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Chapter 2- Temper Temper

Harry Potter was sitting down in his common room playing with the hem of his robe while listening to his best friend Ron Weasley yap about Hermione this, Hermione that. Everyone knew Ron had a crush on her, actually everybody had a crush on her. Well except for him. It was more like lust really, and he really just thought of her as a little sister whom he had to protect. Recently even from Ron; because all he could talk lately about was 'I wonder what she's like in bed?' in which Harry responded 'RON!', and then Ron would go 'I'm sorry Harry, but really, HAVE YOU SEEN HER?' and then Harry would just roll his eyes as usual. Of course Hermione just went on with her usual ways, sticking her hand up first in class, completing homework at least a week before its due and spent most of her time in a book. Well that plus beauty and a new attitude. He was getting quite fed up with all of it actually.

"Ron can you quit yapping for just a minute and think about this; if you try to get Hermione, and she does not want to be with you, you guys will stop being friends, and you know that you wouldn't want that." Harry reasoned.

"Harry, I've thought about it a lot, and I've decided that its worth the try, I mean look at her, she's a goddess!" Ron expressed by standing up and waving his arms in the air.

Lavender walked in and scoffed. "Hmph, Ronald you shouldn't get her ego too big, Merlin knows that every other boy has" she scolded. All the girls were jealous of Hermione, as they weren't getting the attention that she was. She was known as the Gryffindor Goddess, and the girls were really starting to get cranky about it.

"Lavender, don't be jealous of Hermione because she is better than you," Ron said.

That seemed to light a bomb in Lavender that was ready to burst from a long time ago, and Ron had just lit the flame of fury. "RONALD I CANT BELIEVE YOU DARED TO SAY THAT! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT SLUT!" she screamed at Ron, who looked a bit frightened.

Ginny, Dean and Seamus walked into the common room from the portrait and listened to them fight.

"You are not better, and she's not a slut! If anyone's the slut, its YOU!" Ron retorted. The anger in him was starting to boil. Everybody knew of the Weasley temper, but Lavender at this moment didn't care, because her dignity was on the line.

" I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT RON! DID THE FEW MONTHS BEFORE YOU WERE HUNG OVER THAT WHORE MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?" she screamed. She and Ron had gone out a few months before Hermione got the major change and when she did, Ron dumped Lavender just like that for Hermione.

Lavender went up to him and kicked him where it hurt. She stomped towards the portrait of the fat lady, while Ron was still on the ground holding his crotch, when she turned back and said "Now you know what it is like to feel real pain." She 'hmphed' and with that was out of the Gryffindor common room.

Harry went to help Ron up to go to the Infirmary, because with all that fury, she kicked him real good.

Ginny and Dean, the new couple were holding hands and walking towards them, while Seamus just stood there and snickered. Dean, even if he was with Ginny, still stole secret glances at Hermione when Ginny wasn't looking. But Harry saw, and just thought he was a dishonest bastard.

"Ron, you shouldn't of said that to Lav, it really got her mad. But I mean even if Hermione is my best friend, and I admit she's pretty, does not mean that you have to say she's better than Lav, especially since you're her ex! Now that's just plain mean." Ginny said, letting go Dean's hand and instead putting them on her hips. "And then right after that you call her a slut!"

"Well sorry, but she called my Mione it first…can you please just help to the Infirmary." He asked.

"When since did she become 'your' Hermione Ron?" Harry asked, starting to get very annoyed.

Ron never answered that question but limped out of the common room mumbling under his breath.

Harry decided to go see Hermione, for she was the only one who he could just hang around now, without talking about well…her.

As he got there, he whispered the password, which Hermione had given him and Ginny only, to the little boy in the portrait and walked in.

Looking very disgruntled, he stumbled in, walking towards Mione's room; when all of a sudden Pansy just gets kicked out of Malfoy's room crying her eyes out.

She got up and continued crying, but held her head high. Harry knew this was just so she didn't look stupid in front of him. He kind of felt sorry for her, because what ever Malfoy did in there was very harsh, and nobody deserved that. He decided to help her the next day, but right now he just needed to talk to his best friend.

He walked all the way to her room and knocked.

"Come in, but if its you Malfoy, I swear to god…"

"Its me" Harry said and smiled as he came in. Hermione could always make him smile.

"Oh hey Harry, whats up?" she asked. She was sitting on her bed doing some of her homework, but she stopped, and patted another spot on her bed motioning to come and sit.

"Hey Mione…just wanted somebody to talk to, you know how all the other boys are preoccupied right now…" Hermione knew what he was talking about so she quickly changed the subject.

"Um so what did you want to talk about?" she asked.

"I don't know actually, just wanted to talk…." He answered and then remembered something "umm…did you see Parkinson outside crying her eyes out?" he asked.

"Nooo…but who really cares anyway, all she would do if we helped was shout at us and throw insults at us."

"Your probably right, well anyways see you at breakfast tomorrow Mione." He turned and walked through the door towards the portrait, when Malfoy came out.

"What were you doing with the mudblood in there Pothead?" he questioned.

"None of your damn business Ferret." He said as he pushed past him through the portrait. He couldn't be bothered tonight, because all he could think about was a raven haired witch that had the initials PP.


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