DYK: In Sink or Swim, Gill's nose alternates between being green and black.

I had to write a Medical Monster Story for school and this is the result.

A young girl ran through the streets of the town. This town was called Middleton, and there was hardly a soul outside. This was because of the monster. It had green skin, or rather, scales, a black nose, and green and black slime oozed off it. It had been mutated in a lake not far from there. No one felt sympathy for the creature, however. It spat out a bacteria-laden fluid. The symptoms were what one could call disasterous. The bacteria would worm it's way under the skin, into your bloodstream.

The creature was called Gill. Years ago, he had been a happy boy. That was before he went to camp. There he had swam in the lake everyday, unaware of the genetic change it was creating inside of him. Since he had mutated, he no longer felt happy. All he felt was rage, and a want for revenge. He found himself as what he would call pathetic. An overwhelming desire to seek revenge filled him. He needed revenge on the boy who he had switched swim time with, whose place he had taken in the lake. Gill needed revenge on the boy named Ronald.

The young girl ran down and alley, her blond hair flying behind her. Her sharp blue eyes were on where she was heading: a house. This was Tara, and she was running to her friend Kim's house. Kim's parents were doctors, surely they could come up with a cure for the sickness. Tara closed her eyes at the thought of the sickness.The sickness was from Gill. His saliva was toxic to any human, causing boils to appear on the skin. This was shortly followed by a swollen thyroid gland. Respiratory problems would follow shortly with patches of hair falling out. After that death was quick.

Tara slammed the door behind her. She ran through the house searching for Kim and her parents. Sure, they were a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, but they were the best in the business. Tara quickly found them in the kitchen and told them about the problem. Kim's parents immediately started working on an antidote. Several hours later, they had finally cooked up a cure. Using it, they were able to heal the town. Gill was apprehended and no one died.