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One Week Later

Jimmy, Cindy, Sheen, and Libby were sitting in Jimmy's lab, trying to hide from the press. Apparently twenty-nine kids surviving on an island for a month and then being rescued was a good story. Who would have guessed?

The four of them sat in silence, taking a sip from their drinks every once in a while. They were glad to be back home, but they missed their friends that had died, especially Carl.

"I miss him," Sheen muttered.

"Me too," Libby agreed.

"We all do," Jimmy noted.

"I just wish there was some way we could bring him back," Cindy whispered. Everyone nodded their heads.

Jimmy leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. Suddenly they shot open. "We can't bring him back, but we can keep him from going," he shouted. Everyone shrugged and followed Jimmy as he ran to the main computer.

"Come down for dinner!" Bobby's mom yelled.

"One second! I'm almost at level four!" Bobby shouted while playing his online game. The screen suddenly went blank. "What the?" he muttered.

Suddenly the screen came back on. A picture of Mike appeared onscreen. Michael Stephens. Age: 11. Days survived after crash: 9. Cause of death: shock from blood loss. Reason for being a hero: Died to get us food.

A few people stopped walking in Time Square and looked up. Everybody soon followed. They staredat the giant television screen and saw a picture of Butch. Butch Newton. Age: 12. Days survived after crash: 8. Cause of death: Injuries sustained from falling off a cliff. Reason for being a hero: Fell off the cliff during a hike to get medical supplies to save Michael Stephens.

Everyone in the library started whispering in confusion. They stared at the computer monitors. A picture of Nick was onscreen. Nicholas Dean. Age: 11. Days survived after crash: 36. Cause of death: dehydration. Reason for being a hero: Volunteered to go on a rescue raft to get help. Died on said raft.

People all over the world were very confused as the last picture came on screen. Carl Wheezer. Age: 11. Days survived after crash: 17. Cause of death: Infection/Murder. Reason for being a hero: Died bravely, even though it was someone's else fault for his death.

The four friends smiled a little as they turned on the news and saw a report on what they had just done. They walked out of the lab and headed to the Candy Bar.

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