betty explained.

Maximus was not happy to be so predictable. "Stalker!"

Betty rolled her eyes and ignored Maximus, then asked Solovem. "Are planning to stop Oscuro?"

"Yes, it's a personal rivalry between me and him; it has nothing to do with helping the Galactic Guardians. I have no inconveniences in letting him cause a little more destruction before stopping him," Solovem replied.

"But I do!" Maximus complained. "No one causes more destruction than me. We need to stop him right away the Over Loader is almost finished."

So the unlikely and not completely willing team continued their work until the new and improved Over Loaded was complete. "You do realize I'll have to confiscate this after we use it," Betty pointed out.

"No way, after the black holes are taken care of, I'm using this on Galactic Guardian Headquarters!" Maximus did his classic evil laugh.

"Let's not discuss that now. I want to see this at work!" Rickoon was certainly excited about seeing what was past those black holes after they were removed.

The Over Loader was a success and the technological barrier from the black holes that were Oscuro's past magic was removed. However even though it worked, the Over Loader overloaded and blew up after its job was done so it seemed that Maximus wouldn't get a chance to use it on the Galactic Guardian Headquarters after all, it only worked with the fuel orb anyway and it had used all its power, proving that not even magic is infinite after all. Solovem removed the magical barrier, but to their surprise, as they went outside to see the black holes being set free, they found themselves surrounded by aliens.

"I knew I might eventually be discovered but why now?" Rickoon said.

"This is nothing we'll just... um... do something Atomic Betty!" Maximus complained.

"Me? Well I guess we'll have to fight if that's what they're looking for," Atomic Betty got ready for the action.

"There's no time for this!" Solovem reminded them.

The aliens looked at the dark wizard and started talking among themselves. "Are you Solovem the great wizard who defeated Oscuro in the past?" One of them finally asked.

"Yes, I am Solovem," the dark wizard replied.

The aliens paused for a moment before running off in a panic. "What was that all about?" Maximus asked.

"I am a legend in this galaxy." To that the lynx couldn't help it but to laugh. "What is so funny?" Solovem's voice echoed and dark magic surrounded him.

"No-nothing!" Maximus jumped back. More black magic came. "What's the problem now? I was laughing at... Minimus, yes, at Minimus, that's it!"

"I didn't do that," Solovem revealed.

"Overloading me with my own magic? Not a very creative plan. Oh wait, that's right, since you don't have enough magic of your own you need to try to use my own to defeat me. That's not happening Solovem!" Oscuro made himself visible in his true form. With both halves fused together he just looked like a mass of dark energy.

"That's what you say but no one can handle that much magic!" Solovem insisted.

Oscuro laughed evilly, which made Maximus angry because he felt he was being copied. The evil wizard then absorbed the magic and did not blow up. "Now I'm twice as powerful with this magic you gave me, your plan failed!"

"Why is he not blowing up? Did we just make him more powerful?" Maximus began to worry, yet everyone else seemed perfectly calm.

"It looks like everything worked out," Atomic Betty revealed.

"Exactly as planned," Rickoon agreed.

"Since I just gave you something and you accepted it, you must grant my wish and interpreting it in your own way will not work on me because my magic prevents it. You have no choice but to grant my wish the way I wish it and I wish you would lose all your magic forever!" Solovem put his real plan into action.

"No! That's worse than blowing up for a wizard!" Oscuro's magic acted on its own, granting Solovem's wish. It was then very easy for Atomic Betty to arrest him after he was left without magic. The evil wizard Oscuro, was finally defeated and the state of emergency declared all over the galaxy was over.

"That was the plan all along?" Maximus asked, to which Minimus and Rickoon nodded. "I knew that!"

Solovem returned to Mortavio and Atomic Betty returned to the Galactic Guardian Headquarters with Oscuro arrested.

"Now that the black holes are gone there's a whole universe out there to explore," Rickoon looked longingly at the dark skies.

"I'm curious about it, but I need to return to my position of supreme evil overlord. I've been missing for too long and I need to prove that I can cause more destruction than Oscuro," Maximus decided.

"To think that all this time Solovem only let me keep the fuel orb to hide it. He must have known I wasn't thinking about removing the black holes, and didn't care if anyone got past them, but now the black holes are gone so I can explore." Rickoon couldn't wait to go explore what was out there. "I guess it's goodbye."

"Not quite, since the fuel orb was lost, you'll need a good ship and supplies for your explorations. I can provide all of that if you work for me and bring back whatever powers are found in the far reaches of the universe," Maximus offered.

Rickoon grinned, "you have a deal!" Though he didn't say when he would be coming back.

In the end Oscuro was defeated, left without magic and arrested by Atomic Betty. Onebu took his rightful place as the ruler of Popunatu. Solovem reclaimed his position as the greatest dark wizard and threw a big party for Iciclea. Rickoon left on a journey to the far away unexplored corners of the universe and Maximus and Minimus returned to the lair to work on the next evil plan.

End of Elixir 07

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