Title- What you don't see.

Author- Melmel w

Full Summary- Pansy is known to be obsessed with Draco Malfoy. But what you don't know is that she is forced to do it by him. He treats her like dirt, making her his slave, and she can do nothing but comply to his needs. But someone tries so save her. He is the Boy-who-lived. PPHP

Disclaimer: If I did own Harry Potter then why on Earth would I be writing a fan fiction? So no, I do not own HP; JK Rowling does.

A/N- Hope you like this story. I'm just trying out this couple…

On with the story…

Chapter 1- Abuse

"Drakie! Hi Drakie Poo!" said Pansy as she ran up to Draco Malfoy. He was talking with his friends as usual, and Pansy was forced to do this to make him look good.

"Pansy, get your filthy disgusting hands off me!" he screamed as she cuddled up to him. 'You know how much I want to.' She thought angrily, but knew it made no difference stopping because that would just cause her punishment later.

His friends snickered, and his smirked the infamous Malfoy smirk.

"But Drakie, I love you so, come with me please?" she smiled and pushed out her chest, and jiggled her boobs in front of his face like she was ordered to do.

" Guys I guess I have to go, I have to make some girls urges come true...you know they can't get enough of me" he smirked. Pansy fought the urge to roll her eyes and puke. But she clung on to him all the same and cuddled him like life itself. One boy in Slytherin pushed them away. 'Blaise Zabini' she thought, after all she used to like him, but liking anyone else than Draco Malfoy in her life was a crime.

"Go on Draco, atleast you can get a shag, even if it is cheap and

easy." He said. Suddenly Pansy hated him very much, because that comment hurt her more than the whip marks on her back. Again she fought an urge, but this time she wanted to cry. But she had to hold back the tears because she would cry more when she got the punishment. So she said " Yeah Drakie, lets go up to your room and do some…things." She whispered the last part in his ear but just loud enough so everyone else could hear it.

All the boys punched Draco on the arm and had a mischievous smile on their face. "Go on Draco" a one that looked like a pig to Pansy…

'must be Crabbe or Goyle'. So Draco grabbed Pansy's arm and led her up to his room, and smirked back at his friends before pushing her into his head dorms.

"Having another go at the slut ferret?" said Hermione, while she was sitting on the couch reading, to Draco.

Her words stung like lemon juice being squeezed into Pansy's eyes.

"Actually mudblood, Drakie here was just about to do to me what no man could ever do to you" she sneered at Hermione.

"Whatever" Hermione scoffed and shoved past them into her room.

"I sure would do you mudblood!" Draco called to her. The truth was that Hermione had grown up to be one of the hottest witches at Hogwarts, and guys wanted her whether she was a muggleborn or not. Even one the most hottest wizards and one of the purest purebloods; Draco Malfoy.

"Get away from me ferret!" she called back.

"Never!" he screamed, then smirked. He dragged Pansy into his room and threw her very hardly on the floor.

He locked the door with a very advanced Dark arts spell and he cast the 'Silencio' charm on the room.

He turned around gave her a very dark evil look, and if looks could kill, Pansy would be dead on the spot.

"Why the hell did you turn Granger off me like that?" he fumed. " I'm sorry its just she irritates me…anyways I'm very very sorry, please I wont do it again" she pleaded. She knew begging for mercy showed weakness but she knew his wrath, and she really did not feel like getting beaten up today.

"That's no excuse. Now for your punishment." He sneered. "Crucio!" he shouted and a blast of light shot from his wand hitting Pansy right on the chest.

She screamed an ear splitting scream, while the pain shot through her veins. The tears wear freely falling down her face and he seemed to be amused by it.

"Now if you ever disobey me again, I might just have to resort to more…physical contact, if you catch my drift." He smirked. She shuddered at the thought.

He kicked her towards the door, which he now opened and bent down and said in her ear "Now get out of my room you scum." And he kicked her out the door. Her tears were still falling, but she had to come out looking dignified, and satisfied and most of all happy.

She ran out of the Head Dorms, and shoved past a very disgruntled Harry Potter with her head in her hands, still trying to hold in the sobs but failing miserably. All she wanted to do was get to her bed so she could just get a good nights rest and forget about the whole thing. So she ran to the Slytherin dungeons and did just that.


Well how do you like it? I just wanted to try out this couple, and the plot seemed good. I'm sorry to all the Draco lovers if this offends him to you. I am one too actually, and I love him, its just that he can't be nice in this story. I might do a DracoHermione after this fic but I'm not sure yet. So please press the little button and REVIEW! Thanks – melmel